In the market for an RV GPS? Check out our Garmin RV portable GPS review to see if the Garmin RV 760LMT is right for your needs. We consider this to be a must have gadget for RVing. The RV GPS is an expensive purchase with many mobile apps available on the market that can provide a similar service. We were hesitant to hit the buy button. After driving close to 15,000 miles in our 29’ motorhome, we can’t imagine life on the road without this GPS. We tow a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and bring the GPS when we’re exploring new cities and backroads.

Garmin RV Portable GPS Review

What We Ordered:

Garmin RV 760LMT Portable GPS Navigator
MSRP: $399.99

Garmin RV GPS 2

What We Like:

Customized route for our motorhome. The GPS has a profile section where we can input the width, height and length our RV. In our GPS there are two profiles: one for the motorhome and one for the Jeep. When we drive the motorhome, we select the RV profile which allows the GPS to customize the route. The map includes RV restrictions such as bridge clearance for roads and highways. The route will ensure we don’t end up on a road with low bridge clearance or weight restrictions. There are times when the GPS does not know the RV accessibility of the road.

Garmin RV GPS 9
Garmin RV GPS 10

Large 7” display and easy to understand voice and audio alerts. The large display makes it easy to read the information on the screen. When there is a sharp curve, steep grade, school zone, speed limit change or a state line, a yellow bar will appear at the top of the display along with a ding sound to notify us. This comes in handy when we want to get a photo of a state sign or need to slow down for a sharp curve. The turn by turn directions are clear and easy to follow. The GPS also has clear directions on which lanes to be in when approaching a split or interchange.

Garmin RV GPS 6

Internet access not required. Unlike Google Maps our mobile devices, the GPS does not require internet access. It also does not use up our valuable data each month. The GPS works as long as there is satellite reception. We have not run into a situation where the GPS could not acquire the satellite.

Lifetime map and traffic updates. Sync to mobile device to make calls.

Garmin RV GPS 8

Avoid toll roads. The GPS allows us to view the routes available to a destination and we can review it before we start our trip. The routes screen shows estimated time of arrival and total miles. We always check the route before we go to make sure the GPS route isn’t too far out of the way. This has come in handy during our time in Florida.

Garmin RV GPS 11
Garmin RV GPS 5
Garmin RV GPS 4
Garmin RV GPS 7

Additional features we like. Up ahead services shows restaurants, gas stations, banks, rest stops and RV services on the map. We can also search for these services in the GPS if we’re looking for something specific. Active lane guidance uses voice command and images on the GPS to show which lanes to be in at junctions and interchanges. Garmin offers a trip planning service called BaseCamp where users can mark points on the map, survey the terrain in 2-D or 3-D and share the trip with friends and family. We haven’t used this service because we usually have no idea where our next destination will be, but we like the fact that the option is available.

Garmin RV GPS 3

What We Don’t Like:

Outdated information – RV access unknown. The thing we don’t like about the GPS is the outdated information. We keep our GPS software up to date. The speed limit is off by 5 to 10 miles or RV access for a main road is unknown. We’ve learned not to rely too much on the GPS and always follow the signs on the road. When RV access is unknown, the GPS will route us to a road where access is known. This has led us on a few out of the way and sketchy routes.

One example is when we were driving out of Los Angeles towards Paso Robles. We wanted to stop at a gas station right off the freeway. The GPS wanted us to get off a major highway to take a winding side road through the mountains. Luckily, we knew the road well and stayed on the freeway for the exit that lead us straight to the gas station. When we don’t know the area, we rely on the GPS and road signs to get us to our destination. The GPS is there to help us get to our destination, but we always rely on the road signs.

Below is the response from Garmin after we share the post on Twitter.

Garmin RV GPS Twitter response


The Garmin RV portable GPS is a great tool and we can’t imagine driving the RV without it. It’s easy to use, convenient and plugs right into the 12v cigarette lighter. Although some of the information is outdated, the other benefits outweigh the negative for us. One thing we would recommend to anyone looking for a GPS is to never rely on it 100%. So when the billboard says to take Exit 33 for Cracker Barrel, we take that exit instead of the one the GPS wants us to take.

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Disclosure: We paid for the product in this review and this review represents our own opinions.

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