Life in a small space can go from organized to cluttered mess in a New York minute. Organization is even more important now that we live in a space less than 120 square feet. Whether you’re living in a large RV, small camper van, tiny home or a studio apartment, these 10 RV hacks will help you stay organized in a small space.

Simple and Cheap RV Hacks

RV Hacks Simple and Cheap

Canvas Shoe Bag

Repurpose that extra canvas bag into a shoe bag. Joe and I take our shoes off when we’re inside the camper van. We found the best way to keep shoes out of the way is to put them in a bag by the entrance. You can keep the bag on the ground or hang it on sturdy hooks.

Cost: Free

Canvas shoe bag

Tension Rod Towel Rack

Use a tension rod to hang paper towels, hand towels, or kitchen towels. We use a 24 inch tension rod in the kitchen to hang a roll of paper towels. There’s also plenty of room leftover for a kitchen towel.

Cost: $3+ Buy on Amazon

Tension rod towel holder

Damage Free Hooks

Hooks are handy when it comes to organizing keys or little trinkets. We have a variety of damage free hooks we use to keep things organized. The small hooks are also good for hanging photos/postcards throughout the space.

Cost: $4+ Buy on Amazon

Damage free hooks

Roll Clothes To Maximize Space

Although there is a surprising amount of storage in our new home, we still practice space saving by rolling our clothes. Joe is able to fit 5 pairs of jeans, 3 pairs of convertible pants, 2 pairs of shorts inside a cabinet that’s 10’ tall, 19 1/2’ wide, 11’ deep at the bottom and 4 1/2’ deep on top.

Cost: Free

Roll clothes maximize space

Pillowcase Laundry Bag

Don’t throw out that extra pillowcase. Turn it into a laundry bag. It’s easy to store in the corner or put inside a closet. When it’s time to do laundry, you can throw the pillowcase in the wash too!

Cost: Free

Pillowcase laundry bag

Trinkets Box

Charging cords, batteries, headphones, scissors, tape. The list goes on. Stay organized by placing these items inside a small storage box. It also makes life a lot easier the next time you’re looking for those AA batteries. No more digging through different drawers to find the things you need. Keep all the trinkets in one box in a designated spot.

Cost: $5+ Buy on Amazon

Trinket bin

Belt Straps

Have an extra belt? Use it as a strap. Our convertible pants came with nylon belts that double as straps. Use it to keep cords organized or to hold the curtains open.

Cost: Free

RV Hacks - Belt straps.JPG

Small Towels

The towel I grew up using in China is the equivalent of an American hand towel. The smaller towel is enough to dry my body after a shower and it takes up less space. The smaller towel will help keep the bathroom more organized. Don’t have a hand towel? Cut that bath towel in half and give it a try.

Cost: Free

RV Hacks - Hand towel

Collapsable Storage Bins

The key to staying organized in a small space is to prevent things from exploding all over the place. Certain temporary items find their way to our small space such as shipping boxes or packaging for new camera gear. A collapsable storage bin is perfect for organizing these temporary items in one place. Once we decide to chuck these items, we can collapse and stow the bin away.

Cost: $4 Buy on Amazon

Collapsible Bin

Socks to the Rescue

If you live in a small space that also drives down the road, items will rattle. To protect glassware or anything that may rattle, we repurposed our old socks. Slip a long sock over a wine bottle and an ankle sock over a glass jar. You can also put a few trinkets inside a sock and put that inside the jar.

Cost: Free

RV Hacks - Socks protect glass

How do you stay organized in your small space? Share your RV hacks with us by leaving a comment below.

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