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Sport Berkey Water Bottle Review – Portable Water Purifier

We have been using the Sport Berkey water bottle since 2014 and take it everywhere we go. This portable water purifier uses the filtration benefits of the larger Berkey water purification systems except it’s in a bottle. As much as we love our Travel Berkey,

Shopping For and Buying an RV – Q&A About Our Experience

The most popular messages we receive are questions about shopping for and buying an RV. The questions range from brand comparisons to getting a loan and the final inspection. We hosted a live stream to answer these questions. Viewers tuned in from all over the United

Top 10 Must Have RVing Gadgets For Full Time RVers

Whether you RV full time like we do or take your RV for weekend adventures, there are some items that are essential for RVing. We put together a list of our Top 10 Must Have RVing Gadgets. We hope you find it helpful in

Custom Motorhome Conversions – ShowHauler Super C RVs

Looking for a custom Super C RV on an over the road truck chassis? These custom motorhome conversions are quite impressive and worth checking out if you find yourself in Indiana. Below is a video of our factory tour with Lonnie from ShowHauler Motorhomes.

Live Life On Your Own Terms

This four part video series is about how to live life on your own terms. We share our personal experiences and learnings from the five years that it took us to transition to living life on our own terms. Live Life On Your Own

Roadmaster Spare Tire Carrier Review

Did your motorhome come with a spare tire? Ours didn’t. Before we discovered the Roadmaster spare tire carrier, we discussed getting a roof rack for the Jeep to carry a spare and a few other options. Then we met Don Simpson at the Florida RV

The National WWII Museum New Orleans Louisiana

Nestled in the middle of New Orleans, the National WWII Museum is an incredible monument to our bloodiest war. Through a number of exhibits and experiences, the museum takes visitors through the individual lives of those who fought and died for our country. Become

Fan-Tastic Ultra Breeze Vent Cover Review

This is our Fan-Tastic Ultra Breeze vent cover review and we hope that you find it useful in helping you decide whether it’s the right fit for your RVing needs. One consistent element of weather we’ve experienced on the road is rain, and a lot

Full Time RVing Costs: Motorhome Edition – December 2015

Month four and it feels like yesterday that we hit the road full time in a motorhome. The biggest thing for us this month was that we became Texas residents! We’re very excited to become Texans, but the cost to set everything up impacted

The Perfect Champagne to Ring in the New Year

Everyone loves a good bottle of bubbly to celebrate the New Year and one of our favorites is the De Margerie Grand Cru Brut. If you’re looking for that perfect Champagne to ring in the New Year that won’t put a huge dent in