We have been traveling full time since 2015 and wouldn’t trade that in for anything right now. Our first form of travel was in a 29 foot gas motorhome towing a Jeep Wrangler. Now we are in the process of downsizing to a Class B camper van. Many of you have reached out to ask us if we would consider transitioning from RV Life to Boat Life. If you want to jump right to it, watch the video below where I answer the question.

RV Life or Boat Life?

Which would you choose? For us, as long as we get to live our dream, which is to travel and work for ourselves, it doesn’t matter so much how we do it. Kait and I have thrown out many ideas from riding a motorcycle through South America to caravanning around Australia. It’s a big world out there and we plan to explore it until the lights go out.

The World is a big place go explore it

More About RV Life

If you’re interested in full time RV life, here are a few posts we wrote to get you started.

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Our Full Time RV Life Video

we travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us

Traveling Full Time

Many people say to us “I wish I could do what you’re doing.” Our answer is, “You can!” We didn’t win the lottery. We didn’t inherit a large sum of money. We didn’t sell a technology company. Being able to life our dream took a tremendous amount of planning. The key for us was purging unnecessary stuff from our lives and gaining financial freedom. We share our journey in a four part video series all about How to Live Life On Your Own Terms.

I feel very fortunate everyday to be able to live my dream with my partner in crime, Kait and our Husky, Leo. Whether you decide to travel around in a boat or an RV, the important thing to remember is to enjoy the journey.

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