Rio Seco Vineyard in Paso Robles is one of several Harvest Hosts in Central California. We had the pleasure of staying here for three nights in our 29′ Class A RV. This was the first stop in our adventure across the U.S. and we could not have asked for a better location to call home.

Rio Seco Winery Entrance

Rio Seco Vineyard in Paso Robles

After a six hour trip from Los Angeles, we were happy to arrive at Rio Seco and take in the spectacular views. The sun was shining, the cows were mooing and the chickens were clucking as we maneuvered our RV in front of the vegetable garden complete with a view of the sunset.

Rio Seco Sunset

Tom and Carol Hinkle started Rio Seco in the 90s to pursue their dream of making wine. Before the transformation, the 64 acre vineyard was the movie set for 80s action packed car chase thriller The Junkman. Now, the small family run vineyard is known for its wines, spectacular views and hospitality. Their motto is, “Come as a friend, leave as family”.

Carol poured us eight of their wines from the Clubhouse white to the 2006 MVP Reserve, ending with the 2009 Orange Muscat dessert wine. We enjoyed all the wines, in particular the MVP,a Boudreaux style blend of Cabernet, Cab Franc & Merlot. It also happens to be Rio Seco’s flagship wine. After purchasing two bottles of wine, we walked around the vineyard with our glasses enjoying the peaceful surrounding.

Rio Seco wine glass

We were also invited to check out their vegetable garden. To have the opportunity to harvest fresh food from their garden was incredible. Thank you Carol! We highly recommend a visit to Rio Seco Vineyard. The best part is, you don’t need an RV to experience this charming vineyard. There is a guest house with 4 rooms, each with a separate entrance and bathroom. Did I mention you can pay for your stay in wine purchases? Can’t beat that, especially since they have many great wines to choose from!

Rio Seco Kait and produce

Directions for RVers

To get here, we took 101 to 46 east to Union Road. There are a few low hanging tree branches along Union Road, but we had no problems at 12’8″. All the roads were paved until we reached the driveway and parking area which is gravel. The RV parking is towards the back. We ended up driving the RV around the buildings to get there. This road may get muddy in the rain and there is a tight turn which might be a problem for larger RVs. The gravel parking area is well maintained but is off-level so jacks and/or blocks will be needed. The hosts are very accommodating and had no problems with us putting our slides out and running the generator a few hours every day. Rio Seco is very dog friendly. They do have a farm dog and two cats on-site during business hours who like to come around to say hello.

Harvest Hosts RV Membership

Harvest Hosts is a network of farms, vineyards and breweries across North America. These businesses offer RVers an unique opportunity to stay on their land and to learn about their way of life. We have been a member since July 2015 and this was our first experience with a host. We couldn’t be more happy to have joined and this experience alone has paid for the membership fee.

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