Are you considering van life? At least once a week we meet someone who is interested in getting a Class B RV for part time or full time travel. Below are some of the frequently asked questions about what it’s like to live out of a van.

Camper Van Life FAQ

The FAQ section is broken up into two sections: General Questions, Solar Questions.

General Questions about Van Life

I recommend watching the full van tour before moving on to the FAQ.


In the video below, we answer general questions about what it’s like to live out of a van. You can watch the entire video or browse the list of questions and jump to the portion of the video where that question is answered.

How do you like the Class B van and if you could change anything what would it be? Answer.

Will you tow a vehicle with the Class B? Answer.

What do you think about the bathroom? Have you taken a shower? Answer.

Is the cassette toilet easy to use and where do you dump? Answer. We wrote an entire post and made a video all about how to use a cassette toilet.

Is the camper van equipped with solar? Answer. For a more extensive answer about our solar setup scroll down to the RV solar section.

What is the MPG of the ProMaster van? The average is around 14 MPG. We share the MPG each month with van life costs at Cost of RVing.

What is it like to live in a van with a dog? Read our post on RVing with dogs.

Is it easy to cook in an RV? Answer. Check out our Favorite Kitchen Gadgets for RVing.

How do you run the Instant Pot in the van? Answer.

Is it easy to find urban camping or street camping? Answer. You can also check out our video where we spend a week street camping in San Francisco.

How do you deal with being off-level? Answer.

Would you go shorter or longer with the next van? Answer.

Have you seen any similar sized RVs with slides? Answer.

Why didn’t you build out your own van? Answer.

Is a Class B 4×4 at 24′ too big for National Parks? Answer.

Would a camper van be a good fit for a student? Answer.

How do you find the ride compared to a Class A motorhome? Answer.

Do you regret the decision to go from a 29′ Class A motorhome to a 20′ Class B camper van? Answer.

How is the clearance on the van? Answer.

Do you ever take any alone time, do you even need any? Answer.

Which direction do you sleep in the van? Answer.

Have you experienced any negativity for being a full time nomad? Answer.

Do you filter the water in the van? Answer.

How do you decide where to travel? Answer. For a more extensive answer, watch Stressful Side of Van Life.

How long do you plan to travel full time and continue this lifestyle? Answer.

How do you make money while traveling in a van full time? We hosted a separate live stream to answer questions about working and traveling in a van.

How do you do laundry on the road? We made a video all about laundry day.


Solar Questions – Off-Grid Van Life

This video covers many of the questions we’ve received about solar and battery. You can watch the entire video or browse the list of questions and jump directly to the answer.

What type of solar setup do you have in the van? timestamp 00:53

Can you run the air conditioner off solar? timestamp 01:45

How do you run the Instant Pot when you’re not plugged in to power? timestamp 02:46

Why didn’t you get a generator for the van? timestamp 03:46

How is the VoltStart system working? timestamp 05:04

How much solar should I get for my RV? timestamp 06:26

How often do you have to plug in to shore power? timestamp 08:08

Does the system charge well on cloudy days? timestamp 09:20

How do we keep your dog cool in the van? timestamp 09:47

How do your panels do during hail storms? timestamp 11:38

Is the RV solar system standard or aftermarket? timestamp 13:00

Where do you get drinking water? timestamp 14:00

How long can you stay off grid? timestamp 14:50

Have you tried off grid cold winter camping? timestamp 16:24

How do you access internet on the road? timestamp 18:25

How is your WeBoost cell signal booster setup? timestamp 20:17

Would you upgrade to an 800 amp hour battery bank? timestamp 22:47


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