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The most popular messages we receive are questions about shopping for and buying an RV. The questions range from brand comparisons to getting a loan and the final inspection. We hosted a live stream to answer these questions. Viewers tuned in from all over the United States and we even had a few from the U.K., Germany, Canada, Australia and Greece. Below is the recording of the Q&A on shopping for and buying an RV.

Shopping For and Buying an RV

Q&A video includes our tips on shopping for and buying an RV as well as address the following questions:

Are there new and used RVs on display at RV shows? We’ve attended the Florida RV Show and California RV Show and found that they are all about new model year RVs. There was a limited selection of used RVs at California RV Show in Pomona. If you plan on attending to an RV show, check out our RV Show Survival Guide.

Considering a 42′ Class A RV, should I look for a shorter one? It depends on your personal preference and how you plan to RV. We initially considered Class A motorhomes between 30′ to 45′ and ended up with a 29′ Class A gas coach. Put together a “must have” list and a “nice to have” list for your ideal RV. Is a washer and dryer a must have? Do you want to camp inside the National Parks? Answering these questions will help you narrow down your next RV.

Do you think you made a good decision on your first RV? A lot of people seem to be changing motorhomes. Our first motorhome was perfect at the time to RV with two large dogs. After we said goodbye to Duke, we found the motorhome to be too big for our RV lifestyle. Now we are looking at camper vans for full time RVing.

Expect to get 25% off MSRP of new RV? 25% off MSRP is a good average. Demand of a particular RV, the brand and location of the RV will factor into how much you can negotiate off the MSRP. Check out our post on New vs Used RV: Pros & Cons.

Should fuel consumption be a factor? It depends on how you plan to travel in your RV. We’ve met full time RVers that only move a few times a year and park their RV at campgrounds for several months. We averaged over 1,000 miles a month in our Class A gas coach which gets 6 to 7 MPG. Check out our post on the cost of full time RVing in a class A motorhome.

Other questions addressed in the Q&A: What is the RV buying process? Advice on RV insurance? Do RV manufacture warranties cover full timing?

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