We first reviewed the Help ‘Em Up harness with our dog Duke in April. He was having trouble getting in and out of our Jeep and the harness allowed us to help him with ease. We have also been able to use the harness on Leo our Siberian Husky and my mother’s yellow Labrador Retriever. It’s helped both of them in different ways and we wanted to provide a follow-up to our first review of the Help ‘Em Up harness.

Help Em Up Review - Review

Help ‘Em Up Harness Review

One drawback we mentioned in the first review was a concern with the stitching and how well it would hold up long term. It’s been 7 months and we have not had any issues with the stitches on the harness.

Help Em Up Review - Stiches

Leo is a very active dog who loves to go for hikes. If we know a trail is going to be difficult, we put the harness on and clip the dog leash to the attachment point. This gives us more control over Leo and it prevents him from walking over the leash and getting tangled.

Help Em Up Review - Walking

When the trail gets difficult, we can lift him up and over obstacles.

Help Em Up Review - Jeep

Help Em Up Review - Lifting

We also use the harness on Leo when we’re walking through a new town. This gives us better control of him around large crowds. The harness comes in handy when we take him to a place with slippery surfaces. Leo’s furry paws tend to slip on smooth surfaces so we use the harness to help him glide along.

One question that comes up is how the dogs go potty with the rear harness on. Leo is able to go freely without any issues, that includes #1 and #2. The harness fits well around his privates and Leo doesn’t seem to mind it.

Help Em Up Review - Peeing

Tucker is my mother’s yellow lab with bad hip and knee problems. We used to dog sit for my mom before we started our journey around the United States. Tucker is too big to pick up, so we used the harness to get him in and out of our Jeep as well as up and down tall steps.

Overall, we are very glad to have the Help ‘Em Up harness. It’s easy to put on and to take off. It’s light weight and breathable. The fit can be easily adjusted with the straps. It’s not just for dogs with mobility issues as we’ve found many ways to use the harness. We recommend Help ’em Up to any dog owner looking for a quality harness for their pup.


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