We were inspired to make this video about campground etiquette after a recent campground stay. For the most part, we’ve had very positive experiences at campgrounds. Minor issues have come up, but nothing that would deter us from staying at a campground until recently. Hopefully this video can serve as a reminder to treat others the way they want to be treated. Let’s keep camping fun and enjoyable for everyone. It’s as simple as treating every neighbor with respect and following the rules.

Campground Etiquette

Respect other people’s property by not walking through their campsite. When a site is reserved, the entire site belongs to the occupant. It is now their front, side and backyard. Don’t walk or run through their campsite without permission.

Ask the owner for permission before walking up to check out their camper. If someone has an interesting camper, ask the owner if you can check it out. Don’t walk into their campsite and start touching their camper or taking measurements.

Book sites that are next to each other when group camping. When possible, try to book sites that are next to each other for the entire group. Some campgrounds offer group camping sites for this purpose. Don’t sandwich another campsite if it can be avoided.

Look after pets. Pick up after them and don’t leave barking dogs unattended. Keep dogs on a leash for their safety and the safety of other dogs.

Be mindful of noise. Gatherings around the campfire are expected but be mindful of how much noise is being made. Loud music and screaming will carry throughout the campground. Know when quiet hours are. Each campground will have different hours.

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