The search for a composting RV toilet started before we even purchased our RV. After reading numerous articles and threads about the use and operation of RV toilets, we decided to look into composting toilets for RVs. These are the options we found during our research. We hope you find this information helpful in making your decision.

Composting Toilets For the RV

1. Air Head Dry Composting Toilet

Cost: $1,029
Solid Capacity: Full time for two adults is approximately 60 uses for 1 month
Liquid Capacity: 2 gallons
Features: 12 volt fan
Warranty: 5 years
Made in USA


2. C-Head Portable Composting Toilet

Cost: $599+
Solid Capacity: Full time for two is approximately 10-12 uses for 1 week
Liquid Capacity: 1 gallon
Warranty: 30 day return policy on unused units


3. Nature’s Head Composting Toilet

Cost: $960
Solid Capacity: Full time for two is approximately 60 to 80 uses for 3 to 4 weeks
Liquid Capacity: 2.2 gallons
Features: 12 volt fan
Warranty: 5 years
Made in USA

4. Sun-Mar Mobile Composting Toilet

Cost: $1,775
Solid Capacity: Full time for one adult or families of two
Liquid Capacity: n/a has an evaporation chamber
Features: 12 volt fan & 110 volt heating element
Warranty: 5 year on fiberglass tank and 3 year on all other parts


5. Bucket Composting Toilet

Cost: $10+
Solid and Liquid Capacity: 5 gallons
Learn more about a bucket composting toilet

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Things to Consider Before Getting a Composting Toilet for you RV

1. Space

The first thing we did was measure the available space to install a composting toilet. Installing an RV composting toilet is not an inexpensive investment. Make sure to measure a few times to make sure the toilet will fit.

2. Installation

Some composting toilets require ventilation and power for the fan. Make sure there is a way to drill holes and run a hose in the bathroom.

3. Organic Material

You will need organic material for the composting toilet. Make sure there is a place to store and easily access materials such as sawdust or coco fiber.

4. Cost

There is a significant difference between the $10 DIY bucket toilet to the $1k+ toilet. After taxes, shipping and installation, an RV composting toilet could end up costing a lot more than expected. Is it worth it?

Why a Composting Toilet for the RV?

These are some of the reasons why we wanted to find a composting toilet for the RV.

1. Avoid Dumping the RV Black Tank

Our Class A gas RV came with a Dometic® 310 China Bowl Stool connected to a 40 gallon black tank. We would need to dump the tanks about every 7-10 days for the two of us living in it full time. That’s a lot of trips to the RV dump station to empty sewage from the black tank. Granted, we still need to go to the RV dump station to empty the gray tank.

2. Save Fresh Water

Composting toilets do not require water. It’s a dry toilet that uses organic materials to treat human waste. For us, that means our 75 gallon fresh water tank will last longer for more showers, dish washing and for drinking (which we run through a Berkey filter).

3. Increase Gray Tank Capacity

Not using the black tank for a traditional RV toilet gives us the option to use it as an overflow for the gray tank. This would allow us to increase the gray water tank capacity. Fewer trips to the dump station is a good thing in our book.

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Another alternative to the traditional RV toilet is a Cassette Toilet.