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RV electrical systems are very sensitive. Harm can be done if they are exposed to surges or low voltage when plugged into shore power. Before we took delivery of our RV, we bought the Progressive Industries EMS (Electrical Management System). We consider this EMS as part of the insurance policy for our RV.

Progressive Industries Box for RV

Diana, a fellow RVer sent this note about an incident she witnessed.

“We were camped at the fabulous Tiger Run Resort in Breckenridge, CO one afternoon & suddenly a massive power surge hit the campground. Our rig was fine, because we had a surge suppressor, but 3 rigs in camp had their systems fried.”

Unfortunately, other RVers have had similar stories. A surge or drop in voltage at the RV park resulted in thousands of dollars worth of electrical damage to their RV.

Progressive Industries EMS Review

What We Ordered:

Progressive Industries PT30C – No Longer Available

Progressive Industries PT30X is the latest model

What We Like:

Peace of mind. Many products on the market are simply surge protectors. These do not protect against the other electrical dangers that face a RV. Progressive Industries EMS is made to protect against high and low voltage, accidentally plugging into a 220v outlet, reverse polarity, AC frequency and open neutral. Having this portable EMS helps us sleep well at night because we don’t have to worry about any electrical issues damaging the RV.

Plug and play. The Progressive Industries EMS plugs into shore power and the 30 amp cord from the coach plugs into the box. There is nothing to set up, turn on or worry about – simply plug and play. The EMS has a read out that cycles through simple diagnostic info – what voltage is coming in, how many amps are being drawn and what is the current status of the box. The display is easy to read and understand. It takes about 30 seconds for the electricity to come through once the Progressive Industries EMS is plugged in.

Easy to secure. The system sells for around $260, which makes it an expensive item. To make sure it doesn’t walk away, we use the steel loop on the box to secure it to the electrical service box with a bicycle lock.

Weather resistant. The box is made to be weather resistant and can be left outside. This is important because when we do plug in at a park, the box is outdoors. We’ve tested this in a heavy rain storms and had no problems.

Made in the U.S. Lifetime warranty.

What We Don’t Like:

Nothing – we have been very happy with the system and have used it since July 2015.

Note: the model we purchased is no longer available. The latest model is the PT30X which we have not used.


This is the must have product we suggest for every RV owner. RVs are an expensive investment and this is good insurance to have against something that is a known problem in campgrounds with overloaded or antiquated electrical systems. If we could change one thing about the box is for it to be a bit smaller to take up less room in the bay.

If you found this review helpful and decide to purchase the system, please consider ordering through our Amazon affiliate link. There is no additional fee for the buyer and in return we receive a small percentage of the sale. Thanks for your support! We really appreciate it.

Disclosure: We paid for the product in this review and this review represents our own opinions.

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