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Jeep Jammock Review – A Hammock for Your Jeep Wrangler

The Jammock is about one of the simplest and coolest Jeep Accessories hands down. What is a Jammock? Well, it’s a hammock for your Jeep! When I saw this thing online I knew Kait would love it (she loves lounging in hammocks) and even more so

6 Essential Items to Pack for Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an amazing place to visit, however given the remote locations of some destinations, climate and culture, packing these 6 items could make your vacation much more enjoyable. What to Pack for Costa Rica 1. Headlamps If you spend any time away

4 Things to Do at Panama Canal

Considered one of the seven wonders of the modern world, the Panama Canal is awe-inspiring. If you’re headed to Panama City, take a partial or full transit down the canal, it’s well worth the time and money for the experience. Check out our list

Where to eat in New York City – $3 Dumplings to $300 Tasting Menus

New York is one of our favorite cities to visit and the main attraction for us is the stellar food. From $3 pork dumplings to $300+ tasting menus at Michelin restaurants and everything in between, there is something for everyone. Add in great shopping, terrific museums

California RV Show Review

Since our initial RV shopping experience, we have been looking forward to this year’s California RV Show in Pomona. Running from 10/10 to 10/19, the show is $10/person to get in and $10 to park. We went in hopes of seeing a wide array of different motorhomes side