How RVing Changed Our Lives – Episode 1: RVing with Joe & Kait

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Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means we will earn a commission on the products or services you purchase using the links. There is no additional cost to you and the earnings help keep this website running. Read the Affiliate Disclaimer for more information.

In the first episode of our podcast, RVing with Joe & Kait, we explore how RVing changed our lives, delving into the transformative journey of full-time RVing. Join us as we share our personal narrative, detailing how the RV lifestyle reshaped our perspectives and led us to a path filled with unexpected challenges and fulfilling triumphs. From the initial spark of inspiration to adapting to life on the road, we open up about the pivotal moments where RVing significantly altered our lives.

We hope you enjoy this episode as we intimately recount the key moments and experiences that underscore how deeply RVing has influenced our lives.

Embracing the RV Lifestyle: How RVing Changed Our Lives

Episode 1 Podcast RVing with Joe and Kait - RVing Changed Our Lives

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Key Highlights

  • The Movie That Started It All: Discover how “We’re the Millers” unexpectedly ignited our passion for RV life.
  • The Decision to Hit the Road: Hear about the emotional turning point that led us to sell everything, buy an RV, and embark on a nomadic adventure with our dogs.
  • Overcoming Relationship Challenges: Learn how living in close quarters in an RV tested and ultimately strengthened our relationship.
  • The Rest Stop in Colorado: A candid discussion about our pivotal moment of realignment and commitment to a new way of living.
  • From Temporary Escape to Permanent Lifestyle: Understand how what started as a year-long break evolved into a profound lifestyle change.
  • The Evolution of Our RV Experiences: Explore the variety of RVs we’ve lived in and how each shaped our journey.


00:00 Introduction to RVing with Joe & Kait
01:00 Kait’s Moment of how RVing changed her life
04:22 Planning for a year of full-time RVing
05:13 Joe’s Moment of how RVing changed his life
07:39 Communication challenges and the rest area conversation
09:36 Changing the mindset from a year-long trip to a new lifestyle
10:35 Positive moments and experiences in RVing
12:22 Starting a YouTube channel and website
13:20 The impact of RVing on relationships
14:18 Experiencing different types of RVs
15:42 Choosing a homebase and reevaluating priorities
20:56 What to expect from RVing with Joe & Kait podcast
23:01 Joe’s favorite aspect of RVing
26:28 Kait’s favorite aspect of RVing
29:57 Negative moments that led to positive changes
33:56 Changing plans and the importance of having a home base
36:14 Choosing a home base based on RVing experiences
38:10 Conclusion and resources for RVers

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Joe Russo The moment that RVing changed our lives. Welcome to the very first podcast of RVing with Joe and Kait. We figured this would be the perfect topic to kind of introduce you to the podcast, who Joe and Kait are, and really kind of our backstory. And at the end of this, we’ll kind of get into why we’re doing the podcast and what you can expect from it.

Kait Russo So welcome, welcome to our very first episode. I’m very excited.

Joe Russo So am I. So I’m gonna start with you because neither of us have told each other what that moment was that changed our lives in RVing. So I’m really curious to hear what your moment is. And it doesn’t have to be one moment. If you have multiple, but.

Kait Russo Okay, so I’ll start with the first moment. And maybe we can work to the other moments. My first moment with regards to RVing and how it kind of changed my life, then our lives, is Mother’s Day weekend, 2014. It’s Saturday, we’re sitting at home.

Joe Russo And I should clarify, this is a year and a half before we hit the road, before we had an RV.

Kait Russo Yes, so we’re sitting at home and we happen upon a movie called We’re the Millers. And the gist of it is this guy who’s a small time drug trafficker decides to create a fake family and travel in an RV down to Mexico to make his drug run. And somehow that movie left an impression in me of, hey, we could load up our family, so the two of us, our dogs at the time, and travel around the country in an RV. And there’s something about that movie that left a seed about RVing in my mind.

Because I grew up camping all throughout the Sierra Nevadas in California, and I know there were plenty of RV campers around me, but I was very focused on tent camping at the time, and never had I ever even considered RVing up until that moment we watched the movie together.

Joe Russo Ah, I see. So that moment of watching that movie is what planted the seed because later that afternoon, we went over to Kait’s parents house and I don’t know how in-depth Kait wants me to get with this story if you want to add some more details, but in short, she was having a rough day. Her boss, or you tell the story.

Kait Russo Mother’s Day weekend. We decided Saturday we would spend with my parents and then Sunday you would spend with your mom. And that day, I was just all things kind of aligned where I was having a really rough day with regards to work. And finally that evening I just, I hit a breaking point and I looked at Joe and I said, let’s just sell everything, buy an RV, hit the road with the dogs and travel.

Joe Russo Yeah. And her father and I are sitting on the couch watching TV together and we both look at her and we’re like, you’re crazy. And then went back to watching TV. It wasn’t until later that night that I was leaving to go to my mom’s and Kait stopped me and said, can you seriously think about this? I wasn’t joking.

And on the ride home, I start thinking about it and something my father told me was right before he passed away, I asked him if he had any regrets in life, any last minute pieces of wisdom he wanted to pass along. And he thought about it for a minute and he looked at me and said, take risks and have a lot of children. He wished he had taken more risks in life and had more kids. We’re not planning on having kids.

Kait Russo No.

Joe Russo But in that moment, I was thinking about it and I was like, you know, this is one of those times in life that is a risk, a huge risk, but let’s do it. So I called Kait up and I told her.

Kait Russo Yeah, and the rest is kind of history. We started planning for about a year. So the initial idea, once Joe came on board to this full-time RV life, was we were gonna do it for a year. Try it out and kind of take a break, hit the reset button on our hectic life that we really needed a change. So we’re planning, shopping, figuring out what is this RVing thing all about because neither of us have ever RV’d a day in our lives. And we’ve essentially went full commit on this plan to full-time RV for at least a year.

Joe Russo Yep. So that’s your moment?

Kait Russo Well, the movie kind of was the first moment that led to all of that.

Joe Russo Okay, so I’ll tell my moment. And if you have more, we can get into that. I would say my moment was a month into our trip.

Kait Russo Okay. Once we hit the road?

Joe Russo Once we hit the road. So we hit the road in September 2015. And about a month later, we were at a point where the honeymoon was over. So there is this period of, I would say, a week between when we quit our jobs and when we actually left.

And that was one of the most glorious weeks of my life because we’d quit our jobs, we had no jobs on the horizon, we had money saved up in the bank for this year that we were supposed to spend on the road traveling the country. And there was absolutely no worries. Well, not worries, but no commitments, nothing that had to be done.

It was kind of like when you were a kid. And it was that first day you’re walking out of school for summer break and you don’t have homework or anything. You just know you’re about to enjoy the entire summer and it’s so relaxing and free. Then we got on the road. And I would say the honeymoon on the road probably lasted like three, four days of us just relaxing and enjoying. And to me, I’d been at my company for 10 years and I thought this was just gonna be like a giant vacation for a year.

Well, a couple of days after we start, Kait here starts wanting to get on her laptop and go to the local coffee shop to work. And I’m like, okay, well, I guess I’ll go with you if you want to use Wi-Fi because we had started a blog to kind of keep up, help family and friends keep up with what we were doing. And we would go to the coffee shops and I would just hang out and be on my phone surfing the internet, whatever, just relaxing, enjoying a cup of coffee while Kait was busy typing away.

Well, fast forward to about a month in and Kait and I are getting in all these arguments about nothing. So it might be like I hung the dish towel up wrong or she did something and we would just be getting in these arguments for no reason and I was thinking to myself, you know, if this continues on, I don’t want to continue RVing. This kind of sucks. And we were up in Pagosa Springs.

We’re driving out of Pagosa Springs toward Durango, Colorado. And Kait asked me to take a photo as we’re going down the road, because it was this gorgeous mountain view. And I take the photo. She wants me to post it on Instagram. I have no interest in posting it on Instagram. I just kind of go back to what I was doing. And she gets upset with me. And I know she’s upset because she won’t talk to me.

Kait Russo The silent treatment.

Joe Russo Yes. For the next hour and a half, two hours, whatever it was, Kait was driving the RV.

Kait Russo In my recollection, it was a little bit shorter than that.

Joe Russo It was a while. Anyway, she doesn’t talk to me the entire time, even though I’m asking her what’s wrong, nothing. And we get down to kind of the bottom of the hill, and Kait just pulls over into a rest area. We go to the bathroom, Kait comes back and says, we need to talk.

I said, okay, yes, we do need to talk. And she says, but not here, the RV. We need to go over there and it’s to where they had the picnic tables and stuff. And I said, uh-oh, here it comes.

Long story short, basically what it was Kait and I were on different pages. I was in vacation mode and Kait was more in work mode. She was upset because I wasn’t interested in working. And the reason for that is Kait had gotten to a point where she wanted, she had realized that this lifestyle was great. You didn’t want to go back to corporate life, right?

Kait Russo I would say very quickly once we hit the road full time, I just fell in love with the freedom and the flexibility of RV life. And a year was not going to be long enough. And I think for me, it was less of a, hey, we’re gonna take a year off and travel full-time in RV around the United States with our dogs and turn in more to a new lifestyle, a new way of looking at life.

And this feeling of being in more control and really truly living the life that I wanted. And my brain immediately switched to, okay, we love this, how do we keep this going for as long as we want to? And the limiting factor at the time was money because we had planned to be able to do this for a year without any income. And so the back of my mind is going, okay, we can cut costs, look at ways to earn an income on the road. And how do we make this work so that we can keep going?

Joe Russo Yeah, but the thing is, Kait didn’t share any of this with me. This was just kind of in the back of her head. And here I am on vacation mode because I was like, that’s what this year is. Why are we going to like, why bother posting to a blog or an Instagram account? I’m like, sure, our friends can follow us, but I really don’t care. I just want to relax and just let me do my thing for a year.

Well, when we sat down, Kait finally explained all of this to me and like, you know, I feel the same way. I don’t wanna go back to a job or let me rephrase, I don’t wanna go back to kind of the corporate lifestyle that we had been living before, which was, you get up in the morning, you go to work, you spend all day at work, come home, sit down, maybe watch some TV, have dinner, hang out for a couple hours, go to sleep, and then rinse and repeat, just do that over and over again. And the only real time the two of us had together was you know, really that couple hours at night. And even then that was just spent decompressing from work and then time over the weekends. And even then we were still on our phones and working remotely and trying to get stuff done.

So I wanted to be able to spend time with Kait, our dogs. I wanted to be able to live the life that we wanted to and hearing Kait say all of this and like, hey, maybe we can make an income and kind of offset our costs and stay on the road longer and all of these things. I was like, all right, you know what? I’m in. And it was that moment for me with RVing that really changed my life because it made the whole process that much more, it’s the wrong thing. It changed me because it was that moment where I was like, we can make a change in our lives to live the lives that we want.

And ultimately what ended up happening was we started getting really serious with the website. That was first. And then we started the YouTube channel and got the YouTube channel going. And that’s really when things started to kind of take off for us.

We had talked about doing a YouTube channel before we even hit the road and on my very last day of work Kait filmed me and it was an absolute like train wreck. It was just not working out for me So we said yeah, let’s never do that again. Here we are.

Kait Russo I had a good guess that would be your moment. Because I know that especially that rest stop in Colorado I think left a very deep impression or impact on you with regards to our relationship as well.

Joe Russo Yeah, I mean it was also a moment where I was like, this might be where we break up. Because things were not going well.

Kait Russo No, they weren’t. And I think, in thinking about the topic for this episode, which is the moment that our RVing changed our lives, it very well could have gone the other direction, which is we’re no longer together and there is no We’re the Russos.

Joe Russo Exactly.

Kait Russo
It’s a you’re the Russo or I’m a Russo.

Joe Russo Well, I don’t, I mean, we definitely would not have had the YouTube channel, the website, anything else. I think we would have gone our separate ways, sold the RV and figured things out from there.

Kait Russo Yeah, and I think we could go probably do a deep dive on a separate episode of the impact that RVing has on relationships with the people that you’re traveling with. Kind of similar to the talks that we’ve done around how do you thrive and survive as a couple in a small space, whether it’s a big RV or a small RV. Because we’ve been in all different types of RVs.

Thinking back to our very first RV in 2015 when we hit the road full time, we had a class A motorhome, towing a Jeep Wrangler with two dogs. And then we downsized to a Class B RV on the ProMaster chassis with one dog. And then that morphed into kind of testing out different types of campers, like a small Class C to then going full-time, just the two of us in a pop-up truck camper, and now back to a van, and no longer traveling full-time in an RV, but doing it part-time.

So I feel like we’ve experienced quite a range of different types of RVing. The only thing we haven’t tried for long-term is a tow behind, like a fifth wheel, a travel trailer, or like a little teardrop.

So with the type of RVing that we’ve done now for so many years, I feel like it is such a strong part of my identity now. Every time I think about traveling, even internationally, I think about, hey, could we rent a camper? Because I love RV life so much, the convenience of it. It’s just, it’s really changed the way I look at travel.

Joe Russo Now, going back to the beginning of this, there was your one moment. Do you have any other significant moments throughout our RV travel that stand out to you, that changed your life?

Kait Russo I think they’ve all changed my life. There have been so many key moments in RVing, from switching campers to just realizing what RVing brings to my life. I know it’s different for everybody, but I think going back to 2015, before we even hit the road full-time in the RV, we took the RV, we did a weekend test run.

So we packed up the RV, the dogs, and we got this epic beach camping spot in Ventura. California. We parked our RV right along the beach, open the door and walk right onto the sand, go swimming in the ocean. T moment will be the most impressionable moment for me because that to me was the ultimate RV experience. And that was our first trip out in an RV.

And then we followed that up with first day of hitting the road full-time, driving to a winery in California, parking on the vineyard, going for a wine tasting, coming back to the RV, cooking a meal, sleeping at the vineyard. It’s just, those moments always stick with me, because they were my first experiences with RVing and they were amazing.

I mean, RVing hasn’t always been amazing, but those moments really changed my life because I know that RVing can offer that kind of moment for me, and I love it so much.

Joe Russo Those were good times. Yeah. Those were the honeymoon days.

Kait Russo Wait, are you saying we don’t have honeymoon days anymore?

Joe Russo No, we have plenty of amazing times on the road. Yeah, I would say those are very impressionable. There was one, the very first time we, despite or beyond just driving the RV back from the dealership when we first bought it, there is the one instance where we had, it was parked in the driveway of our home. We were selling our home and we decided we would move into the RV and live out of it.

Well, we didn’t have any sort of hookups at home. So when the gray and black tanks filled up, we had to go to a local dump station to dump it. Well, we decided to take the dogs with us. Kait was gonna follow behind in our Jeep. I was gonna drive the RV with the dogs so they could kinda get a feel for it. That was a disaster.

We pulled out of our little cul-de-sac and as soon as I made a right hand turn onto one of the main streets. All of a sudden, all of the drawers and everything flew open because we forgot to make sure they were locked in place. Once all that noise and everything happened, the dogs freaked out. I had Leo our husky crawl under my legs where obviously the gas pedal and brake pedal and everything, he’s down there. And our 80 pound Belgian Malinois Duke jumps in my lap.

And here I am trying to drive down a major street in Los Angeles in a 30 foot Class A motorhome. I just stopped, I put the hazards on, Kait jumped out to see what was going on. I had her take the dogs, took a moment to put everything away, and then we drove to the thing. The next time the dogs were in the driving down with the RV was when we went to that beach camping spot.

Kait Russo And that experience led us to create a pre-departure checklist of making sure the doors are locked and everything else in between so that we’re ready to go when we hit the road.

So I think that’s kind of a good lead-in to kind of what people might expect from RVing with Joe and Kait. The podcast is really sharing our experiences from full-time RV life to now part-time RV life and the people we’ve met along the way and like the knowledge that we’ve gathered and sharing that with all of you.

Joe Russo Yeah. Aside from towables, we’ve been in virtually every other type of RV and we would like to try towable at some point, but we’ve had all the experiences. We full-timed for six and a half years. We continue to travel in RVs. We’ve done it overseas. We have a lot of experience that we would like to share with you, but I think on top of that, with all of the time that we’ve spent in and around the RV industry, we’ve made a lot of great friends at a lot of companies and things out there related to RVs that we would like to have those people come on and share their expertise with you.

If there are topics and things, let us know down in the comments below what those might be. What things would you like to see out of this podcast? Are there topics you want us to cover? Certain people you want us to try and talk to about RVing and what it’s like and everything else.

Kait Russo I’m really excited about the podcast. I know this is something that Joe has wanted to do for years. Probably over five years. That’s that sounds about right. I remember probably from the first podcast we were invited to be on.

Joe Russo It’s definitely been longer than five years. I think it’s been almost eight years.

Kait Russo Well, it’s happening.

Joe Russo It is happening. I never I never did plan to do in a video podcast. So this will be a video and audio podcast if you’re interested in the audio portion of it you’ll be able to find it I think on most if not all podcast hosting platforms and obviously here on our channel on YouTube.

Kait Russo And we’ll kind of do show notes and everything too on the website so you can easily find the different episodes. But this will be an exciting journey.

So I have a question for Joe. What do you find most enjoyable or the thing that you like the most about RVing?

Joe Russo Ooh, I would say that changes over time. When we first hit the road during that honeymoon phase, it was just the, like being able to relax, being away from things, but at the same time while traveling, you have your home and all of your stuff with you.

I think for me that’s been one of the key things in RVing. We get a lot of, I’ve seen a lot of comments on our YouTube channel on that when we mentioned the cost of an RV. We’re doing a walkthrough. And inevitably there will be people who pop in and say, well, for the cost of that, I could do X amount of days flying and staying out of hotels and everything else. And I agree with that. You absolutely could.

The difference is when you’re RVing and what I found and what I love about it is when you go from one place to another, when you fly, you go to the airport, you get up in the air, you fly over everything and then you land. When you drive, you get to see everything that’s in between. We found a lot of amazing places during that drive.

And we, unless we absolutely have to get somewhere for a reservation or something we have which we try not to do, we can take our time. And a perfect example was the first time we went to Flagstaff, we drove through and it was just supposed to be, I think, for a night. We ended up spending 10 days there because we just so enjoyed the town. And we’ve seen a lot of places like that throughout the years where even if we don’t stay for an extended amount of time, we get to really see and experience that place which is something you don’t get when you’re flying.

And then of course there’s the hotels. Hotels are great, but at the same time, I like having all my stuff with me. Having our own bed, having our own pillows, and being able to overpack. I mean, when we were living full time, we had everything with us.

We had our winter clothes with us, our summer clothes, our hiking shoes, our flip flops. Everything. So whatever you felt like wearing or doing that day, you were equipped for it. And you had your snacks and you had your kitchen and all of your stuff. You don’t get to do that when you’re traveling by plane to a hotel and everything else unless you’re bringing massive amounts of luggage with you. And even then you can’t even bring that amount of stuff.

And I’ve told Kait it’s difficult for me to travel now via plane because in my head, I’m thinking, okay, you have to remember everything you need to bring with you. You have to plan it out and you’re not going to be able to bring everything that you want to, but you can in an RV, within reason, of course.

And I think what I love about it is we can also tailor the RVing experience around what we want to do. So there was a period of time when we had our truck camper and we could go off-roading out in the middle of nowhere, which is something we couldn’t do when we were in our Class A motorhome.

And we could kind of pick and choose the lifestyle that we wanted to live at that time.

So does that answer your question?

Kait Russo It does. It makes me giggle because I remember your mom telling me a story about how you had this blanket that you like to take everywhere with you. That lends itself so well to RV life because you get to have your blanket, your pillow. All your little comforts.

Joe Russo Yeah, when I was a kid, I always wanted to, I always asked my parents why I couldn’t bring my bed with me.

Kait Russo Well, now you can.

Joe Russo Yeah. See, it was perfect.

Now, for you. Since you are a big foodie, always have been, like what things with RVing have really changed you in those ways, like being able to see new foods, new cultures, new sorts of things?

Kait Russo Well RVing definitely changed the way I cook because going from a house to a Class A RV, which is fairly large to what we have now, you have limited space in terms of how much cooking equipment and gadgets that you can bring. And so being more creative and finding like multi-purpose cooking tools that can be used for a variety of things. And now that we’re part-time, I get to have the full ovens and more cooking gadgets.

I feel like I’m more efficient with my cooking of hey, what’s the least energy draw to make this and make it well and how can I make multiple things or one pot meals without having 10 pots out there to make one dish? So more efficient, but more just different. Cooking is different now.

I wanna go back to your big moment of how RVing changed your life. I think that is also a very big moment for me because I was very much a part of that rest area conversation and kind of the things that got us there.

And that moment, I think really changed the way I communicate with you in the sense that it made me realize more I’m not communicating well and I can’t expect you to read my mind. So how do I better communicate how I’m feeling and what I’m thinking, but also figuring it out for myself first. And I think that moment has made our relationship so much stronger because we did make it through. And we’re still here together. We just celebrated being together 18 years. And yeah, I think things could have gone the other direction.

Joe Russo They could have. Speaking of the other direction, have you had any negative moments on the road that have really impacted you?

Kait Russo Oh, negative moments.

Joe Russo And this can be a negative moment that impacted you in a positive way?

Kait Russo With regards to RVing?

Joe Russo Yeah.

Kait Russo I have to think about that one for a moment. Do you have something that comes to mind for you?

Joe Russo Well, I think that big moment you just referred to was kind of a mix for me because there was a lot of negative rolled into that with how we were around each other. Because I think when we sat down and talked, what I brought up was the fact that, you know, we can’t be in this RV, this small space together 24/7 if you’re not gonna talk to me.

I also brought up the fact that it seemed like you and I had been arguing a lot. And the stuff leading up to that was very negative for me.

I can’t think of any real negative moments. I don’t think, you and I have not had a lot of bad moments on the road. I mean, there are definitely days where things are difficult. We might be in a bad place, we wake up on the wrong side of the bed, we might have a little argument or something, but outside of that, everything has been very good.

The only, you know, we’ve had moments on the road where things have kind of changed the trajectory of where we were going and what we were doing. I think one of those moments was my motorcycle crash.

Kait Russo Oh yes.

Joe Russo Back in 2019. And I would consider that a very negative moment as well as shortly, not too long thereafter, my backpack getting stolen which had for those who, I don’t know if we ever really talked about this much in a video or anything else, but we were traveling to go look at an RV we were considering buying and it was late at night. We were on a train from the airport into town and I, well, I can’t really say it was stolen. It was my fault. I left my backpack behind on the train. Quickly realized it turned back around and the backpack was gone.

In that backpack was passport, cash, there was my laptop with all of our hard drives and backup files and everything else and all of that stuff was gone. And that really kind of impacted both of those events which were very close together, the motorcycle crash and the backpack, kind of impacted our trajectory of our lives and what we were doing.

It probably changed the RV that we were gonna get. It changed some of the different things that we were gonna do. And even though at the time, that felt like a very negative thing. It really made a lot of positive impacts on our lives and looking at some of the things we were doing, the RV we were considering buying and a lot of other stuff.

Because that put us in obviously a very bad mental space when we went to go look at that RV. And neither one of us, we probably, we were going there to buy the RV. Luckily I’d kept the cashier’s check in my pocket, not my bag. But that said, it was, we probably would have bought the RV that would have been our next RV. And I don’t think it would have been the thing that we wanted or the thing that took us to the, or changed our lives in such a way like the truck camper did.

Kait Russo 2019 was quite a year for us.

Joe Russo Very transformative year.

Kait Russo Yes, very. And then follow that up with 2020, taking delivery of our truck camper that we built for Alaska travel. And we all know what happened in March of 2020. That changed a lot of people’s lives around the world. That moment also probably was the beginning of leading us to where we are today, part-time RV travelers with a home base.

Joe Russo Yeah, because at the time we were full-time in our truck camper that we had just taken delivery of January of 2020. As Kait mentioned, we were planning on going up to Alaska. We are also planning on shipping that out to South America and going around South America. And with COVID, we couldn’t do that.

When things start shutting down, especially right after the pandemic kind of really hit, a lot of the services that we and many other RVers use were shut down. And those being like RV parks and campgrounds weren’t allowing people to come in or they were just closed. All the gyms and things we use for showers, a lot of those services were no longer available to us. There was talk that they were going to stop or not allow people interstate travel, which could have isolated us in one area of the country and all of these different things.

It was one of those moments where we said, you know, now is not a good time to be completely reliant on this truck, the camper, and what we have around us. We need our own home base. And that’s when we really seriously turned around and said, I think now is the time for us to start looking.

While we had always at some point planned to have a home base again, it was that answered the why. Why get off the road? Why settle down again?And it was really so we could have a place we could call home. And if something ever happened, we always had a place we could come back to. Did I did I kind of nail that?

Kait Russo Yes. You nailed it.

One last thing I’ll share of how our being changed our lives, because going back to having a home base now, I feel like the base we have now is not a base we would have ever picked if we didn’t experience our life. In the sense that.

RVing full-time made me realize and reevaluate the things that are important to me, like physical items, but also location. And the thing that I love so much about RVing, especially in the get-go, and the reason we stayed in Flagstaff for 10 days instead of one was this, I loved camping in the forest amongst the trees and being so connected to nature.

All of that experience really helped us kind of pick where our base is, because I want to be connected to nature. But also reevaluating kind of like what things we need in the base. So I think in that sense, RVing also changed my life.

Joe Russo Before we even started talking about the RV, we knew we wanted to get out of Los Angeles. And I remember us just looking for homes and around the country and trying to get an idea of what things were like. We always looked in the city. We wanted to be close to everything. We wanted to be in the city. You know, if we got jobs or when we got jobs, we would be close to our jobs. We wouldn’t be driving in and now we live out in the country. That’s never something we would have done before.

And to Kait’s point, not only has RVing changed it, but so has this lifestyle. We’ve been able to kind of create and mold a lifestyle in which we can live where we want to.

Once Kait came up with the idea to do this, it’s all been about living the life we want. And that’s what we’ve been trying to impart and help with all of you watching and listening to this is what can we do? What resources can we share? And how can we help you live the life you want? Like that’s, in its entirety, that’s what this podcast is all about.

And I think that is a good place for this to end.

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Thank you again for watching or listening and we’ll see you next time. Bye.

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