Broken Arrow Trail - Jeep

Drive or walk through Sedona, Arizona and you will see throngs of tourists packing into Pink Jeeps for an off-road adventure – many of them are headed for Broken Arrow Trail. Just outside of Sedona in the Coconino National Forest, the Broken Arrow Trail is a short, but very technical off-road trail that many locals and tourists frequent for the amazing views and challenging obstacles. The trail is rated a 7 out of 10 because of the obstacles.

We extended our stay at Sedona Pines Resort in order to experience Broken Arrow Trail in our Jeep Wrangler JKU and to test the limits of what it could do. After all, we decided to tow a Jeep behind our RV for a reason. Aside from the Rock Hard 4×4 bumper we installed, our Jeep is completely stock and we were excited and scared to see what it could do. The trail is a 3-4 mile loop depending on how many side trails you take and is known for the Devil’s Staircase at the end of the loop. The trail took us about 3 hours which included time to get out and see the amazing views and grab a few pictures.

Broken Arrow Trail - Kait

This trail definitely tested the Jeep’s capabilities, but also our nerves. When we got to the Devil’s Staircase, our hearts were beating out of our chests and neither one of us knew how we were going to make it down. There were moments when it felt like the Jeep was going to slide all the way down or flip over. This trail was an adrenaline rush to say the least. We are happy to report that besides scraping the skid plates a few times, the Jeep made it through the trail without a problem.

Broken Arrow Trail - Stairs

Broken Arrow Trail - Jeep Stairs

We mounted the GoPro on the windshield to document our adventure.


Take 179 South from the heart of Sedona to Morgan Road until it dead ends. The trail starts with a small rock ledge to test the Jeep’s clearance followed by the slick rock. If you can make it past these, you should be fine on the rest of the trail. Don’t attempt this trail without a 4×4 high clearance vehicle and a spotter comes in very handy. For those who want to hike or bike the trail, there is a small dirt lot at the trail head.

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