Hit the Road with the Best! Discover Top RV Travel Blogs for 2024

Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means we will earn a commission on the products or services you purchase using the links. There is no additional cost to you and the earnings help keep this website running. Read the Affiliate Disclaimer for more information.

Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means we will earn a commission on the products or services you purchase using the links. There is no additional cost to you and the earnings help keep this website running. Read the Affiliate Disclaimer for more information.

When we started this RV travel blog in 2015 there weren’t nearly as many blogs out there. Since then, many new blogs have emerged, and some have ceased updating. Our list isn’t exhaustive, but it highlights some active and popular RV travel blogs. We’d love to hear about your favorite RV blogs, so feel free to drop a comment and share with us!

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best RV travel blogs

List of RV Travel Blogs

Chris & Sara

Chris and Sara are a husband and wife travel duo who advocate for travel as a force for good. Their blog offers inspiration and practical information for travel enthusiasts seeking adventures. The duo used to travel in a camper van and have since switched to a truck camper that they plan to ship to South America soon.

Website: https://www.chrisandsara.com

Crazy Family Adventure

Crazy Family Adventure, led by Bryanna, Craig, and their four kids, Carson, Melia, Cannon, and Knox, is an inspiring blog chronicling their 8+ years of full-time RV travel across North America and a 3-month backpacking trip through Europe. Now settled into a more conventional lifestyle, they continue to explore and inspire other families with content on family travel, National Parks, and RVing. They offer tips for various destinations, road trip ideas, and comprehensive guides, including a book on full-time RVing with kids.

Website: https://www.crazyfamilyadventure.com

Drivin’ & Vibin’

Drivin’ & Vibin’, established as a personal RV travel blog in 2016, has grown into a family-owned travel website made up of a team of writers. The site, focusing on travel, camping, and the RV industry, also delves into home, garden, and lifestyle topics. We met Kyle and Olivia, the founders of Drivin’ & Vibin’ during our full time RV journey and got to share a campfire with them at a free camping spots in Arizona.

Website: https://drivinvibin.com

Getaway Couple

Rae and Jason Miller, the dynamic duo behind Getaway Couple, have been embracing the full-time RV lifestyle since 2017 alongside their Doberman-mix, Carmen. They share RVing tips, lessons learned and resources on their blog and YouTube channel.

Website: https://www.getawaycouple.com

Grateful Glamper

In July 2017, Ben and Charity of Grateful Glamper embarked on their RV journey in a motorhome. Their initial experience was a mix of excitement and humorous rookie mistakes, like their fast food flying off the table during their first drive. This event marked the start of their adventure into full-time RVing, where they learned to laugh at themselves and embrace the lifestyle. They share their travel stories, lessons, RV tips, and campground reviews on their blog and YouTube Channel.

Website: https://gratefulglamper.com/

Keep Your Day Dream

Keep Your Daydream, led by Marc and Tricia, is an inspiring platform inviting you to join their journey through their YouTube channel, podcast, and blog. Transitioning from the traditional American Dream to a life of meaningful adventures, they embarked on an RV journey. Their experience, starting as a six-month trip and evolving into an ongoing adventure, serves as a testament to their commitment to turning dreams into reality, offering insights and inspiration for those seeking a change in their own lives.

Website: https://www.keepyourdaydream.com/

Mortons on the Move

Since hitting the road in 2015 for full-time RV living, Tom and Caitlin Morton have gained a wealth of knowledge around the RV lifestyle. They’ve traversed the United States and ventured into international RV travel in Canada, New Zealand, and Europe. Their RV travel blog reflect a passion for sharing RV insights with others. We got a chance to meet Caitlin and Tom while camping at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground in 2016.

Website: https://www.mortonsonthemove.com

RV America Y’all

Tom and Stacie Langland, known as RV America Y’all (formerly RV Texas Y’all), are full-time RVers who share their experiences of traveling across America in their Newmar New Aire, towing a Jeep Gladiator. They enjoy exploring State and National Parks, historical sites, quirky places, and small towns.

Website: https://rvamericayall.com

RV Love

RV Love, created by Marc and Julie Bennett, authors of “Living the RV Life,” is a resource blog for aspiring RVers. They share articles, videos, and resources addressing common questions about RV life.

Website: https://rvlove.com/

RV Travel

RV Travel, established in 1999 by Chuck Woodbury, evolved from his ’90s travel newspaper “Out West.” Initially a platform for Woodbury’s RV travels in the American West, it’s now a resource for the RV community. Based near Seattle, Woodbury, alongside partner Gail Meyring, continues to travel in their 32 foot motorhome. RVtravel.com is integrating 22 years of content, aiming to offer nearly 20,000 articles on all aspects of RV living.

Website: https://www.rvtravel.com


Technomadia, run by Cherie Ve Ard and Chris Dunphy, is a blog born from the merger of two gen-X geeks’ lives and their love for technology and mobile living. Their blog serves as a journal and a source of inspiration and resources for those interested in a similar lifestyle.

Website: https://www.technomadia.com/

The Fit RV

The Fit RV, co-created by Stef Adinaro and her husband James, chronicles their journey into the RV lifestyle that began unexpectedly but has grown into a passionate endeavor. Their blog is a unique blend of fitness, RV tech tips and travel stories, offering insights into a healthy and active RV lifestyle.

Website: https://www.thefitrv.com

The Wayward Home

The Wayward Home was founded in 2017 by Kristin Hanes, a former radio journalist, to share stories about alternative living. Beginning her tiny living journey in a Toyota Prius in 2015, she later lived on a sailboat and now alternates between a self-built Sprinter van and sailing in Mexico. Her blog offers community and resources for aspiring nomads and van lifers.

Website: https://www.thewaywardhome.com

We’re the Russos

Hey! That’s us. Since this is a list of RV travel blogs, I couldn’t miss including our own. Joe and I were full-time RVers for over six years. Now we travel part time in our RV, continuing to share our experiences and tips here, on YouTube, in our books and through community gatherings you can learn about these via our newsletter.

Website: https://weretherussos.com

I’d love to hear about your favorite RV blogs, so feel free to drop a comment below!

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10 thoughts on “Hit the Road with the Best! Discover Top RV Travel Blogs for 2024”

  1. Enjoy the site. We did FL last month (Feb.) @ space center campground almost in the same spot (42deg Rain and 40 knot winds for two days. Never got to the space center. Question for Joe, last month you had a problem with your front day/nite shades. What was the fix?? Mine are intermittent to inop. Thx.

      • We’ve had our RV for 1.5 years and in the last 3 months have experienced problems with our mda day/night shades. It’s really nice to have them but after paying a lot for the RV, why do I have to pay to fix these 1.5 years into a brand new RV?

        • Kira – sorry to hear about your shades. what’s the problem with yours? Our Auto-motion shade for the front window has been replaced twice in less than a year due to issues with the motor.

  2. Greatly enjoy your videos and blogs. See that you just started to hilight where you stay. Am very interested in this too. Would also like to know nightly cost. As an aside, we aren’t RVers yet but plan to be in a year or two. Plan to just jump right in and go full time. Need to work out the health insurance thing. We are 58 and my wife just conquered ovarian cancer (just received the “NED” (no evidence of disease) four days ago). That was a life changer. We are self employed and hope to work some from the RV. Health ins. serious issue. Currently we are paying $2,000 per month thru Obamacare. Yes, $2,000 per month (it is great insurance but still . . .). Look forward to more of your videos and blogs. John from Fort Myers, FL.

    • Hey John! First congrats on your wife getting her NED – scary stuff. There is a RV specific health insurance broker who might be able to help. I don’t know his name but if you search on Gone with the Wynns site, they wrote about the process.

      We’ll try to highlight daily cost going forward as well as more campground reviews.

      Thank you so much for following along!


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