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I spent many of my childhood summers going on road trips with my family and we never left the house without games to keep everyone entertained. With limited room in the family mini van, our road trip games were always compact and easy to play. Fast forward to today, Joe and I live out of a pop-up truck camper, which means we have very limited room for RV games. So this is a list of our favorite camping games that don’t take up much room in your RV. That means full size cornhole and ladder golf not included.

Get ready to have a great time on your next camping trip! Oh, and these games make for a great gift for the camping and RV enthusiasts in your life.

You might be wondering “why do I need games when I’m enjoying the great outdoors?” Well, there’s the long drive to and from where you’re going, the weather could take a turn and you’re rained in for the day, or maybe you just want to kick back and play a fun game after a long hike.

RV Games For Everyone

RV Games

1. Mini Cornhole

Cornhole is one of the most popular RV camping games, but not everyone has room for the full size version. Luckily, we were introduced to mini cornhole while camping with friends at Redwood State and National Park in California. Weighing in at 2 pounds and measuring 10 inches by 5 inches, you can play tabletop cornhole outside or inside your RV.

For the serious cornhole enthusiast, you can even get an official American Cornhole Association version.

2. Monopoly Deal Card Game

Monopoly was one of my favorite games growing up and I still love to play when we have a group of people together. When we first started RVing, I decided to donate our full size Monopoly set. Then we met up with our friend in Tucson, Arizona and discovered Monopoly Deal Card Game. It’s just as fun and takes up a fraction of the room of the original Monopoly game. Plus, you don’t have to worry about loosing all the extra pieces like the hotels and finding a surface large enough to setup the game.

3. Cards Against Humanity

I still remember the first time we played Cards Against Humanity with our good friend David from Los Angeles, California. The original game was labeled “A party game for horrible people” and I was shocked more than a few times throughout the game. This is also one of those RV games that we see played often at rallies and gatherings like the ones put on by Escapees RV Club.

Now you can find all different versions of this popular game including the Family Edition of Cards Against Humanity. This version of the game is meant for children and adults to play together.

If you already have the original version, you can also buy expansion boxes like the Absurd Box. Apparently the creators came up with these 300 cards “after wandering the desert for 20 years.”

4. Frisbee Golf Starter Kit

So far, we’ve traveled to 46 states in the U.S. and have come across more frisbee golf courses than we ever expected to. Most recently, we found ourselves dispersed camping near a frisbee golf basket in Bend, Oregon. People camp in their RVs at golf courses, why not camp at a frisbee golf course too? You can get a Frisbee Golf Starter Kit which won’t take up much room. Plus you can count this towards your exercise equipment as it does involve walking.

5. Fake Artist

Unleash your artistic side with this hilarious game that’s perfect for 5-10 people. We discovered Fake Artist at a game night with a group of people we had never met before. It was a fun way to get to know everyone and have some really good laughs. This game and the next one the list were two of our favorites camping games that night.

6. Secret Hitler

Have you ever played the social deduction game mafia? Secret Hitler is very similar, but with a different storyline and a set of game pieces. I’ll admit, this game does take up a bit of room, but if you enjoy a good game of deception and betrayal with friends, it’s worth making room for.

Check out my tips on staying organized in an RV.

7. Throw Throw Burrito

This dodgeball card game with flying burritos was recommended to us by fellow full time RVers with three children. Exploding Kittens is the creators of this high energy game and there’s even an extreme version with a 3 foot tall inflatable burrito ideal for playing outdoors. Now, who’s up for a burrito duel?

8. Mini Jenga

Jenga comes in all sizes these days. From giant Jenga found at bars and campgrounds to mini Jenga that you can easily pack for an RV road trip. Each set comes with 18 small blocks, which means you can buy two sets for a more challenging game.

9. Deck of Cards

There’s a lot you can do with a simple deck of cards and you can always dress it up with a special set like the National Park Edition. There are many camper games you can play by yourself or with others using one deck of cards. Joe and I love to play euchre when we’re camping with his friends from Indiana and Illinois.

10. Road Trip Kit

The time it takes to get to your next travel destination can be short or long depending on where you’re going, but it’s part of the adventure. Sometimes playing music, movies, video games and shows just doesn’t cut it. The Road Trip Kit has a variety of games that the whole family can play in the RV including Battleship.

11. 50 Games You Can Play Anywhere

The name of the game says it all and it’s very compact, which gets an extra point in my books. These 50 Games On the Go include memory challenges, word games which should keep you and your fellow travelers entertained for hours.

Got Your Number makes for a fun driving game where everyone takes a turn at finding numbers outside the camper. This is a great RV game for me because I love to read billboards, road signs and bumper stickers when Joe’s in the driver’s seat.

12. Voltage

This fast-paced two player game was a gift from my family who camp out of an Alto, a very popular lightweight travel trailer. Voltage is a fun two-person strategy game created by Mattel Games and takes us up very little RV storage space if you’re willing to part ways with the box and put all the game pieces in a small bag. Joe and I usually play best out of three.

13. Wallet

A gift from our RV family in Florida, Wallet is a two to seven person game that involves a dropped wallet with jewelry, money, and ID cards making it an exciting game to play around the campfire.

14. GPS Based Games

It’s rare to travel without a GPS enabled smartphone these days and games like Geocaching have become very popular as a result. We learned about GPS based scavenger hunts from WTR Family members and have met many kids and adults who love to play. All you have to do is download the app and sign up for an account to start playing.

Bonus. Online Group Games

It would be difficult to make a list of fun RV games without mentioning the option for online group games. Traditional games such as Scrabble, Uno and Yahtzee have apps that you can download to play with friends and family.

I like online group games because we have many RV friends that travel all over the U.S. and the world. These games give us a fun way to connect even though we’re not in the same area. When we have access to good WiFi or cellular data, we can schedule a game of Call of Duty Mobile with friends or play a round of Jackbox games via Zoom.

What are some of your favorite RV games to play?