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What does it cost to live out of a camper van full time? In this post we share the seventh month of variable van life costs for full time travel. Continue reading for a detailed breakdown of costs.

For a six month average, watch the video below.

Full Time RVing Costs: Van Life Edition – November 2017


Total Miles Driven: 662
Avg. MPG: 12
Nights of Paid Camping: 0
Nights of Free Camping: 30 (Driveway SurfingDispersed CampingRest Area, Walmart, Hosted Campground Stay)
Meals Eaten Out: 5

Variable Costs Breakdown:

Food $432 – groceries and dining out
Gas $142
LP $5
Campground Fees $0
Gym Membership $22
Dog Food & Supplies $121
Misc $69
Total Variable Costs: $791
Cost Per Day: $26

Gas costs were down over $80 compared to last month as a result of driving fewer miles. This is the least number of miles we’ve driven since we started van life. However, our average MPG dropped from 14 to 12 as a result of driving on mountain roads and city streets. This resulted in less savings in gas.

New item in the report is LP. The camper van has a 5.9 gallon propane tank. Over six months of using the gas stove every day, we finally refilled the propane tank at Costco. It came out to 2.8 gallons, less than $5. We use the gas stove on average twice a day to boil water for tea and coffee and every once in a while we run the Truma heater on gas instead of electric.

Dog costs increased as a result of a vet visit and other supplies for Leo.

Miscellaneous costs decreased significantly, dipping below $100, which hasn’t happened since July 2017.

Fixed Costs

Costs such as cell phone plans, health insurance, vehicle insurance, club memberships like Costco, Escapees, Harvest Hosts, and Elks are not included. The reason for this is we’ve found that fixed costs for RVing can vary dramatically depending on your situation. Below are some examples for reference.

If you pay cash for a used RV, you won’t have an RV payment and insurance will be lower on an older vehicle.

We pay about $150/month for an unlimited cell phone plan that we need for all the content we upload. You may only need a pay as you go cell phone or not even need one.

If you work for a company that pays for health insurance, you won’t have that as an added cost. Since we work for ourselves, we pay for our own health insurance.

Being avid readers, we have the Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription which runs about $11/month. There are other subscriptions and services that you may choose to have that can increase fixed costs.

We did share our fixed costs when we started out. If you’d like to get an idea of what those costs were for us, head over Cost of RVing in a Motorhome for One Year.

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Cost of Living Full Time in a RV