Fort Collins, Colorado is one of the most beer focused cities we have visited so far. From large breweries to microbrews producing a spectrum of beers, there is something for every beer enthusiast. During our short visit, we had time to visit four breweries in town. Needless to say, we didn’t even scratch the surface of what Fort Collins has to offer. The next time we’re in Colorado, we’ll plan for a longer stay to explore all the best breweries in Fort Collins.

New Belgium

New Belgium Fort Collins beers on tap

One of the most popular breweries in Fort Collins has to be New Belgium. When we arrive, the place was packed, including a group of moms with their newborns. Since the guided tours were booked, we opted for a tasting at the bar. The best part is the tasting room is dog friendly and Leo got to hang out with us. The dog policy is well behaved dogs are welcome on a leach. There is a self-guided tour, but we opted to stay in the tasting room.

New Belgium Fort Collins beer tasting

The pours were $1.50 each and Sunshine was our favorite. After speaking to our bartender we learned the brewery is employee owned and tips are not accepted. That explained the 20 plus people we saw walking behind the bar filling their glasses with beer during our visit. Not a bad place to work if you enjoy beer.

Odell Brewing

Odell Brewing Fort Collins 90 Shilling

The brewery with the best outdoor area was Odell Brewing. The tasting room was packed and the lawn was filled with people, children and dogs. We ended up having a “picnic” on the grass with a sample of their classic tasting tray for $5.

Odell Brewing Fort Collins Classic Tray

The sun was shining and the weather was perfect for hanging outside. Our favorite beer out of the tasting was the 90 Shilling and ended up sharing a pint for $4. If you’re headed to Odell on a nice day, bring a blanket and beer snacks. We’d love to visit during the summer to enjoy beers and music on the patio.

Odell Brewing Fort Collins lawn husky

Odell Brewing gets four paws of approval from Leo. The green grass and large outdoor area makes it ideal to hang out with your dog.

Snowbank Brewing

Snowbank Brewing Fort Collins crank n brew

Our favorite brewery has to be Snowbank Brewing. Their Crank n Brew gives them an edge over the other breweries in town. This pale ale beer infused with coffee tastes like a beer and cold brewed coffee. At $4.50 a glass, it’s also not a bad deal. We loved this beer so much we stopped by before we left Fort Collins for Pagosa Springs.

Snowbank Brewing is also dog friendly. They allow dogs inside the tasting room and the patio. The staff was super friendly and the place had a down home feel. They even had games for people as they hung out with their brews.

Macn Food Truck Colorado mac n cheese

The brewery doesn’t serve food, but there is a food truck rotation. During our visit it was Mac’n, which introduced us to delicious Colorado green chilies. If you love coffee, beer, dogs, food trucks and a relaxing atmosphere, Snowbank is your spot.


Budweiser beers made in Fort Collins

I know what you might be thinking. “How can Budweiser be on the list?” Well, one of Joe’s good friends works for Anheuser-Busch and we had to stop in for a tasting. The best part is, we were able to park our RV overnight at the brewery.

Budweiser Fort Collins RV parking

We took the complimentary Budweiser tour where we learned about the 30 day brewing process from start to finish. The tour started in the horse stalls with an introduction of the clydesdales horses and the Dalmatian. From there, we walked through every stage of the brewing process: cooking the mash to bottling. The one surprising thing we learned on the tour was the other beers made at the facility such as Goose Island.

Budweiser Fort Collins tour

The tour included a free pour of Bud or Bud light and it was the best Bud we’ve ever tasted. It was fresh and served at the perfect temperature. The tour ended at the restaurant and bar where we grabbed a few more beers and a basket of Belgian fries. It was a fun way to spend an afternoon and being able to walk home made it even better.

What are your favorite breweries in Fort Collins?