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There are several large RV shows throughout the United States. We have been to our fair share from the California RV Show to the Tampa RV SuperShow in Florida. Before you head to your next show, check out our RV Show Survival Guide.

RV Show Survival Guide

What to Bring

Comfortable Shoes – RV shows are huge and cover quite a bit of ground. Wear comfortable shoes so you can be as comfortable as possible while walking around.

Water / Snacks – Stay hydrated with water and bring snacks for you don’t get hangry (hungry+angry) while shopping for your next RV. There will be plenty of food vendors on site as well. Kettle corn anyone?

Sun Protection – Most RV shows are outdoors so bring sunscreen, a hat or sun shirts so you don’t turn into a lobster.

Notepad, Pen – Take notes on RVs you like, don’t like and questions that come up.

Camera – Take pictures of RVs you see so you can go back and look through them. With the amount of RVs at a show, it can be difficult to remember all the details.

Have a Game Plan

Write down a list of all the RVs you want to see and the requirements you have, good outlet placement, big holding tanks, king size bed, etc. Don’t rush and plan to spend multiple days at the RV show to see all the RVs on your list and ones not on the list. Also make time to check out the RV suppliers section for cool gadgets.

If you are serious about making a purchase at the show, go prepared. Research prices of similar RVs around the country to make sure you get the best price possible.

Have fun and maybe we’ll see you at the next RV show!