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Grilled Tri Tip Recipe with Homemade Marinade

In this post, I’ll share one of my favorite marinades and grilled tri tip recipe. Plus, there’s a bonus recipe at the end of the post for grilled chicken wings. Tri tip is a small triangular cut of beef from the bottom sirloin cut. This cut originated

5-0 Radio Scanner App Review

Ever wonder what’s going on when you hear sirens in your neighborhood? What about just listening to the idle talk between officers out on the beat? Well, a Police scanner app may just be for you. Do you remember the Chris Dorner incident back 2013?

The World’s Best Old Fashioned at Del Posto in New York City

Allow me to be blunt. The Cubed Old Fashioned is the world’s best old fashioned I’ve ever had. Kait and I LOVE a good old fashioned and this drink changed our lives and the way we think about cocktails. The devil is in the details

Fleetwood Expedition Review with Video – Our First Time at an RV Dealership

It has been about a month since we decided to RV full time and this was our first time at an RV dealership. This video walk-through is a used 2006 Fleetwood Expedition 38n with 33k miles and seems to be in good shape. This