Towing a vehicle behind a motorhome is easy once you’ve figured out the setup and installed the right gear. There are so many ways to tow a vehicle and so many options for tow gear that it can be overwhelming. The more we researched, the more options we found. Our decision boiled down to two options: ReadyBrute or Blue Ox. The thing that sold us on ReadyBrute was the tow bar came with a fully integrated manual supplemental breaking system. This mechanical action doesn’t require any additional electronics and for us that means less to go wrong. Read our ReadyBrute Elite Tow Bar Review and see if it’s a good fit for your towing needs.

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ReadyBrute Elite Tow Bar Review

What We Ordered:

Ready Brute Elite RV Tow Bar – includes the ReadyBreak system, safety cables, and In-Dash Light Monitor. Clevis’, break away kit and umbilical cord sold separately.
MSRP: $1,200

What We Like:

Easy to use and stow. The aluminum tow bar came with clear instructions along with the ReadyBrake system, safety cables, and In-Dash Light Monitor. Kait is the expert at connecting our Jeep. It takes her about a minute to secure the tow bar to the Jeep and connect all the cables. The time consuming part is aligning the Jeep, putting it in tow mode and driving our motorhome forward to extend and lock the legs of the tow bar in the traveling position.

Basics of how our tow bar setup works. Kait will drive the Jeep behind the motorhome and make sure it’s somewhat aligned to the center of the tow bar with enough room to attached the legs to our fully integrated bumper. Then she secures each leg to the bumper with a pin and attaches the safety cable.

ReadyBrute Elite Tow Bar Review

Then she makes sure each red handle is parallel to the leg and I drive the motorhome forward until both legs are fully extended and locked into the travel position. This ensures that the Jeep is centered to our motorhome.

At this point she secures the brake cable between the Jeep and the tow bar and attaches the Ready Stop cable. At this point, we are ready to roll.

Rated at 8,000 lbs. We can comfortably tow our 4,500 lb Jeep without any worries. Fully loaded our Jeep Wrangler weighs in at 4,600 lb.

Manual breaking system. The ReadyBrake system is integrated into the tow bar. It was easy to install with good diagrams and instructions. The most difficult part was routing the brake cable through the Jeep to the brake pedal. The system is based on inertia. When we brake our motorhome, the Jeep pushes against the tow bar and actuates a lever that pulls on the cable connected to our Jeep’s brake pedal. Once we installed the ReadyBrake into the Jeep, all Kait has to do is connect and disconnect the steel cable from the tow bar to the Jeep, which only takes a few seconds. We prefer this manual breaking system over the other options because there is less to go wrong and we can manually inspect the cables.


Good customer service. We called the company about the ReadyBrake cable because the coating around the steel cable was starting rub off. The owner of the company actually picked up the phone and walked me through the mechanics of the cable and told me not to be concerned. The coating was put on for looks and doesn’t effect the function of the system.

Limited lifetime warranty for the original owner.

Made in the U.S.A.

What We Don’t Like:

Long time to ship. It took close to two months for us to get the tow bar because it was on backorder when we purchased it.


We’ve been using the system since September 2015 and are very happy with it. The system is very fast to connect/disconnect with few things that can go wrong. We can also visually inspect the parts to look for possible issues every time we connect our tow car. We’ve seen many tow bar setups and I have to say that the ReadyBrute looks and feels “beefier”.

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Disclosure: We paid for the product in this review and this review represents our own opinions.