RV Camping at Travelers Campground Alachua, Florida

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Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means we will earn a commission on the products or services you purchase using the links. There is no additional cost to you and the earnings help keep this website running. Read the Affiliate Disclaimer for more information.

Travelers Campground Alachua Florida

When humidity knocks, we answer by driving to the nearest RV park with 30 amp electric hookup and crank on the AC. As much as we love to boondock or dry camp, we’ve realized that humidity can quickly change our minds. There’s nothing enjoyable about dry camping when it’s hot and humid outside. Now, if we had a solar setup that allowed us to run our AC unit, it would be a different story. Unfortunately, our 100 watt portable solar unit can’t even begin to support it. Sure, we could run the generator, but at that point, we might as well put the gas money towards campground fees. What was supposed to be a dry winter in Florida, turned out to be a wet and weird winter and we were very glad to have full hookups on our third day in Florida.

Travelers Campground Alachua, Florida

Traveler’s Campground is located right off Interstate 75 in Alachua, about a 25 minute drive to Gainesville, home to the University of Florida. We arrived at 2pm and checked in with the front office and were greeted warmly by the staff. The layout of this campground was different from others we’ve stayed. At the top are sites for long term stays and at the bottom are sites for short term stays. All the short term stay RVs are parked in rows and in order to leave, you have to drive through the grass either to your right or left and into an empty row. Luckily, we had a campground staffer who led us to our site and explained how to get out when we were ready to leave.

Travelers Campground Alachua Florida
Photo credit: Travelers Campground
Travelers Campground Alachua Florida RV sites

We spent three nights at the campground with full hookups and each site had a picnic table. Our site was C2 and we had another RV parked behind us during our stay, but no one parked in front of us and we were able to drive straight out.

Note: We learned quickly that fire ants are everywhere in Florida and this campground was no exception.

Travelers Campground Alachua Florida site

The bathhouse was a short walk from our site and average in terms of cleanliness. Trash cans are in front of the bathhouse and emptied regularly.

Travelers Campground Alachua Florida bathroom

By the front office was the laundry room, which was also next to the parrots. We didn’t get a chance to use the facility, but it looked to be in good working order.

Travelers Campground Alachua Florida laundry
Travelers Campground Alachua Florida birds

The campground has beautiful trees covered in Spanish moss as well as animals towards the back.

Travelers Campground Alachua Florida trees

Leo enjoyed visiting with the donkey every morning.

Travelers Campground Alachua Florida donkey

Overall, we had a pleasant stay at Travelers Campground and would stay there again. There was some road noise from the Interstate, but that didn’t bother us and the wifi wasn’t working during our stay. If you’re looking for a quiet and clean campground outside the hustle and bustle of the city, this would be a good option.

$38/night for full hookups
20/30/50 amp
Pull thru sites
Dump facility on site
Restrooms and showers
Dog friendly
Good AT&T cell service
Free wifi, out of order during our visit

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5 thoughts on “RV Camping at Travelers Campground Alachua, Florida”

  1. Joe and Kait, Thank you very much for the kind words regarding our park. We take great pride in our customer service, the grounds, and the cleaniness of all the park, buildings, and the pool. Moreover, we take most pride in our friendly guest who come home to visit. We strive to make it your home away from home while your staying with us.

    If we find ant beds we do put ant killer down. I am sorry you had ants.
    We are also able to accommodate 45 foot RV’s.

    Thank you again for taking the time to share your experience at our park with others.
    Ya’ll come back real soon.
    Travelers Campground

  2. Thanks for sharing this campground. Like to bookmark campgrounds as people suggest them. Any suggestions on the fire ants? How to avoid or anything? Learning everything I can as we prepare for the road. They also have some black bug there that seems to resemble a water bug, have you had any problems with those when you have been in Florida? Bugs period anywhere? Just wondered if people put anything down in their RV for bugs or spray? Thanks alot

    • Kim – To avoid the fire ants, we checked our site before we setup to make sure we didn’t park on or near any fire ant mounds. Luckily, we never had an issue with the ants getting in. Some of the parks in FL do treat for bugs and insects. Not sure about the black bugs you’re referring to. The biggest issues we had were mosquitos and noseeums and they were difficult to keep out of the RV.

      We spoke to one couple who sprayed their campsite for bugs, but they were also long term residents. Not sure what they used, but it is an option if the park you’re camped at allows it.

  3. Liked the post. The different campgrounds are of great interest to us. Not being RVers yet, getting to know what are and what aren’t good campgrounds is important. Also accessibility. I have this reoccurring nightmare that we will be driving down a street and it ends with no way to turn around, only having to back up for a long distance. Would like you to include ease of access and whether it will be able to accommodate a 45′ RV.

    • John – we’ll keep an eye out to see how longer rigs are able to maneuver and add that to our posts. It’s hard for us to judge because we’re only 30′ and aren’t going to run into the issues that the full size DPs might.


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