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May 2016 Income Report – Make Money Online

May was an exciting month for us. We increased our income 64%, which is beyond the 25% growth rate we work towards each month. If you are interested in starting your own site, read our post on How to Setup a Self Hosted WordPress

Live Life On Your Own Terms

This four part video series is about how to live life on your own terms. We share our personal experiences and learnings from the five years that it took us to transition to living life on our own terms. Live Life On Your Own

April 2016 Income Report – Make Money Online

As anticipated, we did not double our income from March to April. However, we did see a 29% increase, which is on track with the 25% growth rate we are working towards month over month. If you are interested in starting your own site, read our

March 2016 Income Report – Make Money Online

March was a record breaking month for us and I’m excited to report that we made $403! Considering when we started in September 2015 our income was $26, we’re very proud of our growth so far. If you are interested in starting your own

Roadmaster Spare Tire Carrier Review

Did your motorhome come with a spare tire? Ours didn’t. Before we discovered the Roadmaster spare tire carrier, we discussed getting a roof rack for the Jeep to carry a spare and a few other options. Then we met Don Simpson at the Florida RV

How To Manually Level an RV with Camco EZ Level

The Camco RV EZ Level changed the way we level our RV. We started out using the auto level system, but ran into situations where the system was unable to level the RV due to uneven ground. RVers we met while beach camping in

Progressive Industries EMS Review – Protect Your RV From Electrical Damage

RV electrical systems are very sensitive. Harm can be done if they are exposed to surges or low voltage when plugged into shore power. Before we took delivery of our RV, we bought the Progressive Industries EMS (Electrical Management System). We consider this EMS as part

The Perfect Water Purifier for International Travel – Grayl Water Purifier Review

Being able to safely drink water from almost any source is a powerful tool to have. With all of the traveling Kait and I do, we have been on a hunt for a reliable water filter that we can refill. Buying bottled water gets

Rock Hard 4×4 Patriot Aluminum Bumper Review

Once we decided to travel around the United States in a RV, we knew we would need a tow vehicle and decided on the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. The next step was figuring out how we would flat tow the Jeep. The two options we decided between were

$1,000 Reasons to Volunteer on an Overbooked Delta Flight

On a trip from JFK to LAX, the Delta gate agent announced that the flight was over sold and they were looking for 16 volunteers to give up their seat for a later flight and a $1,000 voucher or gift card. As you can imagine,