RV EZ Level changed the way we level our motorhome. We started out using the auto level system, but ran into situations where the system was unable to level the RV due to uneven ground. A couple we met at Rincon Parkway showed us how to manually level and RV with the RV EZ Level. We were blown away by how easy and simple it is to use. Since we started to manually level the RV, we haven’t gone back to auto level.

How To Manually Level an RV w/RV EZ Level

RV EZ Level Review

What We Ordered:

Camco RV EZ Level
MSRP: $56.26

What We Like:

Simple and easy to use. Get all four lights to display green and the RV is level.

Find the center point of the motorhome with all the slides in. Mark the spot so you know where to put the level each time. When you’re ready to level the motorhome, place the level on the marked spot with the legs point front, back, right and left. Push the button in the middle to turn it on.

RV EZ Level button

There are four indicator lights with two colors: red means off level and green means level. The goal is to get four green lights. When a side is not level, the corresponding light flashes red. The rate at which it flashes indicates how off level that side is. When the red light flashes rapidly, we know to put blocks under the wheel(s) on those sides to avoid lifting the tires off the ground.

RV EZ Level red light 2

When two sides are low, we start raising one side until that red light turns off. Then we lift the other side until all the lights turn green – indicating the motorhome is level. There have been instances where the motorhome is no longer level after the two slides are extended. In this case, we will level the coach again. We called Newmar customer service and they said it’s fine to level the coach with the slides out in this situation.

RV EZ Level green

Battery operated. The level takes 3 AA batteries and will turn off on its own. We used to take one battery out before putting it away, but now we leave all three in.

Light weight and easy to store. The level weighs less than one pound and takes up very little storage space.

Made in the U.S.

What We Don’t Like:

Expensive. The level is essentially a regular bubble level with four indicator lights. We would recommend getting it on sale.


The RV EZ Level has made leveling our motorhome an easy process. We can see how off level we are on each side by the speed of the indicator lights and figure out how many leveling blocks to use before we manually level the coach. The lights make it quick and easy to see when to stop lifting a side. Not only has the level saved us time, but it has saved Joe from losing the few hairs he has left on his head.

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