RV Jack Pads and Leveling Pads

Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means we will earn a commission on the products or services you purchase using the links. There is no additional cost to you and the earnings help keep this website running. Read the Affiliate Disclaimer for more information.

Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means we will earn a commission on the products or services you purchase using the links. There is no additional cost to you and the earnings help keep this website running. Read the Affiliate Disclaimer for more information.

RV jack and leveling pads

Heavy duty rubber RV jack pads were a game-changer when we found them. When we started RVing, we went through three sets of Lynx plastic leveling blocks in a very short time as newbies. That was before we figured out a trick: use heavy duty rubber jack pads. The plastic leveling blocks sit on top of the pads and are protected from gravel or anything else that can damage them. We also used the rubber pads under our jacks when we were parked on gravel or dirt, preventing the jacks from sinking into mud if it rains.

RV Jack Pads and Leveling Pads

Hosspads motorcoach

Our first set of leveling / jack pads were Hosspad RV Leveling Pads, which we’ll review in this article.

What We Like:

Sturdy. These composite rubber pads have held up well on gravel, dirt, grass and asphalt. They’ve been through 100 degree weather, severe thunderstorms and mild flooding without any issues. Compared to the plastic leveling blocks, these have not cracked, nor has mud stuck to them. According to the label, the pads can withstand temperatures as low as -20 and as high as 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

RV jack pads

Leave No Trace Behind. When we park on a friend’s driveway or on paved ground we put the pads under the jacks to prevent damage and protect the ground from any marks the jack stand may leave behind. This is especially useful on a hot summer day where an RV jack can leave an indentation in the blacktop. Our friends and the business owners who’ve noticed, appreciate it.

Easy to Pick Up. The handles at the corner of each pad make it easy to reach under the coach and pull the pad out. A set of four pads can be rather heavy, the handles make it easy to carry the pads around.

Multiple Sizes. The motorcoach pads we have are 11.5″ x 11.5″ x 1′, can withstand up to 66,000 lbs per pad. If we had a larger RV we would buy the larger 14″x 14″ pads.

RV leveling pads and RV jack pads

Protect Leveling Blocks. When we need to use our plastic leveling blocks, we always put a pad underneath the blocks to protect it from damage. This prevents rocks, gravel and uneven ground from causing the plastic blocks to crack. We haven’t had to purchase a new set of blocks since we started using the heavy duty rubber pads.

rv leveling blocks

Made from Recycled Rubber Tires.

Made in the U.S.A.

What We Don’t Like:

Expensive. They’re expensive. We’ve left a few behind and they aren’t cheap to replace. They’ve also become harder to find and I’ve noticed that other companies are starting to be available on sites like Amazon.

If I was purchasing another set of RV Jack and Leveling pads, I would consider these – ekon 4-Pack RV Leveling Rubber Pads. They’re less expensive for a 4-pack vs the 2-pack of Hosspads and have good reviews.


We are very glad to have these pads and consider them one of our must have items for RVing. Before we found out about the pads, we were on our third set of Lynx plastic level blocks ($40 a set) because they kept getting damaged from gravel. But again, if I were purchasing another set of RV leveling pads and jack pads I would look at other options on Amazon.

If you found this review helpful and decide to purchase the leveling/jack pads, please consider ordering through our Amazon affiliate link. There is no additional fee for the buyer and in return we receive a small percentage of the sale. Thanks for your support! We really appreciate it.

Disclosure: BSRM, Inc. provided the Hosspads free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This review represents our own opinions of the product.

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9 thoughts on “RV Jack Pads and Leveling Pads”

  1. Amazon says that they do not know if they will get these pads again or not. Is there another source to purchase them? We just purchased a Class A and are in the process of stocking with all the stuff we will need to travel!

    • We actually left them behind at a campsite! But before we did, we used them all the time with Leo as leveling blocks or to use as jack pads. They work great for any kind of camper, wish we still had a set.

  2. I am using Origen RV SnapPad Permanent Leveling Jack Pad and it has a big problem that the jack pad is not the most durable around. This is the reason why I want to buy new jack pads. I will read more information about your product before I buy it.

    • I decided to buy Quality Plastics Utility Blocks and I very satisfied with its size. It has a perfect size that can prevent the jacks from sinking into soft ground and I think I made the right decision. Thanks for sharing!

  3. We have 4 Hosspads and use them under our leveling jacks as well (we have a Class A). We are thinking about downsizing to a Class B+ without leveling jacks. So the question is, has using the Hosspads under the plastic leveling blocks reduced or eliminated the leveling blocks sliding on smooth surfaces when driving up onto the leveling blocks. Thank you for the good info and insight.

    • Yes, the Hosspads have prevented the blocks from sliding almost completely plus it prevents the blocks from cracking when we park on dirt that isn’t completely flat.


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