Buying a new vs used RV has to be one of the most debated questions in the RV community. We’re going to discuss some of the pros and cons of each.

“Never buy a new RV!”
“Don’t you wish you had bought used?”

Those are some of the most popular statements we heard after we bought a new Class A motorhome. In this post we share our thoughts on the subject.

Buying a New vs Used RV

Watch the video on the pros and cons of buying a new vs used RV. The bullet points are included the post for reference.

New RV Pros & Cons

– Pros: manufacturer’s warranty, no previous owner, get the exact RV you want
– Cons: premium price, high depreciation, work out kinks/issues, higher insurance

Used RV Pros & Cons

– Pros: lower price, lower insurance, less depreciation, kinks/issues worked out, option for private sale
– Cons: previous owner(s), higher potential for hidden issues, limited selection

Why We Bought a New RV

We shopped for over a year before we decided on our first RV. Finding the right one for us made all the difference in our decision to purchase new. If you’d like to learn more about our decision process, check out my book Take Risks.

We also hosted a live stream to answer viewer questions about shopping for an buying an RV.