When you’re enjoying the great outdoors, having a lightweight, compact and easy to clean camping coffee maker will make a big difference. More importantly, the coffee maker should brew a great cup of coffee. If you’re like me, there’s nothing like that first sip of coffee in the morning. It doesn’t matter whether I’m tent camping in Joshua Tree or enjoying van life in Yosemite, I always start the day with a great cup of coffee.

camping coffee maker

The Perfect Camping Coffee Maker

My perfect camping coffee maker is the AeroPress coffee and espresso coffee maker for the reasons listed below.

Brews Great Coffee. To make a great cup of coffee, you have to start with great beans, filtered water and the right grind. Once you have those three components then you can bring it all together with the coffee maker. Unlike a French press, the AeroPress microfilter prevents grounds from getting into the cup, which means no grit in the coffee. The AeroPress also makes espresso, but I use it exclusively to make a single cup of coffee. As of writing this post, I’ve made over 450 cups of great coffee in the AeroPress.

Easy to Clean. When you’re camping or traveling, it’s important to have an easy to clean coffee maker. Once the coffee is made, the grounds are condensed into a puck that can be easily “popped” into a trash can. To clean the chamber, plunger and cap, all that’s required is a quick rinse and wipe down.

Lightweight and Compact. The AreoPress weighs in just under 8 ounces and fits inside a small tote bag.

Economical. The average cost is $30 for the AeroPress coffee maker which includes 350 filters.

Good Customer Service. The rubber seal around the plunger started deteriorating after a few months of use. The company determined it was a product defect and mailed me a replacement plunger free of charge.

Made in the U.S.A. and BPA free.

Video: How to Make Coffee in the AeroPress

Coffee Gadgets

In addition to the perfect camping coffee maker, you will need a grinder, heating element, a water kettle and an insulated cup. I use a burr grinder, 1.2 liter stainless steel water kettle and double vacuum insulated stainless steel cup.

If you’re already packing a cooking pot for your camping trip, that can double as the water kettle. The only issue you might run into is any food residue in the pot can flavor the water and change the taste of the coffee.

My Favorite Coffee Roasters in the U.S.

These are some of my favorite coffee spots for freshly roasted coffee beans. I’ll update this list as we explore more travel destinations.

Demitasse Cafe – Santa Monica, California – Demitasse is by far my favorite coffee roaster in the U.S. I can drink a cup of their coffee all day, everyday.

Facing West Coffee Roasters – this craft coffee micro-roaster is all about delivering amazing tasting coffee.

Thump Coffee – Bend, Oregon and Denver, Colorado – The Ethiopia washed is incredible with tea like flavors and aromas. It is one of Kait’s favorite coffees because of the Earl Gray and Jasmine tea notes.

Blue Bottle Coffee – San Francisco, California (Watch: Hand Ground Blue Bottle Coffee in the AeroPress)

Kay Rico Coffee – Hollywood, Florida (Watch: Puerto Rico Siphon at Kay Rico Coffee)

Colombia Street Roastery – Champaign, Illinois (Watch: Cupping, Roasting and Processing at Colombia Street Roastery)

Honest Coffee Roasters – Franklin, Tennessee (Watch: Nusa Pour Over at Honest Coffee Roasters)

Have a favorite local coffee roaster that I should check out? Leave a comment.

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