Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is a peaceful oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas strip. After countless visits to Sin City, we finally made it to this slice of desert beauty a short drive west of Las Vegas, Nevada. The 13 mile scenic drive offers various lookouts, hikes and trails to admire Red Rock Canyon up close.

Red Rock Canyon – Camping Near Las Vegas

Red Rock Canyon overlook

The canyon gets its name from the sandstone rocks that have centuries of iron oxide built up giving it the vibrant color. The area is home to a wide range of animals from wild burros and rabbits to red tailed hawks, hummingbirds and even mountain lions. We saw hummingbirds, hawks and plenty of lizards during our visit. We also admired the many blooming flowers and unique plants native to the area.

Red Rock Canyon Video

Red Rock Canyon Campground

Red Rock Campground Rules

After the scenic tour, we made our way to Red Rock Canyon Campground, a few miles from the visitor center. Sites are $15/night for dry camping. Pit toilets and drinking water are the only amenities at this campground. To remove any harmful chemicals or bacteria, we always purify the water through our Travel Berkey. If you run low on supplies, civilization is a short five miles away. There is a large shopping center with many shops including a Costco.

Red Rock Campground Pit Toilet

The campground was half full on a busy Saturday afternoon. With many sites to choose from, we ended up in site 3. Each site has a fire ring, picnic table, grill, gravel spot for vehicles, and flat gravel spot for tents. We had to use one rubber leveling pad and one plastic level block under each front tire to get level. Some sites, including site 3, offer a large gazebo over the picnic area. Leo enjoyed the shade from the desert sun and we enjoyed the beauty of the canyon in the background.

Red Rock Campground camper van site 3

By dusk, the smell of campfires and grilled meat filled the air. We walked around the campground to meet the neighbors who ranged from solo tent campers who finished a day of rock climbing to couples on a weekend getaway. The campground filled up by early evening with campers driving in throughout the night in search of an open spot. As the temperature dropped from the 90s during the day to the low 50s at night, we were happy to seek shelter in our cozy camper van.

$15/night no hookups – there is a designated RV only area where no tents are allowed
Pit toilets throughout the campground
Dog friendly
No dump
Camp host on site
Some noise from nearby airports and gun range
1x to 3G Verizon cell service

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