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We’re the Russos Merch

T-shirts are available through Amazon.

Stickers, t-shirts and hats are available through Tee Spring.

We’re the Russos Sticker
Life Free. Live Happy. Van Life T-Shirt
Van Life T-Shirt

RV Accessories

These are the accessories we currently use in a camper van. If you have a Class A motorhome, check out our list of Top 10 Gadgets for RVing.

Camping Gear

Light and mosquito repellent are essential for camping. We’ve put these to the test in in the desert and the wetland.

Gear to Stay Connected

Having good internet while traveling is important especially working on the road. The most comprehensive resource for staying connected on the road is The Mobile Internet Handbook.

To boost cell signal, we use Weboost RV Cell Booster.

To protect personal data on public WiFi networks, we use ExpressVPN.


For RV related tech gear, including the Randy McNally DashCam, we recommend going through TechnoRV because they provide great support when you’re ready to set up.

Joe’s Coffee Gadgets

It’s no secret that Joe loves coffee. Every morning Joe grinds coffee beans with a Breville smart grinder and brews it in a Hario V60 pour over. To learn more about how Joe makes his coffee, head over to how to make a great cup of coffee.

Kait’s Cooking Gadgets

The Instant Pot just might be the best thing since sliced bread. We use this electric pressure cooker almost every day. All the water we use for cooking goes through the Berkey water filtration system a.k.a. the “shiny thing” in our van.

Travel Gear

Our favorite hats, packs and portable water purifier have traveled with us to over 40 states around the U.S. all the way to the Everest Basecamp in Tibet.

Joe and Kait’s Book Corner

If you enjoy reading, here are a few books we recommend including Joe’s books: Take Risks and Tales From the Open Road.

Camera Gear

To learn more about the camera gear we use, head over to our post all about Video Equipment.

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