Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground Review, Tips and Best Sites

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Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means we will earn a commission on the products or services you purchase using the links. There is no additional cost to you and the earnings help keep this website running. Read the Affiliate Disclaimer for more information.

One of the best campgrounds in the United States is Fort Wilderness Campground at Walt Disney World in Florida. For Disney fans who enjoy RV camping, Fort Wilderness offers the best Disney World campground experience. We have been camping at Disney’s Fort Wilderness since 2016 and just got back from a week long stay, making it our fourth visit. In this Fort Wilderness campground review, I’ll share our experiences over the years along with tips and our favorite sites at the campground.

Disneys Fort Wilderness Campground

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground

Are you ready for a taste of the American Frontier? Drive the winding pathways through the pine and cypress forest at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and keep your eyes open for wild turkeys, squirrels and deer roaming throughout property. The sounds of birds singing, children playing, boat horns blowing, golf carts buzzing by and fireworks exploding all add to the experience of RV camping at Fort Wilderness Campground.

With nearly 800 campsites and over 400 cabins at Fort Wilderness, there are several camping options to choose from at this Disney World campground. This post will focus on the campsites at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground starting with a breakdown of the different types:

Types of Campsites at Fort Wilderness Campground

There are four types of campsites at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground and they are listed below from least expensive to the most expensive. Each site can have up to 10 guests. Infants (children under 2 year of age) do not count towards the total number of guests.

  • Tent or Pop-up sites – loops 1500 & 2000, water and electric (no sewer hook-up to dump RV tanks)
  • Full Hookup sites – loops 1600-1900, one RV plus one tent in the sandy tent area
  • Preferred sites – loops 100-300, located close to marina otherwise same as a full hookup site
  • Premium sites – loops 400-1400, only for RVs, no sandy area for tents, it can be as wide as 24ft and as long as 60ft to accommodate large RVs.

Our four RV camping experiences at Fort Wilderness Campground were once in a full hookup site with our Class A motorhome and thrice in a tent/pop-up site. All the sites had tall trees that provided shade, cover and easy access to the comfort stations (aka bath houses) which have showers.

Rent an RV for Fort Wilderness Camping

We know many Disney fans that want to experience Fort Wilderness camping, but they don’t own an RV. Our recommendation is to look at renting an RV in the Orlando area or where you live and take it to Fort Wilderness Campground.

>>Browse Fort Wilderness Rental RVs<<

Full Hookup Site at Fort Wilderness Campground

Fort Wilderness Campground Full Hookup Site

The above photo is our Class A RV and tow vehicle set up in full hook up site #1904. This site was a bit tight to back into with enough room to extend the RV awning and park a second vehicle.

Full hookup sites at Fort Wilderness Campground are equipped with water, electric services (20, 30, and 50 amp), RV sewage hookup, and a designated sandy area for tent pitching.

Full hookup sites are located in loops 1600 through 1900 and each campsite can accommodate up to 10 people and two dogs. Site 1904 felt very comfortable and space with two adults and one dog. Learn more about RVing with dogs.

The paved full hookup site was clean and included a picnic table and charcoal grill. The picnic table was not tied down which allowed us to move it around. A trash can was conveniently placed outside our site that was emptied multiple times a day. While site 1904 wasn’t as wide as some of the other Fort Wilderness campsites we saw, it was perfect for our stay. Video of our first time camping at Fort Wilderness Campground.

Tent/Pop-up Sites at Fort Wilderness

Disney Fort Wilderness Campground Pop Up Site

The above photo is from our most recent stay at Fort Wilderness Campground. This is pop up/tent site 2047 in loop 2000.

Pop-up tent sites are located in loops 1500 and 2000. Each campsite can accommodate up to ten people and two dogs. These sites have water, electric and a gravel area to pitch a tent. Based on our last two RV camping experiences at Fort Wilderness Campground, there is plenty of room to share a tent/pop-up site with friends and family.

These tent/pop-up sites are more budget-friendly compared to other options at Fort Wilderness Campground, primarily due to the lack of sewer hookups. Keep in mind there is no RV dump station on site so plan ahead if you are RV camping in a tent/pop-up site.

Just like all the other loops, there are comfort stations with toilets, showers and laundry. Each site is well kept with a picnic table and charcoal grill. The picnic table can be moved to accommodate tents and other vehicles in the site. Trash cans are conveniently placed throughout the loops along with recycling.

The Best Loop for Pop-up/Tent Sites is Loop 1900

Fort Wilderness Pop Up Tent Site

The above photo is from our second time RV camping at Fort Wilderness Campground in a ProMaster camper van. Campsite #1517 was easy to back into with room for a second vehicle.

Fort Wilderness Camping

This photo is from our third visit to Fort Wilderness Campground in our pop-up truck camper. Campsite #1514 is one of our favorite sites at Fort Wilderness Campground. There is a large gravel area that can accommodate more vehicles, a large grassy area to stretch out and access to the canal. To get a better feel of this campsite and what it’s like to stay here, watch our Fort Wilderness Campground video.

Fort Wilderness Campground Rates

Since Fort Wilderness is part of the Walt Disney World ecosystem, the cost to camp is higher than standard campgrounds. For quick access to Fort Wilderness campground prices, check out MouseSavers’ post on current rates for Campsites at Fort Wilderness.

Each time we’ve stayed at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground, it was during the least expensive time of the year. When researching rates at Fort Wilderness Campground, be aware that prices vary significantly depending on the time of year and the specific type of campsite.

In January 2016, the cost of our full hookup campsite was $69 per night Monday through Wednesday. In November 2018 we paid the same rate for a tent pop-up campsite. In November 2021 we paid $87 per night for a pop-up site. During our latest visit in November 2023, we paid $97 per night for a pop-up site.

One way to save money at Fort Wilderness Campground is by splitting the cost with friends and family. Since there is a 10 person max per site, the cost can drop significantly when shared with another family.

Note, there is a $5 per night pet fee when staying at Fort Wilderness and it is collected at check-in.

Fort Wilderness Campground Reservations

Based on our four Fort Wilderness Campground experiences, the best options for getting a Fort Wilderness reservation are to

  • book months in advance,
  • check for last minute cancellations, or
  • be open to a tent/pop-up site

When we had our Class A RV, we looked for availability online as early as four months in advance, but only found tent/pop-up sites. As luck would have it, we checked again the last week of December for dates the first week of January and found a full hookup site for three nights.

The process of booking online through Disney was very simple. We immediately received a confirmation along with an email with all the details of our Fort Wilderness Campground reservation.

We had a much easier time booking a reservation the last three visits because we could camp in a tent/pop-up site. Anyone with a Class B RV, small Class C RV, truck camper or towing a small travel trailer should definitely consider a tent/pop-up site at Fort Wilderness Campground.

Here are a few Fort Wilderness campground reservation tips based on our stays:

  • Call the reservation department after your booking if you have special requests such as a preferred loop, location of site (close to comfort station or trading post), number of pets, size of RV to make sure the site can accommodate it.
  • The resort can hold your MagicBand at check-in if you are constantly on the move and getting mail on the road can be a challenge. Just call the reservation department and let them know your situation, otherwise you can customize your MagicBand online and have it shipped to your location.

Fort Wilderness Pet Policy

RV Camping at Disney’s Fort Wilderness

The Campsites at Disney’s Fort Wilderness are pet friendly and can accommodate up to two pets per site. During our first Fort Wilderness camping experience we had to request a pet friendly loop, but that is no longer the case. However, the Fort Wilderness Pet Policy does state “Pets are not permitted in tents and pop-up campers.”

Although there are many on-leash trails at the campground, Fort Wilderness also has a small Waggin’ Trails Dog Park where dogs can run around and stretch their legs.

Clear signs are posted throughout the campground on where pets are not allowed, such as comfort stations and trading posts. Pets are also not allowed in common areas, on buses or boats.

Check-in and Check-out

Official check-in time is 1 p.m. During all three Fort Wilderness camping experiences we were able to check-in early. On our first visit, we were setup at our full hookup campsite by 10 a.m. and off exploring the campground with our dog.

Official check-out time is 11am. Fort Wilderness will consider late check-out requests on a case by case basis. We have requested two late check-outs by calling the front desk and both were accommodated. Our complimentary late check-out was extended to 1pm during our first stay and to 12pm during our most recent stay.

Fort Wilderness Parking

Disney's Fort Wilderness Overflow Parking

Parking is included in the cost of the campsite reservation and based on our most recent Fort Wilderness camping experience, every vehicle just needs to fit within the boundaries of the campsite.

For vehicles that do not fit within the campsite, there is a permitted parking area where guest can leave vehicles and trailers during their reservation. Make sure to inquire about extra parking options at check-in or by calling the reservation department.

Hitch and Unhitch Tow Vehicles

Hitch Unhitch Fort Wilderness Camping

On the way to the camping loops at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground there is a hitch and unhitch area where guests can disconnect and connect tow vehicles. The best part is, there is a hitch/unhitch area on each side of the road so guests entering and exiting each have their own area.

We used this area to unhitch our tow vehicle the first time we stayed at Fort Wilderness and also used it to unhitch Joe’s motorcycle. As you can see in the photo above, there was enough room for us to unhitch along with another Class A motorhome.

Trading Posts for Groceries & Supplies

There are two trading posts at Fort Wilderness Campground: Settlement Trading Post and Meadow Trading Post. These trading posts offer convenience items, groceries and RV supplies at an inflated rate.

It’s best to stock up on groceries and supplies before arriving at Fort Wilderness. However, if you do run out of drinks or snacks they are available for purchase. Catch a glimpse of Meadow Trading Post in our Fort Wilderness Camping video.

Recreational Activities

Guests of Fort Wilderness will receive a recreation calendar at check-in which lists all the recreational activities at that time. We haven’t participated in any of the activities at Fort Wilderness, but they are included with the stay at no additional charge.

If you have time, take the boat over to the Wilderness Lodge as it’s well worth checking out especially during the holidays when it’s all decorated. In 2016 they even offered tours of the lodge which was fun and educational. Also, there is a hidden Mickey hunt at the Wilderness Lodge. Ask the concierge for a clue sheet to get started.

Transportation at Fort Wilderness Campground

Disney's Fort Wilderness Settlement Bus Depot
Is there transportation to the theme parks and resorts?

One of the great perks of staying at Fort Wilderness Campground is the ease of getting around to the theme parks and Walt Disney World Resorts. Boats along with air conditioned and wheelchair accessible buses run on a schedule to get guests from one theme park to another and back and forth between resorts.

Disney's Fort Wilderness Transportation Depot

Unless we are going to the Magic Kingdom or Wilderness Lodge, we will take the campground shuttle to the transportation depot and then catch a bus to Disney Springs for a movie or dinner or to go to one of the other Disney theme parks.

Disney's Fort Wilderness Boat Marina

To get the the Magic Kingdom from Fort Wilderness, take the campground shuttle to the settlement bus depot and walk to the marina to catch a boat to Magic Kingdom.

Is Fort Wilderness Worth the Money?

At nearly $100/night with tax for the least expensive sites during the lowest season of the year, you have to wonder if Fort Wilderness Campground is worth the price. We made a whole video about it to help answer the question. Check out the video to see if it’s worth the price for you.

Fort Wilderness Campground is worth the price to us because we have the flexibility to book last minute reservations during the low season. By using the free transportation we save money on parking fees at the theme parks and on fuel. Plus, after a quick peak at hotel prices around Walt Disney World, the Fort Wilderness campground prices seem way more reasonable.

Fort Wilderness Campground Tips

I know that was a long post about Fort Wilderness so here’s a quick recap of the tips shared for easy reference.

  • Share a campsite to save money. Each site can accommodate up to 10 people.
  • Tent/pop-up sites are the least expensive (water/electric only, no sewer).
  • Loop 1500 is our favorite for tent/pop-up campsites.
  • Stock up on groceries and supplies before arrival. Trading post prices are high.
  • Check for last minute cancellations to get a reservation.
  • Call the front desk to request a specific loop or campsite.
  • Watch our videos about camping at Fort Wilderness.

If you’re not able to get a Fort Wilderness reservation, check out Thousand Trails Orlando as an alternative.

Whether you’re camping in a tent or glamping in an RV at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground, I hope you have a magical time!

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