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Towing a vehicle behind an RV is easy once you’ve figured out the setup and installed the right gear. When Kait and I decided to tow a Jeep Wrangler behind the RV, I started researching for the best RV tow bar options out there. Our decision boiled down to two options: Ready Brute and Blue Ox. The thing that sold us on the Ready Brute tow bar was the system came with a fully integrated manual supplemental braking system. This mechanical action doesn’t require any additional electronics and for us that means less to go wrong. Read this Ready Brute Elite tow bar review to see if it’s a good fit for your RV towing needs.

Ready Brute Elite Tow Bar Review

What We Ordered:

– NSA RV Products Ready Brute Elite Tow Bar – includes the Ready Brake system, safety cables, and in-dash light monitor.
– NSA RV Products ReadyStop Towed Vehicle Emergency Break Away Kit. Read Why Do you Need a Break Away System?
Blue Ox Clevis Connector for the aftermarket Rock Hard Patriot bumper on our Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. NSA RV Products also offers various clevis options for the different baseplates/bumpers.
– Integrated wiring system for working brake / turn signal lights on the vehicle. Read How to Tow a Jeep Wrangler Behind a Motorhome for a detailed walk-through.

Note: since this tow bar review was first published, NSA RV Products has released a new version – the Ready Brute Elite II. While we have not used the new version, the upgrades are supposed to make it easier to connect the tow bar to the vehicle with more durable with steel clevis’.

Why Do You Need a Supplemental Braking System for your Tow Vehicle?

Ready Brute Elite and Ready Stop Break Away

Most states in the U.S. and provinces in Canada require a supplemental braking systems for trailers or vehicles over a certain weight. Since the Ready Brute Elite tow bar came with a supplemental braking system, it’s one of the mains reason we decided this was the best tow bar option for our setup.

Regardless of which towing option you go with, be sure to reference the towing laws in each state/province you visit to make sure you’re in compliance with their requirements.

NSA RV Products has an map of the towing laws in the United States for reference. You can see which states require supplemental braking systems and break away systems for towing.

How the Ready Brute Elite Tow Bar Works

The NSA RV Products website has an F.A.Q. that does a great job of answering this question.

When you apply brakes in your RV the towed vehicle surges forward actually pushing your RV.  Ready Brake uses this energy to move a lever forward.  A cable is connected to this lever and the other end is clamped to your towed vehicle brake pedal.  When the lever moves forward the brake pedal is pulled down and when you drive the RV forward again it allows the lever to move backward and the brake pedal goes back up releasing the towed vehicle brakes. FAQ

The brakes on the towed vehicle will work even when the brake booster on the towed vehicle is not powered (with the engine running). When going downhill, the towed vehicle will not activate the brakes unless the RV is braking (either by applying brakes or using engine braking/downshifting).

The braking from the Ready Brute is also proportional to the amount of brakes applied by the driver. When you brake lightly, the lever on the Ready Brake will move less than in a hard braking situation which makes it a proportional braking system.

What Is the Towing Capacity of the Tow Bar?

The Ready Brute Elite and Elite II tow bars are each rated for up to 8,000 pounds. If you have a heavier vehicle, the Hercules Tow Bar is rated up to 12,000 pounds.

Installing the Ready Brute Elite Tow Bar and Break Away Kit

I installed the Ready Brute Elite tow bar to the motorhome myself and it was very simple. Insert the tow bar to into the tow hitch receiver of the RV. Secure with a locking hitch pin. Note: I opted not to install the included in-dash light monitor.

For the tow vehicle, installation can be a bit more time consuming depending on the make/model of your tow vehicle. The tow bar installation for the Jeep Wrangler JKU was less than two hours.

The directions that came with the tow bar were good, but they were not vehicle specific. The most time consuming part was trying to route the brake cable through the engine compartment without it binding. I would rate this part of the install as easy for a vehicle like the Jeep Wrangler. It may be a bit more difficult with vehicles that have a tighter engine compartment.

Install of the ReadyStop Towed Vehicle Emergency Break Away Kit was easy and straightforward. Make sure that when you’re attaching the end of the break-away system to your RV, attach it to the frame of the vehicle and NOT to the tow hitch receiver as the break-away system will not engage if the receiver is rolling down the road with the vehicle.

How We Attached the Towed Vehicle to the RV

Ready Brute Elite Tow Bar Review

Kait would drive the Jeep Wrangler behind our Class A motorhome and make sure it was somewhat aligned to the center of the tow bar. She left enough room between the Jeep and RV to attached the tow bar legs to our fully integrated aluminum bumper. Then she put the Jeep in tow mode before moving on to the next step.

Each leg on the tow bar is first unlocked by turning the red handle perpendicular to the legs and then pulled out and secured to the mounting points on the Jeep’s bumper using pins (other tow vehicles might use a baseplate) and attached the safety cables. Once the legs were attached, she would turn each red handle so it was parallel to the leg (this put them in the locking position).

Then she would signal me to drive the RV forward. As I drove forward slowly, both tow bar legs would fully extended and lock into the travel position. This also ensured that the Jeep was centered to the RV.

Once the tow bar legs were in the travel position, she would secure the brake cable between the Jeep and the tow bar, attach the ReadyStop cable and plug in the umbilical line that operated the Jeep’s brake lights.

To detach the Jeep from the tow bar was as simple as reversing the process, except that the tow bar legs had to be unlocked before the pins were removed.

Pros of the Ready Brute Tow Bar System

1. Good Instructions

The aluminum tow bar came with clear instructions on how to attach and detach the towed vehicle. Installations instructions were easy to follow and included clear diagrams. However, the install instructions were not vehicle specific so it took some time to figure out how to route the cables and other components specific to our towed vehicle.

2. Easy to Use and Stow

When we were not using the tow bar, it folded up and locked in place which allowed us to drive the RV without having to remove the tow bar.

Kait was the expert at attaching and detaching our Jeep. After getting the process down, it only took her about a minute to secure the tow bar to the Jeep and connect all the cables.

The most time consuming part was aligning the Jeep behind the RV, putting it in tow mode and driving the RV forward to extend and lock the legs of the tow bar in the travel position.

3. Tow Bar Rated for 8,000 lbs

We could comfortably tow the 4,500 pound Jeep Wrangler without any worries. When the Jeep was fully loaded, it weighted in at 4,600 pounds.

4. Mechanical Braking System 


The supplemental braking system that comes with the Ready Brute Elite tow bar is completely mechanical and does not rely on any electronics. It was easy to visually verify the entire system was working in good order. Once the Jeep was hooked up, Kait would walk along side the RV and watch to make sure the brake arm on the tow bar actuated when I pressed on the brakes in the RV.

We’ve heard and read stories from people who had an electronic braking system that either stopped working or malfunctioned to the point where the braking system applied the brakes when the RV was not braking which fried the brakes on the towed vehicle.

5. Good Customer Service

We’ve contacted NSA RV Products on several occasions and always had a good customer service experience. One time I called the company about the Ready Brake cable because the coating around the steel cable was starting rub off. The owner answered the phone and walked me through the mechanics of the cable and explained why I didn’t have to be concerned. The coating was put on for looks and didn’t effect the function of the system.

6. Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Ready Brute Elite tow bar and Ready Brake kit are covered under the limited lifetime warranty.

Final Thoughts on the Elite Tow Bar System

We used the system for a year and a half during which time we towed for over 35,000 miles before we downsized to a Class B RV. The tow bar and braking systems worked as expected and we did not experience any issues. Since we started RVing in 2015, we have seen many RV tow bar setups on the road and glad we went with the Ready Brute Elite tow bar setup.

If you found this review helpful and decide to purchase the tow bar, please consider ordering through our Amazon affiliate link. There is no additional fee for the buyer and in return we receive a small percentage of the sale. Thanks for your support! We really appreciate it.

Which tow bar setup do you have for your RV?