July was another great month! We increased our income 25% month over month and we covered 50% of our RVing expenses in July. Most of the income is through advertising and affiliate sales on our website and YouTube channel. If you are interested in starting your own site, read our post on How to Setup a Self Hosted WordPress Website. Our aggressive year end goal is to generate enough income to cover our expenses each month, which we estimate to be about $2,700. Below is the full breakdown of our July 2016 income report.

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July 2016 Income Report

July 2016 Income Report

We made two changes to the report. Any affiliate programs outside of Amazon will be bundled together under “Other Affiliate Programs”. Google Adsense is now part of “Ad Networks”.

YouTube shot past Amazon this month as our top income generator. We made $725 on YouTube compared to $405 on Amazon.

Sovrn is a new ad network we signed up mid-way through the month. The plan is to test them out for a few months to see how the payout compares to Google AdSense. In July we made $41 through Google Adsense and $18 through Sovrn.

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