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Newmar warranty and customer service is top notch. We’ve owned our Newmar Bay Star since June 2015 and have had multiple interactions with regards to Newmar warranty and customer service. All of our interactions have been better than we expected (knock on wood). Read about our experiences so far with Newmar warranty and customer service.

Newmar Warranty and Customer Service

Update 6/24/16: We spent nearly three weeks at Newmar factory in Nappanee getting warranty and retail work done on the coach. You can watch a video about our experience below.

Newmar Warranty Experiences

Newmar offers a one year expressed limited warranty (transferable) and five year structural warranty (non transferable – available only to the original purchaser). The structural warranty covers “the steel/aluminum structure of the sidewall, roof or frame” and includes labor and parts.

Every Newmar coach is assigned a unit number. That number is referenced for warranty workand customer service calls. We were told the unit number also allows Newmar to track the specifics for that coach. That includes information such as the size and make of the generator, to the interior color palette. Each time we call customer service or make a warranty appointment we’re asked to provide that number.

To find a Newmar service center, we use this find a service center tool. As we travel around, it makes it easy to see where we can take our coach for warranty work.

Experience 1: Before we hit the road for full time RV life, we lived out of our coach for two months. This allowed us to work out kinks and take care of warranty issues. One month in, we had good list of items to be looked at. We called the closest Newmar service center and found out the earliest appointment was over a month out. We booked the appointment and continued to add items to the warranty list.

The main items we needed fixed: leaky shower faucet, censor fell off fresh water tank, seal around bathroom sink came off, replace dim LED light, replace piece of molding. The service center had most of the replacement parts on hand and took care of the work immediately. The molding had to be shipped by Newmar, which was sent overnight upon approved.

We appreciated the quick turn around on the warranty work approval by Newmar. All the items were taken care of without any delays that we were aware of. We brought the coach in on a Wednesday morning and it was ready Friday afternoon.

Experience 2: The RV needed alignment, not something a Newmar service center could handle. Newmar approved the warranty work over the phone and provided instructions on the reimbursement process. We located a truck service center, paid for the work, submitted the receipt via email to Newmar. The reimbursement check arrived about one week after we submitted the receipt. It was an easy and painless process.

Experience 3: Had our initial warranty appointment with a service center in Florida and so far so good. They were able to fix most of the items on the list and what’s left will need to be approved by Newmar. Once it’s approved, the parts need to be delivered and we will bring our coach back for a follow up appointment.

The main items we needed fixed were: readjust and secure the fabric in the awning, replace the front shade and motor, align the bay doors, reattach the shower lining and fix the door rattling. The part for the front shade can take up to six weeks so we will go back for our service appointment once that arrives along with the other parts.

Unlike our first experience, the service center performed all the work they could in one day. We do have to bring it back when the rest of the parts come in, but that will also be a one day visit. This is better than leaving our home and have to find a couch to crash on.

Tip: When you make an appointment with a service center, let them know you full time in your RV.

Newmar Customer Service Experiences

There are two ways to contact the customer service department: phone (800-731-8300) or email ( The business hours are 7:30am-4pm EST and there is an after hours representative for emergencies. We’ve contact Newmar through both channels on multiple occasions and during off hours.

Experience 1: On our drive from Eagle, CO to Fort Collins, CO we pulled into the rest area at Vail Summit Pass for a break. The coach door didn’t want to open and once we were out we couldn’t close it. We called Newmar and the representative told us they could send out a mobile technician to look at the door if we are unable to close it. If we are able to close the door, they could make an appointment for us at the next service center. Fortunately, we had the tools to temporarily fix the issue and make it to the next service center.

We called around 10am and Newmar made an appointment for us at the next service center for the same day. The service center was expecting us when we arrived and looked at the issue right away. We told them how we fixed the door by adjusting the latch and they said it’s what they would have done. Since we fixed the issue ourselves, we ended up leaving without having any work done.

This experience demonstrated the value and quality of Newmar’s customer service. We reached a representative immediately, they provided options on how to resolve the issue and were able to get us a same day appointment at a service center.

Experience 2: While dry camping in Flagstaff, Arizona we experienced our first few nights of below 32 degrees temperatures. We called Newmar about how best to handle the below freezing temperatures in the Bay Star. It was a weekend and we ended up leaving a voicemail for the customer service department. We didn’t expect a return phone call until the next business day. To our surprise, Newmar called within a few hours. The representative stepped away from his son’s birthday party to talk to us.

It turns out we didn’t have anything to worry about with the temperature. The representative even chuckled when we told him our concern. Apparently he just spoke to a customer who was in a few feet of snow and didn’t have any problems. When the furnace is on, a fan pumps hot air into the bays containing the holding tanks to keep it from freezing. We ran the furnace and turned on the heat pad the few nights the temperature dipped below freezing.

The fact that we didn’t have an emergency and Newmar called us back within a few hours on a weekend was impressive.

Note: Newmar has an online catalog where owners can purchase products. We haven’t bought anything, but it’s interesting to browse and see what’s available and the cost.

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