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Sport Berkey Water Bottle Review – Portable Water Purifier

We have been using the Sport Berkey water bottle since 2014 and take it everywhere we go. This portable water purifier uses the filtration benefits of the larger Berkey water purification systems except it’s in a bottle. As much as we love our Travel Berkey,

Garmin RV Portable GPS Review – Garmin RV 760LMT

In the market for an RV GPS? Check out our Garmin RV portable GPS review to see if the Garmin RV 760LMT is right for your needs. We consider this to be a must have gadget for RVing. The RV GPS is an expensive purchase with many

Boondockers Welcome Free Camping on Private Property

Boondockers Welcome is a great membership for RVers who enjoy boondocking. There are two types of memberships. Host membership is for RVers who have property to accommodate over night boondocking guests. Guest only membership is for RVers looking for overnight boondocking on private property. We

Is a Costco Membership Worth It? How We Save Money at Costco

One topic that comes up around the campfires quite a bit (at least when we’re around) is about warehouse memberships. Most people who have a membership either belong to Costco or Sam’s Club and we fall into the Costco category. Joe and I have been

Extend WiFi Range – WiFi Booster and WiFi Repeater

Traveling full time means we don’t always have consistent reliable internet access. When we stay at a place with WiFi, the signal will be weak/slow or non-existent. Our business is this website and YouTube channel so internet access is important. Also, we need a way to speed up a

RV Jack and Leveling Pads – Hosspad Review

We were first introduced to Hosspad at the Florida RV SuperShow. The timing was perfect because we were looking for RV jack and leveling pads for our motorhome. After speaking to Bruce with BSRM Inc, the company provided us a full set to test.

Newmar Bay Star Review

This is a review of our Newmar Bay Star motorhome for full time RVing. We moved into our home on wheels in July 2015. We have been traveling around the United States towing a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport. When possible, we use it for dry

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Review as a Towed Vehicle

Jeeps have been around since 1941. The current day Wranglers are rugged, purpose built vehicles that can go almost anywhere. Because of this, many people consider Wranglers one of the worst choices for people who never plan to take it off-road. They have the

Roadmaster Spare Tire Carrier Review

Did your motorhome come with a spare tire? Ours didn’t. Before we discovered the Roadmaster spare tire carrier, we discussed getting a roof rack for the Jeep to carry a spare and a few other options. Then we met Don Simpson at the Florida RV

Harvest Hosts Review – More Than RV Camping at Wineries

Harvest Hosts is made up of a network of businesses who offer unique camping experiences to RVers in the United States and Canada. The membership is $44 for a single year and $40 if you sign up for the annual auto-renew. It provides access to a