When we launched this website, we decided to go with the most economical hosting option. At that time, we only had a handful of visitors a day. As this website continues to grow, we have realized that our hosting needs have changed. After comparing several reputable companies, we decided to go with Flywheel Managed WordPress Hosting.

Flywheel Managed WordPress Hosting Review

So why did we go from shared cloud hosting with Bluehost to virtual private server hosting with Flywheel Managed WordPress Hosting?

Save Time.

With our previous provider, we managed everything. This means every time there was an issue or update we took care of it. The most recent example is when our site was hacked. When we contacted our old provider, they referred us to a third party company who wanted to charge $300 to fix it. With no help from them, we spent hours researching options to fix the site which lead us several managed hosting solutions. Flywheel migrated our site within the timeframe we were quoted, plus they fixed everything for free.

Flywheel free site migration


Flywheel monitors our website for hacks and malware. If there is an issue, they will fix it as part of our plan. It’s nice to have a company care and work for us rather than transfer us to a third party.

Customer Service.

What a breath of fresh air to have great customer service. I actually shouted to Joe “this email alone makes me feel great about switching to Flywheel!”

“Hey Russos –
Good news! I was able to fix the issue with the video not showing up.
Because you’ve got SSL enabled on your site, the browser wants to load only secure assets whenever someone visits the page. The browser needs to see the ‘https://’ in the youtube embed link for it to load properly. I simply changed the http to https, and voila!
Let us know if we can do anything else to assist! We’re always happy to help.

Not only did Luke fix the issue right away, but he explained why it happened. The best part is, I didn’t have to spend the time to figure it out. Having managed WordPress hosting means I’m no longer on my own to troubleshoot issues.

WordPress Experts.

The fact that Flywheel specializes in managed WordPress hosting means the people behind the scenes know WordPress. As their website states, “No need to read through forums to find out how to fix that esoteric Apache error. We’re on it.” No Apache errors yet, but all our minor issues/requests have been taken care of.

No Overages.

Flywheel does not charge overages if our website has more than the allotted amount of visitors per month. This means, if our website receives an unexpected traffic spike one month, we will not receive an invoice for the overage.

Fringe Benefits.

Free migration, server-side cashing, daily backups, staging, SSL certificate and 100% smile guarantee. The free migration from our old hosting provider was seamless. We didn’t have to pay until we were 100% happy with the migration and ready to launch with Flywheel. We’ve also noticed a significant improvement in site speed.


Although we’re paying more and we haven’t been with Flywheel long, I can’t say enough good things about them. With managed WordPress hosting, I can sleep easier and know that when an issue comes up, it will be handled by the Happiness Engineers over at Flywheel. Every ticket we’ve submitted so far has been taken care of promptly and to our satisfaction.

When we made $50 in one month, I would have never considered a managed WordPress hosting service. Now that we’re making a substantial amount of money from this website, the premium we pay to Flywheel is well worth it.