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RV Accessories

These are some of the accessories we love and use for RVing. For the complete list, check out RV Camping Accessories Guide.

Camping Gear

Light and mosquito repellent are essential for camping. We’ve put these to the test in in the desert and the wetland.

Joe’s Coffee Gadgets

It’s no secret that Joe loves coffee. Each day starts with freshly roasted coffee beans ground in a conical burr coffee grinder and brewed in a single cup pour over.

Kait’s Cooking Gadgets

The Instant Pot just might be the best thing since sliced bread and now they have an air fryer version. We use this multi-cooker almost every day. For those times we want to bake things we use the stove top Omnia Oven. All the water we use for cooking goes through the Berkey water filtration system a.k.a. the “shiny thing” in our camper.

Joe and Kait’s Book Corner

If you enjoy reading, here are a few books we recommend including Joe’s books:
Take Risks and Tales From the Open Road.

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