HeadDefender Kait

Until a few weeks ago, I was completely oblivious to the germs my head picked up from airplane seats. As someone who makes a conscious effort to stay healthy while traveling, it never occurred to me that airplane seats were exposing me to disease causing microbes like E. Coli and MRSA. Fortunately, we were contacted by HeadDEFENDER, a company based in San Diego, California to try their product. Our initial thought was, what on earth is a head defender? Something in the shape of a motorcycle helmet immediately came to mind. It turns out, the company makes headrest covers and according to the website “the integrated non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, and environmentally safe antimicrobial barrier on every Head Defender destroys 99.9% of the disease causing microbes including MRSA and Staph.” I couldn’t wait to give this a try as I was headed to France and had to take 3 flights each way to get to my final destination.

The product:

HeadDEFENDER Deluxe Extended (additional 4 inches)

Head Defender zipped

The pros:

Easy to unzip and fit over the seat.
Cover fit perfectly over the seat on two of my flights.
Additional 4 inches was enough to protect my long hair.
Soft and comfortable.
Stretchable material allowed me to use the adjustable wings on the headrest.
Light weight and easy to zip back up.

HeadDefender Deluxe Extended

The con:

Did not fit over seats with a screen.

HeadDefender Seat with Screen

We contacted HeadDEFENDER about this problem and received the below response.

“Thanks for taking the time to ask us. HeadDEFENDER Generation 2 is already in the works and will accommodate seats with a screen. In the meantime, travelers who encounter a seat with the screen on the back can simply pull the headrest cover up on the backside a little bit so it’s no longer blocking the screen (shown in the attached picture).”

HeadDEFENDER with screen


I really enjoyed using the HeadDEFENDER and the peace of mind that came with knowing my head was protected. Now, I can’t imagine flying without it. Since it’s so light weight and compact, I was able to fit it in my large purse without feeling like it was weighing me down and taking up too much space. I also like that the cover is washable and re-usable. In addition to using this for air travel, I would definitely use it for train and bus travel.

Disclosure: HeadDEFENDER provided this product for free. This review represents our own opinions of the products.

Another item I never fly without is the Berkey sport water bottle. Never buy water again at the airport.

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