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It has been about a month since we decided to RV full time and this was our first time at an RV dealership. This video walk-through is a used 2006 Fleetwood Expedition 38n with 33k miles and seems to be in good shape. This is our initial Fleetwood Expedition review.

Since we just started shopping for RVs, we spent the day looking at various models to get an idea layouts we like. We’ve done countless hours of research online, but this was our first time at an RV dealership. Our primary focus is to find an RV we can full time in with our two big dogs. That means finding something at least 35′.

This shopping trip, we looked at gas and diesel RVs and have found that a diesel pusher is the way to go. The amenities are better, there is more room and definitely something we could live in full time. We didn’t see any gas powered RV that we could be happy with. Overall, it was an educational day and we hope you enjoyed our Fleetwood Expedition review video.

Update: We ended up with a gas powered Newmar Bay Star 2903 under 30 feet, a departure from our original plan above.

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