As anticipated, we did not double our income from March to April. However, we did see a 29% increase, which is on track with the 25% growth rate we are working towards month over month. If you are interested in starting your own site, read our post on How to Setup a Self Hosted WordPress Website. Our aggressive year end goal is to generate enough income to cover the expenses that month, which we estimate to be about $2,700. Below is the full breakdown of our April 2016 income report.

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April 2016 Income Report:

April 2016 Income Report

YouTube replaced Amazon as our best income source. We earned an additional $40 from advertising and received an additional $10 in Fan Funding compared to last month. This earned us a total of $201 through YouTube. The steady growth of channel subscribers and consistent video uploads are driving the increase in advertising revenue. Thank you everyone for watching and commenting and special thanks to the two fans who sent us funding in April.

Although Amazon dropped to the second spot, it’s still a top source of income for us and continues to be the most unpredictable. We started the month in the negative due to an item being returned and the commission being deducted out of our account, however towards the end of the month we saw a huge increase in sales.

Google Adsense hasn’t grown the way we expected with our growth in website traffic. Since it’s remained very similar to last month, we are looking into other ad networks. is a new income source for us. We signed up for their affiliate program through earlier this year and ran a banner ad on the website for a few months. Since we only saw minimal clicks and no revenue, we decided to remove the banner. To our surprise, one of those clicks translated into a completed stay in April and we received a small commission. We’ve decided to add the banner back to the site and see how it performs.

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