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September RVing expenses were still higher than normal, but it was a huge improvement from August. Total spent on gas decreased by $447, almost a 50% drop. RV maintenance and higher than normal miscellaneous costs drove up our September RVing expenses. Hopefully we will get back to our normal range soon!

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Full Time RVing Costs: Motorhome Edition – September 2016:

September 2016 Expenses


Total Expenses: $2,816
Cost Per Day: $93.87
Total Miles Driven: 2,079
Generator Hours: 4
Jeep MPG: 17.5
Nights At RV Parks: 4 (3 nights of dry camping)
Nights Spent Dry Camping: 29
Meals Eaten Out: 1

September 2016 expenses were $433 less compared to last month. Surprisingly, our expenses still ended up higher than our normal range of $2,500-2,700.

Here are a few notes about our expenses this month compared to previous months:

Food costs (groceries, eating out, coffee and alcohol) increased $22. Although we only ate out once, we spent more money on produce at farmers markets in Los Angeles. Participating in the Whole30 eating program also increased our grocery costs this month.

RV park costs were $87 compared to $260 last month. We started the month at our favorite free camping spot in Flagstaff, AZ. Ended the month at our favorite beach front camping spot in Ventura, CA. The rest of the time we street camped outside Joe’s mother’s house in Los Angeles.

RV maintenance was nearly $100. Joe changed the oil on our Ford V10 RV F53 chassis, the Onan generator and took care of a few other maintenance items.

Miscellaneous costs were higher than normal. Routine cleaning at the dentist and high parking fees in Los Angeles increased our expenses.

We drove fewer miles compared to August, but still put on 2,079 miles. That breaks down to 1,004 miles on our gas coach and 1,075 miles on our Jeep Wrangler.
Miles on the RV: 1,004 – avg mpg 7
Miles on the Jeep: 1,075 – avg mpg 17.5

Below is the breakdown of fixed and variable costs.

September 2016 Expenses Report

Lessons Learned:

Some things we learned this month that we’d like to pass along.

Street camping for an extended amount of time is not ideal. Not being able to put our big slide out made living in the motorhome uncomfortable. The sound of city life was also wearing us down. The school bus, dumpster trucks, and helicopters became our morning wake up calls.

We celebrated our one year of full time RVing and decided it would be a good time to reevaluate our material possessions. There were several items we brought that we never used in our first year. Those items were either donated or thrown out. We follow the one in, one out rule, which kept us from accumulating items we don’t need.

To view all reports, RV Living Costs: Full Time in a Motorhome for One Year.

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