One Week in Nova Scotia Canada – Cabot Trail, Halifax, Peggy’s Cove, Lunenberg

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Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means we will earn a commission on the products or services you purchase using the links. There is no additional cost to you and the earnings help keep this website running. Read the Affiliate Disclaimer for more information.

Nova Scotia or “New Scotland”, is one of three provinces that make up The Canadian Maritimes. This popular summer vacation destination draws in visitors from all around the world. There is so much to do, see and eat in the province, you could easily spend an entire summer here. Whether you have one week in Nova Scotia or one month, this travel guide shares some of the highlights of Nova Scotia.

One Week in Nova Scotia, Canada

Most of the destinations and activities are featured in the video at the beginning of this post.

Explore Cabot Trail on Cape Breton Island

Cabot Trail Cape Breton Island

Spend a day exploring The Cabot Trail by car. This 300 kilometer drive around Cape Breton Island offers scenic views and many worthwhile stops on the route. Start at the visitor center where you can grab a map of the trail and figure out if you want to drive clockwise or counter clockwise. We drove counter clockwise starting at Baddeck with stops at Keltic Lodge, Neil’s Harbour, New Haven Cove, and White Point.

Walk the Trails at Victoria Park in Truro

Nova Scotia has beautiful provincial parks and town parks that are free to visit. On our way towards Halifax, we discovered Victoria Park in Truro. This charming urban park offers trails, waterfalls and a 175 step ladder that will get your heart rate up.

Experience the Bay of Fundy on a Rafting Tour

With the Bay of Fundy between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, there are quite a few ways to experience the world’s highest tides. Our favorite is to ride the tidal bore and standing waves on a kodiak raft. The two and a half hour tour is educational and exhilarating. If rafting isn’t an option for you, check out some other ways to experience the Bay of Fundy.

Haddock Fish & Chips at John’s Lunch in Dartmouth

johns lunch fish and chips nova scotia

There are restaurants serving fish & chips throughout Nova Scotia. We happened to end up at John’s Lunch in Dartmouth, a no frills restaurant known for fresh haddock fish & chips. They serve the fish two ways: a light flour or what they call a puffy batter (pictured above).

Fall in Love with Halifax Nova Scotia

Oatcakes Genuine Nova Scotia Oatcake

To our surprise, Halifax ended up being one of our favorite destinations in Nova Scotia. There’s the harbor walk where you can take in the beautiful views of the waterfront, learn about the Halifax explosion that took place on December 6, 1917 and read up on the transatlantic telegraph cable near Murhpy’s restaurant.

For an off the beaten path experience in Halifax, enjoy afternoon tea and oatcakes with Ken and Kelly of Genuine Nova Scotia Oatcakes. These delicious treats are a must try when you’re in Nova Scotia. If you don’t have time for tea, the oatcakes can be found throughout the province by browsing vendors on their website. Our favorite flavor oatcakes are lavender, maple magic and classic.

Watch the Sunrise or Sunset at Peggy’s Cove

Spend a minute in Peggy’s Cove and you will quickly realize why over one million visitors come to this tiny fishing community each year. Be sure to check out the Fisherman’s Monument next to the visitor center as you make your way towards the lighthouse. Try to time your visit to catch the sunrise or sunset as it is spectacular.

Visit Lunenburg, a National Historic Site of Canada

Lunenburg Nova Scotia

A short drive from Peggy’s Cove is the coastal town of Lunenburg. Situated on the south shore of Nova Scotia, this historic town is a UNESCO world heritage site and a National Historic Site of Canada. Take a stroll around town to learn about its history or go on a guided horse drawn carriage ride.

seafood chowder nova scotia

If you’re hungry for delicious Nova Scotia fare, Lunenburg is a great spot to try it all. If you only have time for one food stop, check out the Grand Banker. This restaurant overlooking the water has an amazing selection of beers on tap and well known Nova Scotia dishes. Be sure to try the Acadian seafood stew loaded with haddock, scallops, mussels and shrimp.

Ways to Get to Nova Scotia

You can fly, drive or ride the ferry to Nova Scotia. For a scenic cruise on a high-speed ferry, I would recommend taking The CAT between Portland, Maine and Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. The video will give you an idea of what the ferry ride is like and all the amenities on board. My favorite thing about the ferry ride is the beautiful views of the two port cities from the bay.

Note: the ferry has moved from Portland to Bar Harbor. Check the ferry website for the latest updates on route and schedule.

Where to Camp in Nova Scotia

When we were in Nova Scotia we were able to spend the night at Walmart in an RV.

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24 thoughts on “One Week in Nova Scotia Canada – Cabot Trail, Halifax, Peggy’s Cove, Lunenberg”

  1. Hi Kait and Joe –

    I had planned to do Nova Scotia this summer (on my Harley) and was using your notes as a guide.

    Anyway – did not get to do it because the ferry doesn’t run out of Portland anymore. It has been moved (back to) Bar Harbor and it was not running in June.


  2. Kait,

    Thanks so much for tip on Oatcakes, my wifes family went to Peggys Cove and Halifax, and brought us back some oatcakes. We all loved them

  3. We loved your adventures since a long time. But your Nova Scotia video is like coming home as we spent our holidays there for many years. We sat at the same places in Lunenburg an walked over the rocks in Peggy’s Cove.
    Thank you for this from Switzerland.
    Alice and Jens

  4. Wondering if there were any travel trailers hitched to a RV on the ferry? At boarding time would there be enough room to turn a RV & trailer around in order to back it on to the ferry? We’ve used a couple other ferries and they were drive on/drive off; very efficient & convenient when multiple trailers or MH w toads waiting to board. Curious as to why you had to back off the ferry in Portland instead of driving on then driving fwd to get off? Is that the norm for the CAT? Beautiful video & welcome home ??

    • That’s a good question to ask the ferry operator, not sure how they handle RVs with trailers. As for getting on and off, here’s what they posted on the FAQ page:

      In Portland, RV’s will back on and back off the vessel. It is a very straightforward process and you will be directed by a very experienced vessel and ground crew. Our crews assist and provide you with directions and guidance throughout the short loading and unloading procedures. We do ask that you ensure you arrive at the terminal 1 hour prior to departure.
      In Yarmouth, RV’s will drive on and drive off.

  5. Portland is a great place, try Becks diner, and get a lobster roll sandwich on the docks or in Beckys. If you are heading south, Kennebunkport, Oguinquit, and Stonewall kitchen outlet in York. Enjoy Maine, you are making me jealous, will get their hopefully in October. Keep up the good videos.

  6. We seen a couple of these place for a very short time at port stops from a cruise and we want to RV on our own and take put time and see more. I would live this book

  7. You’ll just have to go back! A trip to Nova Scotia is not complete without several nights at the Meat Cove Campground. Spent our honeymoon there in a tent and returned 40 years later on our Travato. It’s the best!

  8. Hi Kait and Joe
    Wish we knew you were in Nova Scotia. We live in Truro running a B&B and you could have boondocked at our place no problem. Been following you guys almost a year now and ourselves are waiting for our new Roadtrek Zion to be delivered. Hopefully we can meet on the road sometimes.
    Would like to ask you if you have the 2 white filters in your travel berkey or just the 2 black ones

    • Hey Maarten and Nelly. We currently have 2 black filters, although we used to have the white fluoride filters as well. In case you’re interested, we share our current location and host meet-ups with our WTR Family – you can learn more at

  9. Kiat,
    I’m looking to move to Nova Scotia from the Chicago are. Any ideas of where to start, who to contact. LOTS of questions. Love that part of Canada. Thanks so much!


    • Hey Jerry,
      My suggestion is to first visit the Canadian consulate in Chicago. They can certainly give you all the info you would require to move to my home province of Nova Scotia.

  10. Joe and Kait, thank you for such an awesome video. It looks like a trips in order for me, the dogs, and the kids. Can you tell me more about the bug suit that you use? I’m allergic to insect bites and I might be going to Alaska next year.

    • Hey Tom! I have the same problem with bug bites and the bug shirt has been awesome. It’s made by The Original Bug Shirt, a company based in Canada. You can see the exact one I have in our store. They also sell pants if that’s something you are interested in as well. Who knows, we just might see you in AK next year.

  11. Hi Kait and Joe. Since we’ll be driving our Hymer to the Maritimes early in September we were wondering where you camped when you were there. Thanks and happy vanning. Donita and John

  12. Hi guys, I’m from Halifax born and raised but for the moment I’m living in Denmark. I must have been home same time you were there – cool ! Great for hitting up John’s Lunch! You’ve done a pretty good job of hitting up my home province but there is a “but” – but you breezed over Cape Breton! You missed things like the Skyline Trail, Margaree River (love salmon fishing there), Cheticamp, and so little video from the Cabot Trail!?! Baddeck? Uisge Ban Falls! You missed the whole Celtic cultural experience – no fiddle music? I’ll forgive Louisbourg. It’s out of the way . You could have made a whole second video just on Cape Breton!

    Good job on Mahone Bay and Lunenburg, nice video from Peggy’s Cove , the oatcake thing was quaint. Good job on food. You missed some epic beaches and coastline. Glad you mentioned the Halifax Explosion.
    Ok it was a good video but as a Nova Scotian I missed a good ode to Cape Breton.


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