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With over five years of full time travel under our belts, one of our 13 Essential Mobile Apps for RVing is still the Allstays Camp and RV app. It’s a must have app for RVers who full time or part time. This app is great for planning your next trip and for when you’re on the road. It has saved us money and come in handy for planning our next destination. There are a handful of apps we cannot live without and Allstays Camp and RV app is one of them. We paid $9.99 in the App Store for Allstays Camp and RV and the app has more than paid for itself with the free RV dumps and camping options we’ve found. Right now the Allstays app is only available for iPhones, the Android version was removed in 2017. An alternative to the mobile app is Allstays Pro, a desktop version with even more information.

Must Have App for RVers – Allstays Camp and RV

Allstays Camp RV

Main Features

When you launch the app, it will use location services to determine where you are to display the services in that area. You can zoom in/out, move the map and choose from three map views: standard, hybrid or satellite. We prefer the standard map view.

Allstays App

There are six main categories displayed on the map:
– Camping (including County, State and National Parks, Elks Lodge and Moose Places, Casinos, National Forests, Walmart)
– Low Clearances (from 7 feet up to 15 feet)
– RV related businesses (including dealers and service centers)
Rest areas with and without amenities
– Stores (including Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, Camping World, Costco, REI, Sams Club, Propane Fills)
Truck Stops (including Flying J, Loves, Pilot)

How to use Allstays App

Tap on any of the services to bring up a quick overview.

Allstays Camp and RV app

To see additional information, tap on the white banner. In this example, you can see the gas station has a free dumps station.

Allstays app free dumps station

Additional information include phone number, website, images, reviews, rating, weather, map. There is an “Update” section where users can submit information such as “overnight parking is no longer allowed at this Walmart location” or “there are 4 RV parking spaces at this Cracker Barrel”. User submitted information is displayed below the address and GPS coordinates. When we come across outdated information, we send an update to help keep the information relevant and accurate for everyone using the app. The “Share” option will open a draft email with information of that service and your current GPS coordinates.

Allstays camp and rv app update section

Standard Filters

The six main categories can be filtered by tapping the options you want to see on the map. To access the filters, tap on “Filter” in the main screen. We use this feature the most when we are looking for specific services in an area. For example, if we want to look for a free dump facility, we tap “RV Dumps – Extra Places” to see what’s available outside of campgrounds and truck stops.

Allstays Camp and RV App filters

Advanced Filters

From the filter screen, tap on the advanced filters option to drill down even more. This is where you can search specifically for free campgrounds. There is even an option to filter for campgrounds that have age restrictions.

Allstays Camp and RV App advanced filters

Offline Access

The offline access feature comes in handy when there’s no cell service. One issue we encountered with this is that it doesn’t always load the map in the background. To get around the issue we view the map area we are traveling to ahead of time and at the level of zoom that we want. This will load the map into the memory of the iPhone. When we view it again offline the information displays without an issue.

Save Money with Allstays Camp & RV App

Free dump stations – use the “RV Dumps-Extra Places” filter. Some Camping World locations also have free RV dumps, make sure to call ahead to verify.

Free RV camping – use the “Avg Rate – Free” advanced filter or “Forest”, “Overnight Parking”, “Public Lands”, “Walmart Ask to Park” and “Rest” filters. Be sure to check the rest area for restrictions on overnight parking. We wrote a post about overnight parking at rest areas.

Cheaper camping options – use the “Avg Rate – $ and under” advanced filter.

Elks and Moose members – use the “Elk Places” and “Moose Places” filter to see which clubs have RV facilities. We wrote a post about RV Camping at Elks Lodge.

There are many ways to use the Allstays Camp and RV app and we can’t imagine life on the road without it.

An alternative to the mobile app is Allstays Pro, a desktop version with even more information. This version works on phones and tablets, just login using the browser on your device.

How much does Allstays app cost?

Allstays has several apps available for iOS devices that range from $1.99 to $9.99. The Allstays Camp and RV App cost $9.99 in the App Store in 2015 and the price has not changed.

Why did Allstays Camp and RV app stop with Android?

In 2017, the Android version of the Allstays Camp and RV app was removed due to increase map fees. If you are an Android user and want to access Allstays Camp and RV app, the next best option is to purchase Allstays Pro. This version works on phones and tablets, just login using the browser on your device.

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