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Storyteller Overland is a Class B RV van manufacturer based in Birmingham, Alabama. Currently, they build full van conversions on the 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter chassis. These off-road and off-grid adventure vans are RVIA certified. Keep reading to learn more about these fully converted camper vans and why they are one of the best Class B RVs on the market.

Best Class B RVs Storyteller Overland Mode 4x4

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About Storyteller Overland

Storyteller Overland Logo

“Live Free. Explore Endlessly. Tell Better Stories.” – That’s the ethos behind each Mode 4×4 adventure van rolling out of the factory in Birmingham, Alabama.

Learn more about Storyteller Overland and their core values.

Storyteller Overland headquarters is located at 109 W Park Dr, Birmingham, AL 35211. You can stop by during business hours to tour the facility and meet the team. Kait and I have visited the HQ several times and highly encourage anyone shopping for a camper or visiting Alabama to stop in for a visit.

These RVIA certified Class B camper vans are sold through a dealer network across the United States with a price lock guarantee. This helps ensure Mode 4×4 buyers pay the same price no matter where they are located in the nation.

Storyteller Overland Mode 4×4 – Van Tours and Specs

Currently there are three Storyteller Overland vans for sale.

  • Classic Mode 4×4
  • Stealth Mode 4×4
  • Beast Mode 4×4

All three adventure vans are built on the Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 chassis with the 144″ wheelbase.

Classic Mode 4×4 Van Tour

The production model of the Classic Mode 4×4 was first released in fall 2019. Some of the features highlighted in the video above have changed such as the awning, vent, and sink.

Beast Mode 4×4 Van Tour

The Beast was released out into the wild summer 2020. This is the fully kitted out version of the Classic Mode 4×4 with suspension upgrades, exterior lighting package, front brush guard, defender bug screens and many more features.

Mode 4×4 Van Specs

These are highlights of some of the features in the production model of the Storyteller Overland Mode 4×4 vans.

  • Living area: seating for four: two on swivel front seats and two on bench seat with three point harness.
  • Kitchen: stainless steel sink, induction stove top, microwave, AC/DC fridge.
  • Bedroom: non-standard size bed, flares on driver and passenger side of the van to increase bed length to 77″ (east/west). Can be lifted and stowed out of the way to maximize garage area.
  • Bathroom: fold out shower and portable cassette toilet system
  • Tank sizes: 21 gallon fresh water tank, 24 gallon gray water tank
  • Hot Water & Heat: diesel water heater and furnace
  • A/C: Roof mounted A/C unit that can be powered by the Volta Power System
  • Safety: smoke detector, CO2 detector and fire extinguisher
  • Insulation: natural high-performance wool insulation
  • Solar: 90 watts of solar, wired for max of 600 watts
  • Battery: 12,000 watt hours lithium batteries, part of the Volta Power System
  • Inverter: 3,600 watt
  • Secondary Alternator: 8,000 watt charging system
  • Storage: overhead cabinets throughout the van, garage area underneath the platform bed

How much does a Storyteller Overland cost?

The 2021 model year Mode 4×4 vans are priced as follows:

  • $149,748 for the Classic Mode 4×4
  • $154,454 for the Stealth Mode 4×4
  • $$189,743 for the Beast Mode 4×4

Transit Mode 4×4 Prototype

When we first learned about Storyteller Overland at an industry RV Show they had two prototype vans on display. One of the prototypes was built on the Ford Transit chassis with the 148″ wheelbase.

This video highlights our camper shopping experience at the show and the first time we stepped inside the Ford Transit Mode 4×4 prototype.

Mode 4×4 Transit Prototype Van Tour

One of the reasons we filmed a tour of the Transit Mode 4×4 prototype is because we were interested in RVs built on the Ford Transit platform. This camper van also stood because of the aftermarket Quigley 4×4 conversion. We considered several chassis options for a camper van and prefer the Ford platform.

Two Months in the Transit Mode 4×4

A chance meeting a few weeks later lead to us breaking bread with Jeffrey Hunter, founder of Storyteller Overland and their head of business development, Andrew Cooley.

We jumped at the opportunity to test out the Transit Mode 4×4 prototype. In total, we spent two months in the van and drove over 7,000 miles exploring the United States.

For the entire time, we carried a motorcycle on the hitch. Charley, my mom’s yellow Labrador Retriever joined us for the first month so we could get a feel of what it’s like to travel with a dog in a Mode 4×4.

While Storyteller Overland is not building any camper vans on the Transit platform right now, we hope that will change in the future.

Mode 4×4 Van Life Video Series

In total, we have spent about four months testing the different Mode 4×4 vans. During that time, we created several videos about what it’s like to drive and live out of these vans. The videos are embedded below or you can check out the Storyteller Overland Playlist on YouTube.

Going Off-Road to Toquerville Falls

South Dakota Road Trip

Yellowstone National Park Road Trip

Typical Van Life Day – Shower Included

Finding Community and Van Life in Bend Oregon

Moving in to a Mode 4×4

Beach Camping in a Mode 4×4

Volta Power System in Every Mode 4×4

Rent a Storyteller Overland Mode 4×4

There are several Storyteller Overland vans for rent in the U.S. Below is a list of the available Mode4x4 vans for rent that we are aware of.

Another Storyteller van rental resource is GoCamp. Deborah is the founder behind this woman-owned business based out of Portland, Oregon. You can find a collection of Storyteller Overland vans for rent on GoCamp’s Try Before You Buy page.

For Mode owners looking to rent their van, GoCamp is also an option. Check out their list your van page for more information. If you decide to list your van there, tell them We’re the Russos sent you to waive the commission fee on your first rental.

Used Storyteller Overland MODE 4×4 for Sale

With a few hundred Storyteller Mode 4×4 Class B vans out in the wild, some used vans are becoming available. However, these are sold fairly quickly to people who don’t want to wait for a brand new Mode4x4.

Currently, there is a 2021 used Storyteller Overland Mode4x4 for sale. The van will have under 20K miles and the color is Pebble Gray. For more information on the van and how to contact the owners, check out this Instagram post.

Additional Storyteller Overland Resources

Below is a list of additional resources where you can learn more about Storyteller Overland, ask questions or just learn more about van life in general.

Disclosure: the Storyteller Overland Mode 4×4 vans referenced in this post were on loan to us to test and provide feedback on. No one told us what to write or say. All of the opinions are our own, 100%.