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Chengdu Food Guide – 16 Must Try Foods in Chengdu

For the ultimate foodie experience in China, I highly recommend a trip to Chengdu. This unique destination in the Sichuan Province is one of the top destinations for food lovers around the world. As the locals will tell you, walk out the front door and

Things to Do in Milwaukee – All the Ways to Have an Awesome Time in Brew City

Milwaukee is one of the best places to visit in the U.S. If you’re looking for a great city to spend a vacation, add Brew City to your list. Watch our travel guide below or keep reading for a list of fun things to

Instant Pot Recipes – Simple, Tasty Meals in an Electric Pressure Cooker

It’s no secret that I love my Instant Pot. I started with the Instant Pot Duo 6 quart and now have the Instant Pot Duo Mini 3 quart. The smaller size works well for two adults where space is limited. While I work on my

Simple, Delicious, Healthy Thanksgiving Sides to Please the Crowds

With Thanksgiving only a few days away we wanted to share a few of our favorite healthy Thanksgiving sides. Some of these side dishes can be made in advance and reheated. Kale Persimmon Salad Mason Jar Vinaigrette Roasted Balsamic Brussels Sprouts Garlic Roasted Cauliflower

Chinese New Year Dishes to Celebrate Year of the Rooster

As we bid adieu to Joe’s Year of the Monkey, we welcome my grandmother’s Year of the Rooster. Although my grandmother is no longer with us, her Chinese New Year dishes live on. Since we wintered in Florida last year, we had a modest celebration by making pork dumplings. This

Whole30 Program Results – Highs, Lows, Discoveries and Challenges

While camping at our favorite spot in Flagstaff, I came up with the idea to go on the Whole30 program. If you’re not familiar with this program, it’s about eating real food for 30 days. What is the Whole30 Program? Unlike plant based eating programs, the Whole30 focuses

Best Road Trip Food – Favorite Restaurants Year One

A road trip would not be complete without making a few food stops. Luckily, there is great food waiting ready to be eaten all over the United States. In the first year we put over 14,000 miles on the motorhome and traveled to 22 states. This

Where to Eat in Lafayette, Louisiana

Do images of boudin balls, cracklins, gumbo, beignets and po boys make your mouth water? If so, you may want to step away from the computer screen to avoid any water damage to your device. Still reading? Great! This is a round up of our

Chinese Dumpling Recipe – Celebrating Chinese New Year in Our Home on Wheels

According to the Chinese zodiac, 2016 is the year of the Monkey (猴子). Joe happens to be a monkey, but he’s not just any monkey, he’s a gold monkey. To celebrate, I’m making my family’s Chinese dumpling recipe in our home on wheels. Dumplings (饺子)

Paris Food Guide – 8 Scrumptious Foodie Destinations in Paris France

Ever since Joe and I met, we have been talking about a trip to Paris, France. After more years than I care to mention, we made it to the City of Light, Love and Food. Months leading up to our trip, we researched places