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“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – unknown

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Currently, we are in the process of downsizing from a 29′ Class A motorhome to a Class B camper van. This website and our YouTube Channel is where we share our travel stories and experiences with special appearances from Leo, our rescue dog. Thanks for stopping by!

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Big Time RV The Russos Travel Channel’s Big Time RV Season 4 “Europe or Bust” - Nearly one year ago, we received an email in our inbox with the subject line “Travel Channel Casting”. We were on the edge of our seats reading through the email from the casting representative at Half Yard Productions. As you can imagine, we were curious, surprised, excited, nervous all at the same time. Big Time Read More
New vs Used RV New vs Used RV – Pros, Cons & Why We Bought a New RV - "Never buy a new RV!" "Don't you wish you had bought used?" "I bet you learned your lesson, didn't you?" Those are some of the things we hear when we tell people we bought a new RV. Buying a new vs used RV has to be one of the most debated questions in the RV Read More
shopping for and buying an RV Shopping For and Buying an RV – Q&A About Our Experience - The most popular messages we receive are questions about shopping for and buying an RV. The questions range from brand comparisons to getting a loan and the final inspection. We hosted a live stream to answer these questions. Viewers tuned in from all over the United States and we even had a few from the U.K., Germany, Canada, Read More
RV Living costs RV Living Costs: Full Time in a Motorhome for One Year - After a year of full timing in a Class A RV, we sat down to look at our RV living costs. Some costs are calculated on an annual basis and other costs are calculated on a monthly average. RV living costs will vary depending on the number of people, pets, life style, spending habit, and other factors. We Read More
Must have dog gadgets Must Have Dog Gadgets Approved by Leo the White Husky - Leo is our White Siberian Husky that we adopted from a local animal shelter in 2010. He has used and tested many dog gadgets since then and these are the only ones that made the cut. We're not the type of dog owners to buy every cool dog gadget that comes out. These are the basics that Read More
Class B Camper Van for Full Time RVing Class B Camper Van for Full Time RVing - After full time RVing in a Class A gas coach for over a year, we are ready to downsize. About six months in, we realized we had way too much room and wasted space in our 29' motorhome. Our search for a smaller RV has been all over the place. We looked at travel trailers, truck campers, Read More
Kitchen Gadgets for RVs Favorite Kitchen Gadgets for RVing - These are our favorite kitchen gadgets for RVing. The best part is, you don't need to live in an RV to enjoy most of these gadgets. In our first year of full time RVing, we made the majority of our meals at home. Most of these have been "battle tested" and survived some tough roads in Indiana Read More
Best campgrounds in US Best Campgrounds – Favorite Camping Experiences Year One - There are great places to camp all over the United States. In the first year we put over 14,000 miles on the motorhome and traveled to 22 states. This is a collection of the best campgrounds we stayed at our first year of full time RVing. Below is a list of all the campgrounds along with links Read More
RV show Survival Guide RV Show Survival Guide – Have a Game Plan - There are several large RV shows throughout the United States. We have been to our fair share from the Pomona RV Show in California to the Tampa RV SuperShow in Florida. Before you head to your next show, check out our RV Show Survival Guide. RV Show Survival Guide What to Bring Comfortable Shoes - RV Read More
Free camping in national forests How To Find Free Camping in National Forests – Dispersed Camping - Free camping in National Forests have been some of our favorite camping experiences. Referred to dispersed camping, National Forests offer primitive camping opportunities to those looking to get away from crowded campgrounds. On our long drive from Ohio to California, we made it a point to stop at our favorite dispersed camping spot outside of Flagstaff, Arizona. In Read More
RV-Checklist for motorhome RV Checklist – Pre-departure - One of the first things we put together after we bought our motorhome was a pre-departure checklist. We use this every time we pack up the RV and move to a new destination. It has come in very handy and we find it's a great way to ensure we don't leave anything behind or worse, break something. Read More
Extend WiFi range Extend WiFi Range – WiFi Booster and WiFi Repeater - Traveling full time means we don’t always have consistent reliable internet access. When we stay at a place with WiFi, the signal will be weak/slow or non-existent. Our business is this website and YouTube channel so internet access is important. Also, we need a way to speed up a slow connection to get faster WiFi speed. Local coffee shops are Read More
Must Have RVing Gadgets Top 10 Must Have RVing Gadgets For Full Time RVers - Whether you RV full time like we do or take your RV out part time, there are some items that are essential for RVing. We put together a list of our Top 10 Must Have RVing Gadgets. We hope you find it helpful in your RVing journey. Top 10 Must Have RVing Gadgets WiFi Booster Read More
Class A RV Windshield Replacement RV Windshield Repair and Replacement - Whether you own a traditional house or a home on wheels, there are repairs that come along with it. In the RV world, the Class A motorhome is well known for its grand view of the road and also for its high windshield replacement cost. Unlike a Class B or Class C, the windshield in Read More
RVing with Large Dogs Full Time RVing with Large Dogs - We started our full time RV journey with two large rescue dogs: Duke and Leo. Duke was a Belgian Malinois mix who weighed in at 75 pounds. Leo is a Siberian Husky who weighs in at a husky 70 pounds. They played a major role in our decision to travel full time in a motorhome. Read More
Boondocking RV dry camping Pros and Cons of RV Dry Camping or Boondocking - RV dry camping or boondocking is camping without any hookups. Essentially, you rely on everything in your RV to make it for a day, a week or longer. We’ve been on the road full time for 207 days as of writing this post and 112 of those days were spent dry camping without any hookups. Read More
how to dump rv tanks RV Dumping Isn’t so Bad – How to Dump RV Tanks - For first time RVers, the idea of dumping can seem like a daunting and perhaps even disgusting task. When you’re used to flushing everything down the toilet never to be seen again, like we were, it’s hard to imagine coming face to face with that waste a week later - and the internet is no Read More
Pro Con full time rv life 6 Months on the Road – Highs and Lows of Full Time RVing - “What do you do?” We get that question A LOT. Our standard response is “We travel full time in a motorhome with our rescue dog.” Most of the time, the response is “I wish I could do that.” If that’s your answer, take a moment to ask yourself “Why?” Is it because the words “full Read More
RV camping Disneys-Fort-Wilderness RV Camping at Disney’s Fort Wilderness - RV Camping at Disney’s Fort Wilderness has been one of the highlights of our adventures so far and we can’t recommend it enough. We got a taste of the American Frontier as we drove our home on wheels down winding pathways through the pine and cypress forest with wild turkeys, squirrels and deer roaming throughout. Read More
Texas license plates Becoming Texans via Escapees RV Club - Texas is one of three states ideal for full time RVers looking for a domicile state. When we sold everything and left California, one of the main things we had to figure out was where to domicile. For us, the choice was between Florida and Texas, settling on The Lone Star State because we were Read More
How to Flat Tow a Jeep Wrangler How to Flat Tow a Jeep Wrangler - This post details how we flat tow a Jeep Wrangler behind a Class A gas RV. In our opinion, Jeep Wranglers are one of the best vehicles to flat tow behind a motorhome. We also wrote a post on why we choose the Jeep as our tow vehicle if you want to read that first. Driveline Read More