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Newmar Bay Star Review – Gas Motorhome Under 30′

This is a review of the Newmar Bay Star motorhome for full time RVing. We moved into our small Class A gas RV in July 2015. Since then, we have been traveling around the United States towing a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. When possible, we

Bedner’s Farm Boynton Beach, Florida

One of our favorite areas in Florida stretches from Hollywood to Boynton Beach along the Atlantic Coast. We were especially taken by Fort Lauderdale and would consider spending a month or two exploring the area the next time we winter in The Sunshine State. About 30 miles north of Fort

Full Time RVing Costs: Motorhome Edition – April 2016

In April, we went from spending four months in Florida to spending time in five different states: Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and Indiana. All the moving around resulted in 291 more miles on the motorhome increasing our gas bill. However, we were able to stay

Lazydays RV Resort Tampa, Florida

Thought I would start this post off with a photo of “Lazy Leo” at Lazydays RV Resort Tampa, Florida. Don’t worry, this is what Leo looks like when he’s passed out and dreaming about chasing squirrels. Lazydays has to be one of the most

RV Camping at John Pennekamp State Park Key Largo, Florida

Considered America’s first undersea park, John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park in Key Largo is a popular destination for visitors who enjoy life on the water and below. The park is approximately 70 nautical square miles and offers activities from nature walks and kayaking

Full Time RVing Costs: Motorhome Edition – March 2016

March was quite an eventful month for us. We celebrated Joe’s birthday, Leo’s adoption birthday and hit several milestones including reaching 1,000 subscribers on our YouTube channel and 6 months on the road. I’m happy to report that even with all the celebrating we were able to

RV Camping at Flamingo Campground in Everglades National Park

“What were we thinking?” There is no doubt that the Everglades National Park is beautiful. The 45 minute drive from the park entrance to Flamingo Campground alone was memorable. Even our campsite had breathtaking views. When we booked our two night stay at Flamingo

Four Corners Monument RV Camping

We visited Four Corners Monument on our way from Mesa Verde to the Grand Canyon South Rim. This is the only quadripoint in the United States where four states come together and visitors can be in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah at the

Roadmaster Spare Tire Carrier Review

Did your motorhome come with a spare tire? Ours didn’t. Before we discovered the Roadmaster spare tire carrier, we discussed getting a roof rack for the Jeep to carry a spare and a few other options. Then we met Don Simpson at the Florida RV

Space Coast RV Resort Rockledge, Florida

Space Coast RV Resort in Rockledge, Florida was our home base for a week while we explored the Florida Space Coast and Kennedy Space Center. When we decided to winter in Florida, we had four must do items on our list: camp at Fort Wilderness, drive