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Less than 7 miles outside the entrance of Arches National Park, is a private parking area for RVs, cars and off road vehicles. Just off highway 191, next to the railroad tracks and the Gemini Bridges Trailhead is Seven-Mile Parking. A privately owned parking lot with a day use area and overnight use area for $5 per day per vehicle. We ended up here because Goose Island Campground along the Colorado River was full.

RV Camping Outside Arches National Park

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We pulled into Seven-Mile after spotting two fifth wheels from the road. Since it’s right along the highway, there is traffic noise. The train tracks are across the road and they do go by a few times a day. The traffic and train didn’t bother us, but a couple in the neighboring RV told us kept them awake during the night. The turn off into the lot is paved, but the drive up and lot are gravel and fairly flat. The lot is large enough to accommodate RV’s of any size (our neighbor had a 40′ coach and with his trailer was about 60′ long).

For those who have 4×4 vehicles, the Gemini trail is said to be a great trail and have some wonderful views.

If the campgrounds are full, Seven-Mile Parking is a good alternative for the price and the location. There is a portable restroom and dumpster in the day use parking area.

To get here, if you’re headed north on 191, make a left hand turn on BLM 261. If you’re headed south on 191, make a right hand turn on BLM 261. It’s across the street from Bar-M Chuckwagon.

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