Ram ProMaster Camper Van – Hymer Aktiv Van Tour & Specs

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Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means we will earn a commission on the products or services you purchase using the links. There is no additional cost to you and the earnings help keep this website running. Read the Affiliate Disclaimer for more information.

Meet our first camper van, a Hymer Aktiv 2.0 on the Ram ProMaster chassis. This fully built out conversion van was our full time RV for nearly two years.

Hymer Aktiv Camper Van - Full Time RV Living

Hymer Aktiv Camper Van

There were several Aktiv models produced on the Ram ProMaster chassis: Aktiv, Aktiv 2.0, Aktiv Loft Edition, Aktiv 2.0 Loft Edition. This post will focus on the Hymer Aktiv 2.0 built on the Ram 3500 ProMaster chassis.

Erwin Hymer Group North America, the manufacturer of the Hymer Aktiv camper van closed its doors in February, 2019. We don’t have information beyond what is publicly available from an internet search about what happened.

The Hymer Aktiv 2.0 we used and referenced in this post was on loan to us. We had a partnership with Erwin Hymer Group North America to the extent that they provided the van free of charge for us to use. No one told us what to write or say. All of the opinions are our own, 100%.

How We Ended Up with a Hymer Aktiv

In 2016, we decided it was time to downsize to a smaller camper. At the time we had a Class A gas motorhome towing a Jeep Wrangler. This posts explains in more detail why we decided on a Class B camper for full time RV living.

Earlier that year, we were at one of the largest RV Shows in the U.S. where we were introduced to Hymer, an RV manufacturer in Europe. On display was the Grand Canyon (video tour), which was later renamed to the Aktiv.

Seeing the camper got us wondering if we could live in a smaller RV. After we left the show, we thought the Florida heat had gotten to us. There was no way we could downsize to a camper van for full time travel…or was there?

Fast forward a few months and we’re shopping for a Class B RV on Big Time RV. Although we didn’t end up with the camper van from the show, the shopping experience reinforced our desires to downsize.

We created a list of Class B RV Manufacturers in the U.S. and Canada to help us keep track. The more we shopped, the more we found ourselves comparing each camper van to the Hymer Aktiv.

Later that year, we attended another RV Show to seriously consider the top contenders. That’s when we met the team at Erwin Hymer Group North America. Our enthusiasm for the Aktiv created a partnership opportunity that allowed us to have a loaner van to use for the duration of the partnership which ended in February 2019.

Hymer Aktiv Camper Van Tour

We lived out of the van full time for nearly two years. For a portion of that time, we lived out of the van with our dog, Leo. We logged just over 33,000 miles traveling around the United States and Canada. Visit our Travel Destinations Page for a full list of places we’ve explored.

Watch the full van tour below.

Note: this is one of the first Hymer Aktiv 2.0 units that was completed. Changes and updates have been made since this unit rolled off the production line.

Hymer Aktiv Camper Van Specs

Below are some of the Hymer Aktiv 2.0 vans specs that people always ask about.

Ram ProMaster Van Chassis

  • 2017 Ram ProMaster 3500 (based on the Fiat Ducato)
  • 3.6L Pentastar V6
  • Automatic 6-speed transmission
  • Gas Engine
  • Front Wheel Drive
  • Long Body 20’10”
  • High Roof 99.4″
  • Standard Width 73″
  • Six airbags
  • Rear backup camera
  • Swivel front seats
  • Wheelbase 159”
  • GVWR: 9,350
  • Towing Capacity 3500 lbs
  • Tongue weight 350 lbs
  • MPG: 12 to 16 fully loaded, terrain made a significant impact

Hymer Conversion

  • Living area: seating for four: two on bench seat, two on swivel front seats
  • Kitchen: stainless steel sink, two burner propane stove, 3.1 cu ft AC/DC fridge. We deleted the microwave from the unit that was on loan to us.
  • Bedroom: non-standard size bed 73″x75″ that can be lifted and stowed out of the way
  • Bathroom: wet bath with cassette toilet system and shower
  • Tank sizes: 30 gallon fresh water tank, 23 gallon gray water tank, 5.9 gallon propane tank, 4.6 gallon black tank
  • Hot Water & Heat: Truma Combi gas/electric water heater/furnace combo, 14,300 BTU.
  • A/C: Roof mounted Dometic A/C unit, 110 volt, 11,000 BTU
  • Safety: smoke detector, CO detector and propane detector
  • Solar: 320 watts of solar, standard is 250 watts
  • Battery: 400 AMP lithium batteries, part of the EcoTrek lithium power modules
  • Inverter: 2,000 watt, 12/110 volt
  • Secondary Alternator: 280 AMP, 12 volt
  • VoltStart: proprietary system that will start the engine to charge the lithium battery when they have been drawn down to a certain level
  • Entertainment: 24” HD television and BluRay player
  • Storage: overhead cabinets throughout the van, storage underneath the platform bed

You can get an idea of how we utilized the space in the Moving In video below.

Essential Gear for the Van

This is a list of all the gears and gadgets we found essential for camper van life.

For camping gear and other items we use and love, head over to Our Store.

Van Life in a Hymer Aktiv

When we downsized to a Class B RV, we started a new video series to show what live is like living out of a van. Watch the camper van life series.

One of the more popular videos is this one where we share a typical day living out of the camper van.

Additional Resources

Hymer Aktiv Owners and Wannabees Facebook Group – a great resource for owners or anyone looking to purchase an Aktiv.

Class B RV Manufacturers – complete list of Class B manufacturers

Class C RV Manufacturers – complete list of Small Class C RV Manufacturers

Cost of Full Time RV Living – Monthly breakdowns for Class A RV Living and Class B Van Life

Frequently Asked Questions About Van Life – answers to popular questions about van life

Try It Before You Buy It – All types of Class B RVs are available for rent in the U.S. and Canada. You can even rent a camper in Hawaii.

Ram ProMaster Camper Van - Hymer Aktiv Van Tour & Specs 2

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  1. Hello! Thanks for your fabulous content! We have a Hymer Aktiv pro master. Our side sliding screen has broken. We’d like it repaired or replaced. Can’t find the parts anyone who does custom work. Do you have a resource you could share? I appreciate your time in replying and wish you fun and safe travels!

    • Hi Hayley, have you tried posting in the Hymer Aktiv Facebook group listed under the additional resources on this post? The members there should be able to help you find a repair or replacement.

  2. How satisfied are you with the Dodge based rv? I am partial to Fords and would like to use a Transit based rv but it seems that that are not that many companies using Fords. I do not want the Sprinter based due to the costs over the long-run and the lack of Mercedes support outside of cities. I have never been a Dodge fan but it seems that there are many companies using them. Your thoughts? I liked your list of rv manufacturers, it was a great place to start.

  3. Hello Kait
    I hope you are both well and keeping your sanity during these uncertain times. I really enjoy your videos and thank you for all the great tips. We recently purchased an Aktiv 1.0 which is a great van. The windshield cover that came with the van is made very well, but is stiff and heavy. I noticed on your videos that you have a very lightweight option and easy to put in place. Where did you purchase it? We actually ordered one on Amazon but didn’t fit quite right even though it stated it would fit our van. Needless to say it was returned.


  4. Hi Joe, Kait,

    Fantastic blog and videos! I am looking at a Aktiv 2.0 copy made by a Canadian company – Panoramic VR. From what I understand it is an Aktiv with better build quality. So after living in a Storyteller and now a custom truck camper, what do you think of the Aktiv layout? I am struggling with that versus something like a Winnebego Revel Sprinter or a Pleasure-way Ontour built on a Transit.


  5. We just purchased a Hymer Aktiv 2.0 loft, yet to take possession as it’s having a recall item fixed. We have a 4 month old and I’ve been trying to locate, but can’t seem to find anywhere, does the Hymer have car seat anchors/teathers in the rear seat area or will they have to be added aftermarket?

    Thank you!

  6. Hi Joe & Kait!
    We fell in love with the Hymer Activ 2.0 loft edition with the rear sofa-bed/lounge floor plan. We have found a number of them for sale with the other floor plan, but cannot find any with the rear lounge… please help! Would you know where we could find one for sale? We live just outside of Denver, Colorado, but could travel.
    Thank you,
    The Moss Family

      • Hi Kait,
        Thanks for your reply, I’ve tried all that. We were able to find one with that floor plan but it didn’t have the pop-top. If you know of any place that we could find the rear lounge floor plan in the hymer aktiv 2.0 loft edition, please let me know.
        Thank you,

  7. Hi, you mention you had 320 watts of solar on the roof of your Aktiv. Do you remember how many panels that was? I have a 2018 v.1 with five panels (two larger ones, one smaller one), and I’m trying to figure out if I have the standard 250 watts or something more. I bought it slightly used with no build sheet.


  8. hey there. nice vids. i could not discern what you are traveling in now since you let the hymer go .. what did you go with? and also how did the hymer handle in winds??

    i have had a class c for awhile and thinking to go b plus. maybe

  9. Great job Russo. You did mention a list of essential gears and gadgets for camper van. With limited space and carrying capacity, it can be a challenge to figure out which tools one needs in a camper tool kit. I just want you to add RVRoofMagic in your list for emergency roof leak repair.

  10. Dear Joe & Kait,

    Do you know where I might find a Hymer Aktiv 2.0 with loft and sofa bed / powered sofa? I’m not sure how many of those they manufactured before shutting down operations but web searches aren’t turning up any. I thought you might know of an RV dealer that had that particular model in stock. Thank you in advance for any help!


  11. Hey Kait and Joe , I really enjoy your videos very well done . I also own a Hymer
    And really love it . The only problem I’ve had is the odometer blinks off and on ,
    I thought I saw yours blinking also in the background of one of your videos if so
    Have you looked into getting it to stop ?
    Thanks Danny

  12. Hey guys, once again thanks for sharing your experiences and for the valuable information you provide, especially to us newbies. I purchased a used Aktiv 1.0 and am going to pick it up at the end of November 2018. I must say that without your input and expertise,the decision-making process would have been much more difficult! I’m recently retired and can’t wait to hit the road.
    Thanks again Andrew

  13. You make some great vids; thanks! As first time RV shoppers we really like the looks of the Aktiv but I have one problem with it. The steering wheel only has the telescoping adjustment and no and down option. The drivers seat is rather low, compared to other Bs such as the Agile, so that the steering wheel comes to my hands at an uncomfortable angle. I just wish the wheel was more adjustable or the seat could be raised. Even though we like the floor plan, it the driver’s seat is not comfortable for long drives I’m afraid we will have to look elsewhere. Any way to raise the seat?
    Tnx, Ross & Jean

    • Hi Ross – yes, our seat raises and lowers. The seating position is a bit odd at first but now that we’ve spent some time in it, we have no issues driving all day and find it very comfortable. There are some different versions of the ProMaster chassis out there and some may not have the adjustable seat, so keep looking if that’s the only issue you have with the van. Oh and they just released a version of the Aktiv on the Mercedes Sprinter chassis if that would suit you better.

  14. Love your YouTube installments! They have been a great source of information. I will be retiring next month, and after tons of research and of course with your input, I’ve decided to purchase a Hymer aktiv 2.0. I was wondering if you’ve ever considered adding more solar panels to the existing system. I realize it depends on each individual’s needs. But I’m thinking more would be better? Thanks Andrew?

  15. Just signed up for your newsletter. I will be buying an Aktiv in about a year and thanks to you I already know how to manage a cassette toilet. I have so many puns about that but I will resist.

  16. We just bought an Aktiv and took it out on our first trip this weekend! We have a question for you since you sleep in it full time. The bed is quite firm, a little more than we expected. Did you adjust to the firmness or perhaps have a recommendation for some extra padding that worked for you?

  17. I just bought an Aktiv 2.0 with power sofa and there is not a lot of space left for storage, do you have any recommendation for a roof rack for the Aktiv? Given that there is not a lot of real estate left with all the solar panels, AC, and vent on the roof, is it worth it? Can I at least install the road shower on top with the rack since Aktiv does not have an outside shower? Thanks.

    • As it stands, the awning, solar panels, AC and fan prevent you from putting a rack on the roof. I’d suggest looking into hitch mounted cargo boxes to add some more room.

  18. I watched video of you guys boondocking. The van barely made it over in some parts of the dirt road.
    If you had to do it over would you go with something that has a little more clearance. 4×4 maby? Can your current van be raised?
    Really like what you guys are doing.

  19. Thanks for publishing my first comment. Just watched your Disneyland vlog. It reminded me of when my wife and I were living in Orlando (Winter Park actually) . We went to Walt Disney World frequently back when an adult admission was still $25. We even went on a motorcycle. That was the best because bikes got to park right next to the entrance. No tram ride. Great! But the best time came on our daughter’s birthday (her tenth, I think). After the usual morning gift exchange along with some time for her to play with new toys and breakfast, we told Lisa to get dressed to go out. We had one last present for her. We didn’t tell her what it would be. When we pulled the car off I-4 and into WDW it became obvious and Lisa’s excitement grew. It grew even more when we announce the ground rules. She would decide what we did all day. We’d go wherever she pointed and did whatever she wanted to do. I can’t remember how many times we road Space Mountain but it was more than once. The great thing, and the reason I’m emailing you was that there were NO LINES. No winding our way through a 45 minute wait. The animatronic Hall of Presidents was half full for two consecutive performances. There couldn’t have been more than a hundred visitors until after three p.m. That’s the time to go to a major attraction: Christmas morning!

    • That’s such a great memory! Thank you for sharing it with us, it put a big smile on both our faces and something we should remember. We might be back in the area this year for Christmas and might have to wander over to the park! So is Lisa’s 10th birthday her favorite?

      • Trust me when I tell you this: Christmas morning, afternoon and evening is shoulder to shoulder, butt to butt, hip to hip crowded. It is the most crowded day of the year and if you don’t get there early enough, you won’t be able to get in because they shut the park (Magic Kingdom) down.

  20. Just subscribed to your YouTube channel recently and I am feeling inspired to see more of the country in a Hymer Aktiv. Y’all are awesome for sharing your experiences. I don’t think I’ll be able leave it all immediately for a prolonged road trip, so I’ll have to consider being able to park the Aktiv at home for a while. How is the Aktiv registered? Is it a passenger vehicle?

  21. Thanks for both amusing and informing me. I’m a retired reporter (emphasis on retired!) living in Colorado Springs. If you haven’t already been here, it’s worth a visit. Trust me on this. Pikes Peak is worth the train ride, or if you’re not scared of ditches hundreds of feet deep alongside the road, driving to the 14,115 ft. summit. Anyway, I want to say I’ve watched nearly all your weekly videos enough to feel I already know you two fairly well (even if I’m a total unknown to you). Your lifestyle has been my dream for years. I’ve always wanted to travel the country, and probably Canada too, in a motorhome. I was always thinking Class A. You guys, and James and Stephanie, have changed my thinking to a van. Riding out to dinner in a Winnebago Sprinter class with a Mercedes diesel helped. Keep it up.

  22. My wife and I are trying are currently doing all kinds of research about camper vans, costs, what it takes, the challenges so we can one day hit the road. My question is now that you have downsized to a Class B how much less are your costs? I saw your blog where you mentioned it was about $2932/mo with your old set up. Curious where you think you will be for this year?
    Thanks in advance and Happy travels!!


  23. Hi Kait, Joe & Leo,

    Love your videos! I’m not sure if you haven’t already done this, but now that you’ve had plenty of experiences with your new van, I would really like to hear your opinions, pros, and cons on the Hymer Aktiv 2.0 (maybe a short video).

    Thank you,

  24. Hi, there,
    How about a little more detailed info on the volt-start system? So if one is boondocking, maybe using the air cond. and fridge, the car will start when needed to re-charge the batteries, then shut off after the batts are sufficiently charged. About how long will the a/c, fridge, etc. be able to continue running before the system will start the car again to re-charge the batteries??

  25. Hi Joe. I am seriously considering getting an Aktiv, based on many advantages you have shared, though the price for a new one is scary. It’s the revolutionary power capabilities that interest me the most, as you shared in the following quote:
    “…the EcoTrek system to us, which sold us on the Aktiv. The ability to run the AC off of the coach batteries is a game changer. It means we can run into the store for an errand or grab a bite while Leo hangs out in the camper van.”
    This is just the sort of capability we need also, with our smaller version of Leo. But, truthfully, can you tell me just how often/how much you utilize this functionality? Daily, weekly… (in warm weather)? Knowing that would tell me a lot. OR, how would you compare that to just leaving him inside (locked) with the engine & A/C running, as some do? (a poor man’s version of Voltstart)
    Thanks for the advice from your experience! — Nils

  26. We currently own a 27′ Class A. After watch a few of your videos I get it. Class A RVs are great for short term local travel, but they definitely have their limitations. For me, drive ability and battery life are huge issues. I think you made a excellent choice with the Hymer Aktiv 2.0. It seems to have solved both of those issues. I didn’t hear what size to gas tank is? And how much gas per hour is used when the engine is used to recharge the batteries? What size was the “black” tank? Was the TV 12v/110v? Now that you have had this RV for a while, what have you had to fix or add to? I bought my wife your book for her Kindle/IPad. Keep the stories coming!

    • Hey Bill…thank you and I’ll try to answer all your questions. Gas Tank, 24 gal. I don’t know how much gas is used per hour. The cassette is 4.6 gal. TV is 110v. We had some minor issues in the beginning but nothing since and we haven’t added anything.

  27. I noted you hit 9 national parks in year 1, driving a 29′ class A with a towed Jeep. We’ve been trying to figure out the sizes and are getting conflicting information about restrictions at parks. Was 29+jeep an issue, or were you able to get into the places you wanted? Is there a solution that works when you show up at the gate too long to get in? We’d like 26-29′ plus tow car and some say it’s just too long.

    • Hey Bruce! The reason you’re getting conflicting info is because each park is different and even many of the sites have different size limitations. There were a few places that were tight with the RV but we always called ahead to make sure we fit. Since moving to the van, we’ve been places, like Yosemite that we wouldn’t have fit into (except for a couple larger spots in the park). Overall, our suggestion would be to go as small as you’re comfortable with because you’ll have an easier time overall the smaller you go.

  28. Hi Guys!, My wife, Ann, and I enjoy watching your travels. We are especially interested in the Activ. Is the bed north/south? I understand there is one model that is 18 inches longer than the original model? Also, how’s the cassette toilet working ou?
    Happy travels!
    Mel Stachura
    Havre de Grace, MD

  29. I have been following your “blogs” on u-tube and you did such a great job on the Hymer Aktiv that I must have one; however, trying to find one is the mystery. Got a lead on the Sunlight and drove many miles yesterday only to encounter two salesmen at a Camping World(apparently they have the right to sell Hymer products) who knew very little, the van evidenced shoddy workmanship and the salesman was loaded with misinformation. Finally found the corporate phone number and will try after the holiday. Great work, infact too great as it is costing me money. Joan

    • Hey Joan – send an email to the sales team and where you live. You should get an email back from one of the reps who will help you locate a Hymer/Roadtrek dealer so you can check out the Hymer. Enjoy!

      • Thank you! I have never found it so difficult to buy something. Same goes for the Road Trek. It is difficult for me to lay out thousands of dollars without seeing and experiencing the item or a I just a nutty old lady?

  30. I would really enjoy meeting all four of you. I’m going to be in Las Vegas May 17th to the 24th any chance you’ll be heading this direction? After that I’ll be 3 weeks in Utah exploring the national parks.

  31. Confused! Your title is AKTIV 2.0 (20.7 feet, with the 3500, per the online info available) , but the rest of the article, including pictures, I believe, is the plain AKTIV 19.6 footer on the 2500, with the toy sink latch. (At Hershey it would fall down, in the Sunlight V1 I just saw at Camping World, it was impossible to operate, and the Sonne is now, uh, discontinued, so who knows what it had. Also the sink bent with a press of the hand. )
    If yours is the true 2.0 AKTIV, please minimally update the bed pix. There are 2.0 brochures, well, 1-pagers, online. The bed per the floorplan is two couches which somehow form a 70×71 ‘king’. You can presumably sleep in either direction.
    Thank you! Really hoping you got the AKTIV 2.0!!!!!

      • Fantastic! Thank you for the quick reply. We loved the layout of the Sunlight V1, except for its seeming toy-like house’s build quality. Can’t wait to see how you fare with the A2.0. Btw, it was a rep at Roadtrek/Hymer who revealed the Sonne was going going gone. I wish they would keep their web site more up to date. Again, thanks.

  32. Right on guys! I’m looking forward to hearing about your first thoughts on life in a B, especially with a small fridge. We’re going to the factory for a tour later this week because there are no units at dealerships within a days drive us. Pretty stoked to see the build process and learn more about them.

  33. I look forward to hearing more of your impressions of the Aktiv 2.0. I’m more than a year away from jumping into the Class B world, but based on my research, the features of the Aktiv are most closely aligned with what i envision as my future RV-life values. It “checks the most boxes” for me, specifically:
    – Stealth/Daily driver
    – Unplugged capabilities (A/C, compressor fridge, underhood additional alternator, etc.)

    I’m not entirely familiar but definitely intrigued to learn more about other features:
    – Highly interested in learning about cassette toilet pros and cons in a variety of real world situations (I’m visualizing wheeling it nonchalantly into a Walmart restroom…)
    – Curious if your coach has the Voltstart option, and if so, the typical uses you’ll have for it
    – The fridge is smaller than what I am looking for so I’ll be curious to see how you manage
    – I’m partial to induction cooktops but I suspect the option will be available by the time I’m ready to purchase, and will be interested to learn of the level of reliance you’ll have on propane as an energy source.

    Good luck with this!!

    • Hey Jeffery!

      We’re excited to finally take delivery and start living out of the Hymer. We’ll certainly be talking about each of the points you mentioned and yes, we will have the Voltstart system. Our last RV had propane and we like it. We cook most meals at “home” and it lasts quite a while. We figure that we’ll probably go a month or more without needing to refill.

    • Jeffrey would have to look at some of your cooking segments to see how you guys can handle a small fridge, love you guys but have not seen a lot of sticks and grains that need much refrigeration. Probably, a really healthy way to eat and survive with a little fridge. More room for beer I guess.


  34. I have been watching your adventures for a few months now on YouTube. What a fabulous couple you are and of course ‘Leo’ your beautiful dog. Can’t wait to see your continue your adventures in your ‘downsized’ RV. My husband and I have plans to go stay in Tampa, Florida and buy a coach when he retires in a couple of years time. We then intend to tour all over the states in three month chunks returning to the UK for a month or so to replenish ‘meds’ and stuff before returning to do the same. We are friends with an English couple who have been living their retirement dreams for the past five or six years. They have been all around America and across the middle in their Winnebago Adventurer, so my excitement is topped up on a monthly basis watching their adventures too. I mentioned you to them as with Leo in tow you are quite a distinctive couple, but no, despite your mutual wander lust they have never bumped into you. Starting my research on everything RV is what caused me to find your VLog and I’m so pleased I did, your information and instructional videos have already proved so useful for when we start our retirement dream adventures in the USA. Take care now, stay safe and carry on ‘Livin the dream’ . You never know we might eventually meet, I’d like that xx

    • Hey Jayne!

      Sounds like a great adventure you have planned and we’re excited for you and your husband! We always look forward to meeting new friends and followers on the road so if we happen to cross paths, please let us know so we can get together. I hope the next couple years go quickly and you’ll be on the road before you know it.


  35. How’s van living going so far? This past year of my life has been dedicated to downsizing and minimalizing. It kind of becomes addicting. I know you can relate. Several years ago after buying a brand new 3 bedroom house (and buying a bunch of stuff to fill it up), 18 months later I realized it wasn’t making me happy and I felt overburdened, not to mention the time and expense of upkeep. So I got rid of at least 2/3rds of my stuff and moved into a small 1 bedroom apartment. I also have a 29.5′ Class A coach and I want to go full time eventually. I still have to “go to the office” every day so I can’t split town just yet but I think remote opportunities will become possible with my employer, which would be awesome. However, my particular coach doesn’t lend itself well to working remotely as the dinette area is basically the full-time dog bed for my 2 larger size dogs (there’s nowhere else for them to sleep – my rig doesn’t have a sofa). And that little round beverage table that you pop up between the driver and passenger seats doesn’t even come close to being a usable desk for me. Plus the overall storage space seems a little lacking. So here I am searching for a bigger rig and I stumbled onto your site. Here you guys have moved into a van and I’m looking at 35′ diesel pushers, makes me feel like a complete failure as a minimalist! So I guess this is the really long-winded version of me saying I really admire what you’re doing and… how the heck do you do it?? What have some of your challenges been thus far?

    • Hey Andy!

      We haven’t moved into it yet as we’re still waiting for the final delivery. The tech working on it was nice enough to let us go down and take a look at it…but we should have it soon.

      We’ve met lots of people who have gutted and renovated their RV’s to have them set up better as a work space. We had two big dogs in our 29′ Newmar and no issues finding places for them to sleep while still having a place for each of us to work. I would look at options to make your current rig work and try not to “upsize” if you don’t have to. Also, if storage in a large class A RV is a problem, maybe re-evaluate everything you’re bringing.

      Once we get on the road, we’ll be sharing how things are going for us and what it’s like to live in a class B RV full-time!

      • Hey Joe. Thanks for your reply, it really made me take a harder look at my situation. When I was out cleaning the RV today, I realized that my dashboard area is huge. I could put a computer and monitor (or two) up there, and the fold out lap desk next to the passenger seat would work well for the wireless keyboard and mouse. Wardrobe storage is another story. This particular coach only has an 18″ and an 8″ closet (not full length), and only one small drawer which is only big enough for underwear or socks. I found those collapsible hanging shelves at Lowes, but storage is still pretty limiting unless I get rid of more than half of my clothes. I suppose I could take my winter clothes and put them in a couple bins and store underneath. Time to get creative!

        • We ended up putting clothes down in the bays but really never used them. To give you an idea of what I am bringing, I have a couple pair of jeans, 1 pair of shorts and a couple pair of those pants that you can zip the legs off to make them shorts, about 5 t-shirts a couple button downs, 1 jacket, 1 hoodie, 2 pair of shoes and a pair of flip flops – plus everything else I need to bring. Add Kait’s stuff and all of this is going to fit into a 20′ van with no bays and a large Husky. Which RV do you have?

          • I have a 2016 Winnebago Brave 27B. I suppose my issue is I’m still trying to maintain my “city life” but with the freedom that RV life provides. I’m fully aware some sacrifices will have to be made, but at the same time I don’t want to live like a backpacker and/or run to the laundromat every few days. Appreciate your experience/advice.

  36. Did you consider a “mini” or “micro” Class-C like the Coachmen Freelander 20CB (or its’ cousin the Coachmen Orion T20CB. These are the same layout with the Orion apparently having more “quality” materials, Side rear view cameras, Serta (upgraded) mattress and black tank flush. It runs on the Ford Transit T350HD chasis, V6 3.7L gas engine so it should get (comparatively) better gas mileage than most standard Class-C motorhomes which have at least V-8’s or V-10’s. I am thinking about buying one of these very soon and hope to cross paths with you guys later this year or early next year as I travel around the US.

    Thanks for all of the great videos and information from both of you. It has been very helpful in my decision making.

    • Hey Steve, you’re very welcome! We looked at some of the small C / B+ motorhomes like the Winnebago View and Leisure Travel Vans but realized that they were just too wide/tall for what we are looking for. The B is going to be our only vehicle for a while and we want to be able to go and park anywhere.


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