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In April, we went from spending four months in Florida to spending time in five different states: Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and Indiana. All the moving around resulted in 291 more miles on the motorhome increasing our gas bill. However, we were able to stay under $90/day again by decreasing our food costs.

To view all reports, RV Living Costs: Full Time in a Motorhome for One Year.

Full Time RVing Costs: Motorhome Edition – April 2016:

Total Expenses: $2,642
Cost Per Day: $88.08
Total Miles Driven: 1,990
Generator Hours: 17
Jeep MPG: 17
RV MPG: 6.5
Nights At RV Parks: 6
Nights Spent Dry Camping: 24
Meals Eaten Out: 7

Our total expenses were less this month compared to last month ($2,642 vs $2,703). Fixed costs remained the same.

Here are a few notes about our expenses this month compared to previous months:

Food costs (groceries, eating out, coffee and alcohol) continue to decrease. We spent a total of $383 in April, a decrease of $297 from March. We cooked more meals at home and ate out seven times compared to the 14 times we dined out last moth.

Cell phone costs increased by $54 because we had a credit in March. We did receive a small credit in April because AT&T was taxing us based on California instead of Texas. I always have to keep a close eye on our phone bill because every month there seems to be an inaccuracy.

RV expenses were high in April because we purchased a spare tire for our Roadmaster Spare Tire Carrier.

No RV park expenses in April. The nights we spent were hosted by Thousand Trails.

We drove a total of 170 miles more in April compared to March – 291 more miles in our gas motorhome and 121 fewer miles in the Jeep Wrangler. Fuel prices continue to increase which also impacts how much we spent on gas. Although we dry camped more in March, the weather was favorable to us and we put 17 hours on the generator compared to the 43 hours last month.
Miles on the RV: 1,270 – avg mpg 6.5
Miles on the Jeep: 720 – avg mpg 17

Below is the breakdown of fixed and variable costs.

April 2016 Expenses Report

Lessons Learned:

Some things we learned this month that we’d like to pass along.

In addition to an emergency fund, put aside money specifically for RV repairs and related costs. We spent a good chunk of money on the spare tire in April and will spend quite a bit on replacing the front windshield on our motorhome in May. Labor for RV repairs is expensive and it’s good to have a separate fund for these unexpected repairs.

Remember to check sales and food taxes before going to a new state. This was one of the lessons we learned in December 2015 and forgot about it when we made our way into Tennessee and stopped at a Costco to stock up on supplies. The food tax was 6% in Knoxville, which is the highest we’ve ever paid since we’ve been on the road. The sales tax was 9.25% in Nashville which was also one of the highest we’ve seen since Alabama. is one of the sites we use to check taxes in different cities and states.

To view all reports, RV Living Costs: Full Time in a Motorhome for One Year.

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