Toquerville Falls

Looking for something else to do around Zion National Park? If you have a 4×4, Toquerville Falls is a beautiful worthwhile drive that’s off the beaten path. While boondocking at the Walmart in Hurricane, UT, we discovered this trail because we had limited time to fully explore Zion and were looking for an alternative.

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The trail is a poorly maintained dirt and rock road and we would highly recommend having four wheel drive. We took our Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and had to throw it into 4×4 high a few times on the trail. Along the way we saw some amazing views of the mountains and even came across a few jack rabbits.

Toquerville Falls

Although the trail is a bit rough, at the end you are rewarded with a stream and beautiful falls. We parked the Jeep and walked our dogs around the falls. The stream is nice to walk through and the locals use the pools at the bottom as a swimming hole during the summer.

Toquerville Falls


From State Road 17, turn east onto Spring Street (this is a small residential street).

Once the pavement becomes dirt, go about 3.4 miles until you reach a fork in the road and head right. About 5.1 miles in, you’ll get a view of the falls from the right side of the road as you head down the hillside. Shortly thereafter you’ll reach another fork, stay right and take this road to the falls.

When we were there, the road was sandy and fairly muddy from rain a day before. You’ll need good tires to get through some of the deeper mud. We found a good route to the falls by walking up first before bringing the Jeep through. Also, be sure to check the weather to make sure there won’t be any flash floods or rain as the falls can become dangerous.