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During our search for the next adventure vehicle, one option that was recommended to us over and over again were flatbed truck campers.

Unlike the Class A, Class B and small Class C motorhomes we’ve lived out of, a lightweight flatbed truck camper is a very different type of recreational vehicle.

For us, the benefits of flatbed truck campers are:

  • Small and nimble like a Class B RV
  • Go anywhere the truck can go (especially with 4wd)
  • Can be less expensive (buy a used truck and a used camper)
  • Replace just the camper or just the truck
  • Many options and modifications

We ended up buying a pop-up flatbed truck camper, but as you’ll discover below, there are quite a few options to choose from and the list of flatbed truck campers continues to grow.

List of Flatbed Truck Camper Manufacturers

Alaskan Campers

Based in Winlock, Washington. Alaskan Campers designed its first truck camper in the 1950s to travel the Alcan Highway. Now the company manufacturers telescopic campers that slide into most truck beds. You can also work with them on a custom truck camper for a flatbed. This 8.5 foot side entry flatbed Alaskan Campers is on the GMC 3500 4×4.

truck bed camper
Photo Credit: Truck Camper Adventure


All Terrain Campers

Based in Sacramento, California. All Terrain Campers builds pop-up truck campers with an aluminum frame. There are several models you can choose from depending on the size of your truck or work with them on a custom build.

Pop-Up truck camper by All Terrain Campers
Photo Credit:


AT Overland

Based in Prescott, Arizona. AT Overland recently introduced the Aterra XL Flatbed Camper that will be available starting May 2021. According to their website this lightweight flatbed camper uses a “reinforced thermoplastic honeycomb composite camper design.”

Photo Credit:


Bahn Camper Works

Based in Hood River, Oregon. Bahn Camper Works builds 100% custom truck campers with shells made with resin-infused fiberglass. These lightweight campers are available for long, short and flatbed trucks.


Bison Overland Campers

Based in Okalahoma. Bison Overland Campers makes all aluminum flatbed pop-up campers. According to their website, the 2020 introductory pricing for a shell camper is $20,000.


BunduTecUSA Truck Campers

Based in Iowa. Rory started the company in 2013 after retiring as president of Northstar Campers. BunduTecUSA makes a wide selection of pop top and hard wall truck campers including a custom Bunducamp flatbed truck camper.


Cache Camper Manufacturing

Based in Palmer, Alaska. Cache Camper builds custom campers in addition to selling parts and providing repair services. Most of the photos on their website show custom slide in truck campers, but the company can and will work with customers on a custom flatbed truck camper.


EarthCruiser Overland Vehicles

Based in Bend, Oregon. EarthCruiser makes expedition vehicles for avid outdoor enthusiasts. The EXD model is built for a one-ton American truck that can be integrated into the chassis or mounted to a flatbed. We’ve had a chance to tour their factory and see the EXD.

The EarthCruiser GZL is a light-weight truck camper that is made to go in the bed of a truck. While this is not built for a flatbed, you have the option to build boxes around it for additional storage. EarthCruiser also announced the Terranova Expedition Camper, their latest cab over concept.


Four Wheel Campers

Based in Woodland, California. Four Wheel Campers manufactures lightweight pop-up truck campers that are very popular with the overland community. The Granby, Hawk and Fleet models are available as a flatbed truck camper option. Read about our Four Wheel Camper Hawk Flatbed.


Hallmark RV

Based in Fort Lupton, Colorado. Hallmark RV currently manufactures pop-up truck campers constructed of pre-formed composite fiberglass. The flatbed models are available in two lengths: 6.5′ and 8.5′.

Fiberglass Flatbed Truck Camper by Hallmark
Photo Credit: Hallmark RV


Nimbl Vehicles

Based in Colfax, California. Be Change LLC purchased XP Camper in 2019 and launched Nimbl Vehicles in 2020. Their goal is to fill the gap between small campers and large expedition vehicles. The first product is a flatbed truck camper built on gasoline version of the Ford F350.

flatbed truck camper
Photo Credit: Nimbl Vehicles


Overland Explorer Vehicles

Based in Red Deer, AB, Canada. Overland Explorer Vehicles or OEV is a division of LITE Industries. The companies makes composite cabins that can be mounted on a truck chassis. The Camp-HBE 6.75′ is their pop-up truck camper flatbed model designed for the Aluma Tray with a 8′ kick out.

OEV Camp-HBE flatbed truck camper
Photo Credit: Overland Explorer Vehicles


Phoenix Pop-Up Campers

Based in Commerce City, Colorado. Phoenix Pop-Up Campers launched in the 1980s after the family sold the name Four Wheel Campers. Now they manufacturer custom pop-up truck campers with a welded aluminum cage frame. Their flatbed truck camper option can be found under chassis mounted.


Tommy Campers

Based in Australia with an office Elizabeth, Colorado. This father and son duo aim to “build the fastest and easiest slide on camper available” to fit any size UTE tray.


XP Camper now Be Change LLC

Originally based in Grass Valley, California. XP Camper closed its doors in 2019. You can search for used XP Campers for sale which were built to be mounted on a flatbed.

fiber glass truck campers
Photo Credit:

Website: no longer available

New and Innovative Truck Bed Campers

While these campers are not (yet) designed for a flatbed, they are worth checking out.

Hiatus Campers

Based in Issaquah, Washington. Erin and Tyler of Hiatus Campers have designed a hard-sided pop-up camper that is lightweight and customizable.


Kimbo Campers

Based in Bellingham, Washington. Mark King is manufacturing aluminum shell truck campers designed for mid and full-size trucks with a short bed.


Scout Campers

Based in Yakima, Washington. Scout Campers is part of Adventurer Manufacturing. This truck camper manufacturer is building “simplistic, lightweight, and versatile truck campers that allow people to travel more freely and self-sufficiently off-the-grid.”

Photo Credit: Scout Campers


Rent a Truck Camper

With so many truck camper options to choose from, it can be a challenge picking the one that’s right for you. RV rental sites now make it easy to try different campers before you make a decision. Find a Truck Camper for Rent.

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Slide-In or Flatbed Truck Camper?

Many people have asked us about the pros and cons of a lightweight flatbed truck camper vs a slide-in truck camper. In this video, we share our thoughts and compare the two types of lightweight truck campers.